Summ: What if Bella never jumped the cliff? Edward never came back and now Bella is married?! It's been 5 years since Edward left Bella in the woods and he decides to come back. What will happen? Will Bella see Edward again? RR!!! (I'm bad at this).

Chapter 1


"Bella are you awake?" Jake asked.

"No, Jake, I'm sleeping," I answered and tried to roll onto my stomach. Didn't work since I have this over-sized tummy! I never imagined having kids, but that was before he left.

"Bella, you seem upset. Is something wrong?" I swear, Jake seriously thought I was going to die from being pregnant. He worried too much.

"Something is wrong. You impregnated me and now I can't lay on my stomach," I growled. He laughed.

"Well if that's all it was," he kissed my cheek.

Thankfully, the phone rang. Jake bounced out of bed to go get it but was cursing under his breath about the early morning. Typical Jake. I got out of bed and put on a prego dress as most call it. I call it an anorexic's hell. My hair decided to be impossible as always so I just brushed it and put it up in a rubber band. Whenever I did this Jake said I looked like a mother already, which doesn't help me.

"Jake, what do you want for breakfast?" I asked, walking into the kitchen. He was on the phone but mouthed 'food'.

Food meant anything so I decided to make about twenty-eight pancakes for Jake and two for myself. Time to get the pancake mix.

We had about fifty bags of pancake mix stored in the cupboards. I quickly found three bags and began my slave-driving breakfast. Jake didn't want me to hear his phone conversation so I was feeling left out. He quickly hung up and came to my side.

"Can I help with anything?" he asked.

"Not really, I'm almost done," I replied.

"Okay. Bella, after breakfast I have to go patrol," he stated. His usual morning routine: wake up, eat breakfast, become wolf. He's told me countless times that he's just trying to protect his family. He wasn't quite so worried after Victoria was torn into pieces and burned. I shuddered as I remembered part of her face that had flown my way.

I finished breakfast and Jake inhaled his pancakes. It amazed me to watch Jake eat. His stomach was like a wastebasket. I slowly ate my two pancakes.

"Bye, Bells," Jake said and kissed me, his lips rough against mine.

"Jake, you're going to get into trouble with Sam," I said sternly.

He left and I went to do the dishes. I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.

"Bella!" My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped as I opened the door.