Author: Serenity200

Title: The Maou Likes What He Sees

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Yuuri/Wolfram/Maou?

Warnings: No betta reader.

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Summary: A soft smile tugged on his lips; before he leaded down to ravish the blond once more. This time the kiss was hot and was met with just as much need from the blond below him. Wolfram moaned in bliss. The thought of the new Maou being a good kisser never even crossed his mind and yet here he was, finding out first hand, and dear gods did he ever!


Yuuri moaned low in his throat as he shifted deeper into the covers. Bright rays from the sun outside the one window within the room loomed over his closed lids, tap-dancing over his sleeping form. But the dark haired teen wanted nothing more that to sleep the day away. For the life of him he could not understand why his head throbbed the way it did, why his limbs felt sore or worse, why he had gone to bed naked!

Groaning once more as the sun didn't seem to want to let up Yuuri turned his back to the window, and brushed something warm. Brows knitted together in confusion and half-sleep hands flinched at the new touch. Odd, what was that? Eyes still shut, determined to lull back to sleep after his curiosity was quenched, Yuuri reached out again and brushed his fingers against the warmth he hand felt just moments before.

A satisfied sigh reached his ears and Yuuri froze, eyes flying open to stare at the mop of blond hair a mere inch away from him. Yuuri did not know how long he lay there, his limbs frozen, eye wide, mouth slack in a would be scream peering at the vision before him. Someone was in his bed, and from the visible pale shoulders the covers failed to hide this person was obviously nude as well…at least from the waist up and nothing more, he silently hoped.

All logical thought died as said person choose that moment to awaken and Yuuri could do nothing but gape as thick lashed fluttered against pale skin before revealing bright emerald eyes. Eyes scanned the room for a moment before falling on Yuuri, a small smile gracing slightly pink lips.

"Good Morning, Yuuri."

/Kirei/ was the only thing that came to his still fogged mind.

That is until his pretty faced angle sat up in bed and stretched, the sheets around its shoulders fell away to revile pale broad shoulders, and a slight muscular yet very much male upper torso. And dear god, was that a naked hip he saw? Charcoal eyes widened to saucers as all color drain away from Yuuri's face and he did the only logical thing he could think of. He screamed like a little girl.


The blond flinched at the sound, twisting he fixed Yuuri with a light glare, "What's your problem? And why are you all the way over there? Come back to bed, Yuuri."

/Come back to…bed?/


Crawling back into bed Yuuri grabbed Wolfram by the hips and turned his back to his front. Looking behind him Wolfram met his dark gaze, "Are you alright with this?" The Maou's voice was husky, clouded with lust yet he wanted to make absolutely sure this was alright with Wolfram. His only answer was to lean back and kiss his Maou full on the lips, hard.


Because it was a first for the both of them Yuuri stilled once he was all the way in, giving them both a chance to adjust. And then he moved again. He leaned forward so he could kiss wolfram while he thrust himself deeper. Everything else faded away for Wolfram, all he could feel was Yuuri and all he wanted to feel was Yuuri. All five of his senses were engulfed in him and it was the most powerful thing he ever felt.


"Hmmm, yes, Wolfram," He purred, "Come for me."


Yuuri 's grip on the sheet around his midsection tighten as he not only began to remember why he was nude but the reason why his blond companion was too and how those little flashes of limbs mixed within the sheets were sending his stomach into little flips that warmed a certain appendage between his legs.

"NO!" He half growled shaking his head as it dipped down to shield his eyes. He stepped back ever further from the blond who was beginning to get worried about his Maou's morning-after behavior. Hot flesh met cool stone as Yuuri backed himself into a corner and slid down to slump on the floor. Trembling hands reached up to fist into his hands as he shook his head vigorously.

Wolfram for the most part was very confused, what was going on with Yuuri. What was with that pained cry and his sudden backing away…did he, did he regret last night!? In an instant soft emerald eyes hardened as he pushed the remaining sheets from his nude form and pushed himself off the bed and in three long strides stood before the crumbled boy on the floor.

"Yuuri, you, you WIMP!" Hands turned into fists as he bent down to lock his emeralds with onyx. "Don't tell me you regret that, after…after all we did last night."

"I don't like guys."

"You jumped me, don't you dare forget that!"

"I don't like guys."

"Grr, stop saying that will you." Wolfram groaned reaching out to grab the other boy's shoulders and shake them only for his hands to be slapped away, fearful eyes peering back at him.

Yuuri's mouth worked several time but for the life of him he could not make a sound save for shuddering shallow breaths. Giving up he pulled away from the blonds' grasp and brought the sheets up around him tighter and curled into a tight ball rocking lightly.

Pain flashed within those emeralds before they clouded over and Wolfram stood up, hands limp at his sides. "I see." He murmured turning on his heel and retuned to the bed and curled up as well, his back to the so called Maou.


Dr. Belma paced the floor of the king's throne room, which was currently vacant save for herself and the king, all other staff and personal guard was dismissed per King Belal's instructions.

Belal was sitting on his throne, legs crossed at the knees, hands folded neatly in his lap, his sharp yet weary eyes following the redhead scientist as she began to leave a path on the carpet.

"I don't see why you're so worried, we have everything under control, Belma, the Maou knows his place."

Belma shot him a glance, her crimson eyes cutting across the room with such intensity the king flinched, "Yes, well, in that perfect world of your yes, all is well. But you put von Bielefeld in the same room with the Maou! You and I both know that he and his brothers have been searching for the Maou since his appearance three months ago. If you had not intercepted their meeting-"

Belal stood then and in three long strides he stood before the good doctor, deep frown on his worn features. "I am very well aware of the situation, and I know the only thing keeping the Maou here is that room and the Esoteric Stones placed within them. Ones that you created just for him." He leaned in close to her, their noses almost touching, but the moment was anything but romantic, in any light. "Are you saying there is something I should be worried about? Is your magic not powerful enough to succumb a weakling of a Maou who can't even tap into his own magic at will?"

"No, that's not it! What I'm sayin-"

"Then I see no other options for failure, if you can control him as he is then that is that." With that King Belal turned on his heal and left the room.

Dr. Belma stood there for a few minutes seething, her hands curling and uncurling into fists until her knuckles turned white before she too left to check on the Maou herself. If no one else was going to look after their investments then she was going to.


By now both boys had cooled down some, each still in their respective corners of the room: Wolfram on the bed once again in his pink negligee, curled up with the covers his back to the dark haired male while Yuuri stood off to the corner of the room, his black pants around his hips, white button-down shirt thrown over his shoulders still unbuttoned.

That was how Dr. Belma found them as she entered the Maou's chamber. Even if she wasn't a brilliant scientist it would have been easy to sense the tensions in the room, and even more to pick out on what had occurred a few hours before. Smiling to herself she cleared her throat, making herself know to the other occupants of the room.

Yuuri was the first to notice her, dark eyes glancing up in her direction before darting away.

"Saa, Heika, I had no idea you and von Bielefeld would get along, so well! Had I know I would have given you a toy sooner." Her shoulders shook as laughter filled the room.

"Toy!?" Wolfram spun around to face the warped doctor, his face twisted into something between anguish and fury. "Is that what this was all about? Why you made me dress in this pink thing and shoved me in a room with this wimp!"

"It wasn't like that Belma. I-I didn't use Wolfram-"

"Oh? So you didn't have sex with him last night?"

Yuuri sighed heavily, his shoulder slumping as he averted eye contact. "Y-yes."

"And now you've toss him aside, like a used toy, right?"

"NO! It's not, I'm not, I didn't want." He groaning in frustration, hands fisting though his dark locks.

"It's alright Heika, many kings have had royal consorts in the past long before you arrived."

"Consort." Wolfram paled. "…Yuuri."

He couldn't help it, he turned to face Wolfram the pain in his voice and the deep sadness in his eyes shattered something in the boy king. /Don't look at me like that. Go back to before…/ "Shut up, it's not like that at all! You're putting words in my mouth." /I want to see you smile again, kirei/

A light blue aura started to pulse around the boy, his dark eyes boring into Wolfram's sad green ones. "Wolfram, you have to understand-."

Belma shifted uneasily as the site of demonic aura the boy king was emitting. She reached out to try and calm him, take control of the situation and above all else she could not let his power awaken. "H-Heika, it's alright, no one would blame you. It's only natural, you've been locked up in the room for weeks, and you had to release the stress-"

A powerful blast of pure energy knocked the woman back until her head came in contact with the door. "Heika?"

"Leave us." He said, his voice several tones deeper, more masculine.


"I said LEAVE US!" The wave of energy was much stronger this time, so much that the wave of power knocked Wolfram off his feet and the stones embedded within his collar cracked. Gone was the young boy huddling in the corner, confused and uncertain. Now in his place stood the Maou, his presence much stronger, sure of himself, confidant.

Belma knew she could do nothing here and as much as it pained her to leave like this but she had no choice in the matter. It was either leave now or be victim to the Moau's fury. So with a quivering hand on the doorknob she quickly and quietly slipped out the room and down the hall. King Belal needed to know the plan was in grave danger of falling apart.


Slowly the blue aura died down and with it the boy king seemed to revert back to normal. No words were spoken for some time as Yuuri got his breathing back in control and Wolfram picked himself up off the floor, straightening his gown and crawling back into bed, his back to Yuuri once more.

"I'm sorry-"

"Save it, it's not like it means anything, right? I was just a roll in the hay for you right?" His shoulders stiffened. "You didn't even…after… you. I hate you Yuuri! Do you even know what you've done! My honor is gone now, I can never get it back now and I can never show my face to my family again."

Feeling a surge of anger himself Yuuri pushed himself off the wall and made his way over to the blond prince, grabbing him by the shoulders and forcing Wolfram to look him in the eye. He was unprepared for the stream of silent tears falling from the young mazaku's eyes. "Ggr, look I said it wasn't like that. Look when I saw you last night I thought you were pretty cute." He felt his cheeks warm and quickly averted his eyes. "You were more beautiful and any woman I'd ha ever seen back home and I was pretty shocked. That's why the other me took over. I didn't know what to do or why you were sent to me and well, he said he did and would help me so I let him." He was nervously twiddling his fingers now, eyes darting about the room at everything by the blond. "I didn't know he was gonna, you know. I don't have control when he takes over, it's like I go to sleep or black out."

Wolfram sat and stared, his tears have long since stopped, yet a look of disbelieve covered his features. "So, if you knew I was a guy and what the 'Maou' was going to do, would you still have done it?"

Yuuri licked his dry lips, his eyes falling back on Wolfram. "I honestly don't know."

Wolfram stood up then, swiftly, causing Yuuri who was right in front of him to stumbled back. "Y-you WIMP! I hate you, both you your sick and twisted personalities! You can both go to hell!" He began to seethe, hand balled into tight first at his sides.


"I bet you planed this didn't you, you and that Dr. Belma of yours."

"Now wait just a minute!"

"When brother said the new Maou was brought up by humans I should have know you would have been worthless.


"You can't use magic and worst of all your mother was some low-account human-"

That was where Yuuri drew the line, without thinking, he drew his hand back and struck Wolfram von Bielefeld across the left cheek. Wolfram promptly shut up.

A deep voice within Yuuri head chuckled. /Wow, you sure have balls kid, to propose like that. But you did the right thing./


Yuuri promptly fainted.



I am not happy with this chapter. sigh But I wanted to get something out just to see if I could at all make this work. Yes? No? Tell me your thoughts. Oh and don't forget to peek at me LJ for my fictional works, the link is in my Bio.

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