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A dark figure slowly lowered itself onto the balcony outside King Jonathon and Queen Thayet's bedchamber. With a discreet symbol drawn above the lock to remove any protection spells, a quick flick of a few lock picks and the flip of a cloak through the door and the figure was moving through the room with catlike silence and grace. The figure rose up to almost six feet with a dagger in each hand and barely noticeable breathing. "Ahem" said a female voice to startle the sleeping royalty.

The king jumped from his bed grabbing his sword the queen not a blink behind grabbing for a bow and arrow, both raising their weapons to the girl's head. She dropped her daggers raised her hands and fell to her knees in a merciful stance. "Please forgive my rude intrusion your highnesses my name is Torrianna Lumbershot" she looked up into the queen's eyes hoping to see some kindness towards her, there was warmth but it was naturally there, not directed towards Torrianna. So she continued, "Please, you must understand or let me have enough time to explain" she said hurriedly," And would it be to much to ask you to point your weapons somewhere other than my head" What have I gotten myself into I could have stayed in Galla, refused the mission , I might have been able to explain that I lived in Tortall once and I still have family there, I doubt it would have done much good but I might have been released instead of this. She thought to herself then looked up at Queen Thayet and King Jonathon who was lighting a branch of candles, they lowered their sword and bow but there was suspicion and curiosity in their eyes as they looked her over as she did likewise.

Torrianna saw two of the beautiful people ever. The King was a tall man with coal black hair and sapphire eyes. His broad shoulders were well muscled but they didn't seem to draw her attention away from this silent commanding feel of him. Queen Thayet was nearly as beautiful as the goddess herself with ivory skin, full red lips, and dark black hair. Her nose had a stubborn sense to it showing off her own commanding side. Even if these two were in the cesspool in plain clothing you could tell they were respectful.

The King and Queen saw a girl who couldn't have been more than 19 years old; she had thick golden brown hair that was pulled back in a tight horse tail that fell at mid back length. Her eyes were a deep brown that had a red flash in the center. Torrianna didn't look as if she would break if you touched her, she was built sturdy with heavily muscled legs and broad shoulders. She stood almost six feet tall and wore a heavy cloak that reached her ankles. Her eyes held innocence, pride, and deeper down, shame.

The Queen finally spoke to her, "So Miss Lumbershot in case you haven't realized it we are a little confused." the king nodded in approval. She took a deep breath looked at them both and saw a sure sign of interest in their eyes then began, " First no one can learn about me being here unless necessary, second your whisperman must be here to hear this I don't want to explain more than once." They nodded and Jonathon walked out the door. When he returned he told his wife" The guards are going to get George and Alanna and send a maid up with tea for everyone." She nodded and looked at the girl "Sit down you look tired " as she motioned toward a chair and she took one of her own next to her husband. "So miss Lumbershot" "call me Tory" she interrupted as she bowed her head to the king "Very Well Tory may I ask if we are going to enjoy your explanation?" She looked at the King and raised her eyebrows, "Someone in a cloak and a dagger in each hand turns up at the foot of your bed in the middle of night and you ask if you will enjoy the explanation?"