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Angel had been out shopping with Mimi for the past 2 hours and then Angel was on her way home. When she opened the door she saw cookies on the floor and the TV was tipped over along with Collin's student's papers on the floor plus some condoms on the floor.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Angel yelled "Collin's? where the fuck are you? I leave for 2 hours to find this mess?"

"Urh...Can you be quiet Angel?" Roger asked as he opened HER bedroom door

"Yeah Sorry Roge--Wait This is MY house why are you here?" Angel demanded to know

"Well Ya see Since you and Mimi went shopping I got bored so I came over here and brought Mark" Roger told her

"So now tell me Roger why do I need to be Quiet?" Angel asked "Wheres Collin's?"

"He's in the shower he felt really dirty rolling around on the floor" Roger told her "and Mark got worn out and fell asleep"

"How could he do this to me? and how could YOU do this to Mimi?" Angel yelled at him

"Well I was bored and Collin's was getting bored and Mark just has no life we dident mean to trash the place" Roger told her "In fact I dident want to leave any evidence that we did this at all"

"Hey Angel your Back!" Collin's said as he came out of the bathroom "Sorry about the mess"

"Your Sorry? How could you do this to me?" Angel yelled at him

"What the hell? What did we do?" Collins asked her


"What?" Roger asked "Thats not what happened at all"

"Then tell me what the hell happened Roger" Angel demanded

"Webuiltafort"Roger quickly said as Collin's laughed

"Excuse me?" Angel asked

"He said We Bulit a Fort" Collins told her "Its emberassing Really but we were bored so we took all the pillows and couch seats and made a fort and I never cleaned under the couch so I got dirty and took a shower"

"We also beat Mark up with Pillows and he got tired and fell asleep on the bed" Roger added "Then we got bored so we blew up some condoms and they floated around the room"

"Ya see Angel? No need to be pissed noone cheated on anyone" Collins told her

"Wow I feel dumb I cant believe I thought you had sex with Mark and Roger" Angel told Collins

"So am I off the hook now?" Collins asked "And if so Can I have a kiss?"

"Yes you can have a Kiss" Angel told him "And yes your off the hook but all 3 of you are SO cleaning this up"

"Thats the only shitty part about making a mess ya gotta clean it" Roger said as he started picking things up

"Well go wake mark up and start cleaning I'm going to take a bath and Collins until this mess is clean your not joining me" Angel said as she locked the bathroom door

"Ya know what Rog?" Collins told him "I hate you If we dident make this stupid mess I could so be having sex now!"

"Thats life Man" Roger told him as he took the fort down