096 of 100 Challenge.


Fuu let the pads of her fingers guide her senses as she explored the wonders of his own hands, relishing their coarseness, examining each finger with simple adoration. There were disfigurements left from broken bones and scars, and calluses where he gripped his katana the tightest. She head a sound rumble from deep in his throat when she splayed her palm out against his own, noting with a measure of awe how his hand easily doubled her own in size. "I think I love your hands the best," she whispered, bending to press a very chaste kiss to the tip of his index finger, which he pushed eagerly forward as if to memorize every contour of her lips. She drew his hand away, and cooed to him when a flash of impatience flirted in his dark eyes. He seemed almost to recoil, and understood her silent request; leaning back and relaxing, whilst his gaze remained on her steadily.

Her fingers danced along the strong bones in the back of his hand, which became more defined as he flexed, which he did just keep her interest so that she would not relinquish her touch. Her hand came once again to rest against his palm, and he instantly took the opportunity to wrap his fingers around it and trap it there, its soft pale skin a stark contrast to his which was leathery and tanned. A grimace marred his face as he observed the difference, while the thought of her being far too gentile and innocent for the likes of him racing through his head. The fears were stilled however, when he was caught off guard by Fuu's movements once again. She maneuvered her hand so that her fingers laced with his, and flashed him a look that spoke volumes. "Look," she said, her voice barely louder than a whisper. "Look at how perfectly we fit."

He let the words wash over him for a moment, but the more time he had to reflect, the greater was his desire to pull her to him and hold her there, without any intention of letting her go. With their linked hands he gave her a tug in his direction, and this time she did not restrain, letting herself be guided into his arms by the simple gesture. She lost her balance momentarily, stumbling forward and catching herself against Mugen's chest, looking up into his eyes. Their hands, which indeed fit so brilliantly together were still joined and held between them.

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