Ne, ne…this is tats-chan…this isn't a chappie so sorry 'bout that. I just wanted to know if you, the reader, have any suggestions for what you want to happen in the story. This is after all the first Naruto Fanfic that I have written and actually posted. I have others but I'm still revising them. Hmm…I might even post them if I think that they're good enough.

But anyway, back to what I was saying before. I want to know if you have any suggestions for the story. So your help will be greatly appreciated. I want your reading pleasure to be as you like it. I will also give you credit at the beginning of the next chapter if I used your idea or not.

Also, I'm thinking of making Itachi and Naruto's first meeting as a flashback to after he killed off the Uchiha clan and before he joined the Akatsuki. If you have any suggestions about how I should make their second meeting and make them fall in love, please send them in.

Arigotou Gozaimasu,


Also, as an after-note, the (A/N: 1) that was in chapter 1 there was supposed to be a section at the bottom that explained it but it was being retarded. Well, anyway, I will make another flashback from Konoha 11's P.O.V. telling you what happened and why there are only 11 of them, so if you have any suggestions and names that I could use then I will use them and then give you credit, as I said up above. So please help me out. Thank you, once again. –Tats-chan