The Downfall of Draco Malfoy Take Two


Please read!

Hey everyone, I am writing this for anyone that has me on story/author alert to let you know that I am making myself a new account so that I can work on a new project of mine. To anyone that would like to know my new user name please let me know and I will PM you.

ALSO - My new profile is going to be based around my story "The Downfall of Draco Malfoy" as I believe that there is so much more that I can/could of done with this story. I have already started to right it back up with added bits, the old one was thirty-five chapters long but I am hoping to make the new one longer and better. If anyone thinks that they would like to be involved then please let me know, any help is welcomed!

WRITTING ABOUT The FA's - if you like the idea of FA then please feel welcome to write one shots abotu some of the other girls adventures, I would really like to turn this into something good!

BETTA WANTED - I would love it if someone thinks they could help me with this, I have had one before but sadly they did not have enough time to complete the story.

CURRENT STORIES - My stories will still be worked on and completed.

I will take this down in a week or so but I just wanted to let you all know what was happening!