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For as long as I can remember, Max has been in my life. Well, actually, she kind of has been there my whole life. She's got a four month head start on me, so, technically, she's always been around. Either way, Max has always been the oldest out of all of us, giving her leadership rights. I missed out on four measly months, but I couldn't have done a better job than her.

After Jeb sprang us from the School, he brought us to a remote place where we lived for a couple years. He was the one who taught us how to fly. Boy, was that ever interesting. Have you ever tried to get a twenty-pound, ten-year-old mutant bird kid to jump off of a cliff and flap? Ha! It's a real challenge, especially when you're dealing with the unruly ones, like me.

Learning to fly was a challenge for all of us, even for me. But Max, oh gosh, Max, she had to be strong and show no fear, even though I could just see the anxiety waving off of her. She had been terrified the first few times, like any normal avian would. A lot of us showed it, that initial fear, but not Max. I really didn't either, but not for the same reasons as Max. She's more of a pride-driver type of girl. If it has the potential to make her look soft, it's no good. Me? I was too damn busy thinking about other things to care much about flying.

When Jeb left us, Max took charge, getting the younger kids to bed on time, teaching them to fight, teaching them how to survive, really. I helped, of course, but Max did a lot of the work. Before Angel learned how to read, I'd read to her. She would sit down next to me, legs drawn up against her tiny body, and listen as I read the words on each page. Sometimes, I'd catch a glimpse of Max watching me with Angel. Her eyes would linger between Angel and me, and if I looked up at just the right time, I could see her smile.

I looked up at the night sky, ending my semi-sentimental flashback. The fire flickered precariously, casting shadows across the ground over the flock. They were all out for the number. Flying took a lot out of them, and we hadn't necessarily been eating all that well recently either, which didn't help. Like I did every night, I counted their lanky bird bodies from habit. One, two, three, four. . . .Four? Where was Max?

Without moving, I glanced around the area, using the fire light as a guide. From what I could see, Max wasn't around. I rose silently, and then began the diligent task of stepping over the flock's passed out bodies to go search for Max. Just as I was about clear of the flock, I heard somebody move behind me.

"Fang?" a little voice peeped.

I turned around to see Angel sitting up on the ground. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and brushed a few blond curls out of her face. "Yes?"

"What," she yawned, "are you doing?"

I took a few steps back toward her and kneeled by her side. "Looking for Max, that's all," I whispered to her. Angel nodded and yawned again. I couldn't help but to smile. She was just so darn cute. "Go back to sleep, Angel. You're going to be tired in the morning."

Angel silently mumbled a yes. She quickly wrapped her small arms around my side. "'Night, Fang," she whispered sleepily.

I gave her a light snug, and then watched her lay back down before I stood to leave to go find Max.

"Fang," Angel called. Again, I turned around to look at her. She was curled up on the ground with a ragged, sad excuse for a blanket over her legs. "She went that way," she said, pointing in one direction.

That's my girl, I thought with a grin.

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