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Chapter One

In the beginning

In Hogwarts school of Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry there are 2163 students. On average that is 300 new students every year. That is (on average of course) 525 students per house and 75 per year per house.

Out of the 2163 students exactly 1073 are females while the remaining 1090 are males.

In other words the males out number the females, now normally you would think that this meant that the males over powered the females (and believe me they thought that they did!) but you should understand that in reality that is no were near the truth.

Behind the hidden doors of Hogwarts many other things that only a few people' know about happens. 75 years before our story starts in the year 1923 there was a Ravenclaw 5th year called Helen Stevens. For years she would go about in her holidays cleaning up after her father when she was at home because her mother was too sick to help.

She loved her mother and she would do any thing for her but when it came to her father she had not love for him. No emotion for him.

It was a cold winters night when the expected finally happened and her mother was taken away from her and her life was torn apart.

It was then that she finally decided that she had had enough of her father telling her what to do and thinking that he had power over her.

Her anger at her father was even enough to make her look at the male population in a different manner.

If nothing was going to change at home then she was going to make things change at school.

When she returned to school after the summer holidays for her 6th year, after much planning she was ready to take action. Out of the 1090 females at Hogwarts she selected 20 of them, some of them were her friends while other were not and the girls were all from different houses, even Slytherin.

You would think that some thing like this would not have happened but after she had got them alone one by one and explained to them what her purpose was and what she wanted every one agreed to help her.

When the question of were they were going to meet came up every one started looking and after over a week of no luck, on a sunny Saturday after none Helen suddenly found herself coming across a room that she had never seen before.

After stepping inside she found every thing that they had needed but when she left the room is was gone the next day. It took her another full week to figure out what she had to do to make the room work for her. She named it "The room of requirement"

The other girls loved it, it gave them every thing that they could need when they needed it.

On February the 1st 20 girls created amongst themselves some thing that no one at Hogwarts had ever done: house unity and a small club that they named "Femina auctoris" but as time passed people shortened it to "FA"

As time went on people would leave when they came to their seventh year but then others from the school would be selected and asked to join. It was unusual for any one who was lower then their third year to be asked to join but it would happen when they wanted it to.

Over time they found more power and getting what they wanted seemed to get easier with every day that passed. I guess you could say that it was because of the new people that had started to join, you see before some one was even considered to be a member they had to be on the list. The list was some thing that was updated every year and new names of people that would be considered would be added.

If you did not have some thing that they thought that you could offer them then you would never be able to find a place on that list.

But 72 years after Helen started her mission and left it to others to carry on a new name was added to the list:

Hermione Jane Granger.


When Hermione Granger and her friends were in their 3rd year of Hogwarts some thing happened that Hermione would always remember as the day that changed her life and the way that she looked at things.

Her life had always seemed normal (well as normal as a witches life possibly could get), she had good friends, her school work was always going well and her life at home was never better.

And then it happened.

A girl who she had never talked to before started following her when she was making her way to the library. Pansy Parkinson.

Pansy Parkinson was in Slytherin and like so many other of the other Slytherin's she was well known for hating Hermione and also to add to the mix she was one of Draco Malfoy many "followers" so what was she doing following her?

It wasn't in till Hermione had entered the library and gone down one of its many rows of books that she found out and what she was told was some thing that Hermione was never going to forget.

Pansy had even seemed nice when she had been talking to her, she started talking about a club that she was in, a club called "Femina auctoris" and when Hermione had said that she had never heard of it the girl just laughed and told her that of course she had not and that many people did not know of it.

She went on to say that they wanted her to join in order to help them with some of the things that needed to be done in the school; and when Hermione asked what things they were Pansy gave no answer and instead told her to meet her on the seventh floor that night if she wanted answers.

She had always been know to be level headed and to not do any thing that she thought would break any of the school rules, so why should this time be any different? Why should she go there just to have some thing bad happen to her like she thought that it would?

But that night Hermione did got to the seventh floor like Pansy had asked her and what she found there changed the way she though about the way the school worked and even what the males there were like.

Two years later

5th year

Date: December 1st

Location; The great Hall

The great hall was buzzing with excitement as every one sat down to eat dinner while talking about their plans for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Hermione was sitting with her three best friends Harry, Ron and Ginny along with some of her other Gryffindor friends like Neville and Sean. It had bean a normal days lessons. Homework, playing chess (which to Ron's disappointment she won) and now dinner.While she tried to block out the boys talk of chocolate frog cards and Quidditich her mind wonder to the plans that she had that tonight, that morning she had got a letter from Pansy, as had the other girls, telling them to meet in the Room of Requirement at twelve.

They always tried to meet when they could but lately meetings had become less frequent because of how busy most people had been and Hermione could not wait for every thing to start back up again.

As she looked round the table her gaze locked with Ginny's and they smiled to one another. Ginny had been invited to join last year because of how well should could do hexes, it seemed that it was some thing that the other club members wanted in a club member.

Hermione had been surprised when she had seen who else was part of the club and what talents that people had hidden inside of them or what they had that was needed for the "cause"

The Gryffindor student:

Lavender Brown- connections to the ministry of magic ( Aurors department)

Katie Bell - can translate six different languages ( which with what they do comes in handy)

Angelina Johnson - Father works in Gringotts ( illegal access to peoples account files)

:Parvati Patil - Knows every thing about every student in Hogwarts (kind of like a walking file cabinet)

Alicia Spinnet - Mother works in ministry of magic (magic creatures department)

Romilda Cane - had access to the entire stock of Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop (surprisingly useful)

Ginny Weasley - can do any hex that will send some one running for their mother.

Hermione (herself) - is known to be the smartest witch of her age and knows about spells, up to seventh year level.

The Hufflepuff students

Hannah Abbot - Older brother works for school bored and she can take a copy of the list of students who will be coming to the school NEXT year and their details.

Susan Bones - Aunt work for ministry, she can get information about any case she wants.

The Ravenclaw students:

Cho Chang - Knows about every boy in the school (not surprising really)

Marrietta Edgecombe - can get hold of any ones personal details and files ( her older sister who used to be a member can get hold of them secretly and send them to her)

Padma Patil - same reason as her sister

Slytherin students:

Millecent Bulstrode: her family is so rich that she just puts forward money when we need it.

Pansy Parkinson: her mother and father are powerful death eaters so she had information about up coming wars and actions of the Death Eaters.

She smiled to her self, when you looked at all the girls they may not seem like they could do that much with the little power that they had, but when you put all of these girls together well…you could say that you do not want to get on the wrong side of them.

She could still remember the first question that she had asked Pansy all those years ago. What did "Femina auctoris" stand for?

As she placed a spoon full of beans onto her plate her smile widened, turned out that it was latin for "women power"

As she looked over at her two best friends she knew that she was always going to care for them and love them like brothers but some time a girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do…

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