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"Come on, Moonwhisper, just a little more!" Urged a brown, muscled tom. His name was Oaktooth. His mate, Moonwhisper, was having kits.

Cherryflower, a pale pink she-cat, was their medicine cat. She smiled as three small kits arrived.

Their Clan, SongClan, was atop a huge mountain, where birds sang mystifying songs, giving the Clan its name.

There is a stream at the right side of camp, which leads to a raging waterfall. Being leaf-bare, the stream was frozen.

Moonwhisper, a glossy white she-cat, licked her three newborn kits. Two girls and a boy. There was a white she-kit with brown paws, a white she-kit with brown stripes, and a brown tom with white spots on his forehead.

Moonwhisper's smile faded; she knew something was horribly wrong. She licked the brown-striped she-cat. She nudged her. She wouldn't wake. Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked at Oaktooth, who was crying as well.

"Stripedkit is dead." She announced as she buried her nose into its soft fur.

She looked at her other two kits. The spotted she-cat was suckling from her belly. The tom was climbing on its father.

"I will name you Maplekit." She said, pressing her nose to her remaining she-cat. "You can name him, Oaktooth."

Her mate studied his son closely. "You can be Treekit."

The two laughed as the kit squeaked with joy. He began bouncing around the den, his sister joining him.

"Goodbye, Stripedkit." Moonwhisper whispered as she licked her once more.

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