Note: I so was not sure how to rate this. It doesn't have smex in it. But it's very suggestive.

So I'm just gonna rate it M.

SasuNaru, suggestive smex. Ye been warned.

"Sasuke-kun! Where's the last popsicle?" Naruto asked looking inside of the fridge. Sasuke was sitting on the couch, wearing his black shirt and white shorts and he was holding the popsicle in his hand.

"I have it." He said looking over at his blonde haired boyfriend. Naruto blinked and walked into the living seeing that Sasuke was right.

"Ne! No fair! I told you I saved that one for myself!" He said crossing his arms and pouting. Being a professional Uke, Sasuke couldn't help but smirked at how adorable he looked.

"Finders keepers" Sasuke teased as Naruto sat next to him.

"Can I have some?" He asked leaning into Sasuke's face until they were inches apart. How could Sasuke say no now?

"Fine... Dobe..." He mumbled. He held out the popsicle to Naruto who grinned at his victory.

Naruto hesitantly licked the tip of the popsicle then licked the sides of it. Sasuke blinked and watched Naruto as he did this, finding himself blushing a bit.

Naruto licked his lips a bit finding he had some of the popsicle juice on them and he giggled a bit. He started to suck on the tip of the popsicle and it started to melt under his warm lips, causing it to run down and onto Sasuke's fingers.

Sasuke felt the heat swirling in his body at how suggestive this looked to him. Naruto didn't realize that he was turning Sasuke on big time.

Naruto ended up bringing the whole popsicle into his mouth and sucked on it some more before he moved it from his sticky lips. He licked his lips again and started licking the sides of the popsicle again.

The heat in Sasuke's body had settled between his legs causing his member to twitch slightly as the sight of Naruto licking and sucking on the popsicle. He bit his bottom lip and continued watching Naruto.

The blonde haired boy finished licking the sides of the popsicle and moved to lick off the melted popsicle juice off of Sasuke's fingers.

Once he was down he sucked on his own fingers and giggled at Sasuke.

"Thanks Sasuke" he cooed licking his lips again. Sasuke's face was a deep red and his member was erect and could be seen through his shorts. But of course Naruto was too naive to see this.

"Y-you're welcome, Dobe..." He said looking down at the popsicle again. He decided against eating it and he handed it to Naruto.

"You can have the rest." He said. Naruto's face lite up and he laughed a bit.

"Thanks Sasuke-kun!" He said happily. He brought the popsicle up to his warm lips again and started sucking on it as he stared at the t.v.

Sasuke was too busy watching Naruto to pay attention to the t.v.

The popsicle started melting onto Naruto's fingers and ended up shrinking down to half it's size. Naruto started licking his fingers clean, then went back to sucking on the popsicle til it was gone.

"All done!" He said looking up at Sasuke with popsicle juice all over his rosy lips. Sasuke frowned a bit seeing that Naruto was done, but he watched the blonde haired boy lick his lips. Naruto giggled

"Wow. That popsicle was big. And it tasted really juicy."

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