A True Slytherin

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Within the walls of the outer property, made hidden by an Unplottable Charm, stood Greengrass Manor. Unlike the property of the Malfoy Manor, the landscape didn't appear foreboding, but neither did it appear completely welcoming. It contained neither manicured lawns nor wild grass. In essence, it was a manor done in moderate taste without appearing as if a fortune was spent in its design and maintenance.

Inside however, despite the large rooms and spacious interior, were only six people, aside from House Elves, paintings, and other magical creatures. Three children, all between the age of ten and eleven, sat in the study, preparing their minds for their upcoming first year at Hogwarts. There was a fourth child on the land, but she was playing in the garden.

However in the lounge, the remaining three people sat.

Antonia Zabini, a mother of one boy conceived by magic after her fourth husband died during a raid. The fact he had been a reluctant unmarked Death Eater did not hurt her feelings for him, and the requirements of their marriage contract had not only ensured that the elder Blaise would have an heir, but that it was an heir no other husband could subvert. Of the seven husbands she had had, he was the only one she had ever loved.

Coincidently, her first three had been friends with her father, before he was 'accidentally' killed working for the Dark Lord, as the last three had been friends with her husband before he suffered a similar accident. Of course, the fact they had betrayed her family had sealed their deaths. Every woman in this small group knew the reason they may have died, but not how.

Ah, the joy of owning a House Elf who knew how to use Muggle Explosives.

Victoria Greengrass was the matron of the house, a daughter named Daphne and a younger one named Astoria. She was still happily married to her husband, which in pureblood society meant she hadn't felt a need to try and have him 'caught' by the Aurors in a compromising position. The only reason they had had two children was because unlike most pureblood families, her husband still believed in the old 'an heir and a spare' philosophy.

Amanda Davis was the last, mother of Tracey Davis. She was a powerful witch in her own right, even offered a spot as an Auror before her family married her off to Abraham Davis. The two barely tolerated each other, and only mutual blackmail they had kept the one from 'divorcing' the other.

Safe to say a little resentment came about from this.

"So ladies," started Antonia, "any new gossip for the day? I do have places to be?"

"Looking for a few Muggle men to warm your bed?" asked Amanda cattily.

"Say what you will, but they are about as pompous as a Hufflepuff, and they do enjoy pleasing a desirable lady," smirked Zabini.

"Too true," muttered Victoria, "most pureblood males fail to attend to our joy."

"Makes one almost envy the Weasleys," sighed Antonia. "Dirt poor, but she must love him to pop out that many children."

The others nodded as they sipped their tea.

"I do think I should bring up that this coming year will also be Harry Potter's first year as well," Amanda mentioned.

"And we should care, why?" asked Victoria.

Antonia snorted. "My dear, you may talk and walk like a Slytherin, but do use the mind of one as well." Ignoring Victoria's glare, she continued. "A boy rumored to have killed Him?"

"You believe the Dark Lord yet lives?" asked Amanda.

"My last three husbands did," she admitted. "Something about their Dark Marks only fading; my guess is that his life is tied to them, so if he had died, the marks would have disappeared."

"Wonder where Dumbledore stashed him?" wondered Amanda.

"Knowing the old coot; probably somewhere damn near Muggle. 'Best to keep his ego down,' or some such rubbish," snorted Antonia. "The boy's well protected; not even well meaning wishes can reach him. And we've all heard the same rumors of some wizards and witches spotting him in the Muggle World. I think it is safe to say Dumbledore is hiding him there to keep him from the Dark Lord's former minions."

"We all know Lucius would love to get his hands on the boy," muttered Victoria.

"There are two ways to interpret that line," smirked Amanda, "and I believe both ways are true."

"Ah yes," sighed Antonia, "dear Lucius is a bit of an enigma in that department. But he would love to have the Potter vaults to use for his own. I am surprised he hasn't begun to set things up to become a Dark Lord of his own."

"Lucius is a Slytherin," said Veronica. "He knows to control things behind the scenes, but he's being careful. If their Marks ever completely fade, I have no doubt the fool will try and take control over the remaining forces."

"I have heard he is showing interest in the Parkinson family," added Amanda.

"Given what we've seen of young Draco, my guess is the twit is trying to set up a marriage contract fast," smirked Antonia. It was no secret to them that Draco was no Lucius. But then again, his father had been more interested in building his own power base than properly training his heir, so at least the youngest Malfoy had a good reason for having the low IQ of a shoe.

But training their own heirs was something they hadn't failed on their own. Tracey, Blaise, and Daphne knew how to talk pureblood, act pureblood, and fight pureblood. Little Astoria was also learning the regime as well. They also knew how to be true Slytherin, unlike a good bit of the House who graduated.

"Can we go back to Potter?" asked Amanda.

"Anyway," said Antonia, restarting the topic, "the boy will be Head of the House of Potter, received quite a few bits of gold and property when childless friends of his parents left their fortunes to his own parents, and I have strong evidence that unless Regulus Black turns up, when Sirius dies, he will inherit the Black fortunes as well."

The eyes of the other women arched slightly. They had known of the Potter acquisitions, as well as the others. But the Black fortunes, that was new.

"He'll be quite the catch, I imagine," muttered Amanda.

"Assuming both Blacks die," added Veronica.

Antonia snorted. "Please, we all know Sirius was no Death Eater. We all went to school with that foursome. Do any of you believe Pettigrew would confront anyone, especially Sirius?"

"Very true," added Amanda. "If we feel the need to antagonize Fudge and Dumbledore this year, we could 'sway' enough votes to drag Black in for a trial."

"He never got one?" asked Veronica.

"Nope," smirked Antonia. "Hmm, perhaps I'll have one started anyway. Whatever our dear former Headmaster and Minister have planned, we shouldn't let it go so easily. We can't have someone's plans going correctly, not unless they are our own."

"And our plans are?" asked Amanda.

"Simple," said Antonia. "If young Harry is as ignorant of our world as I fear Dumbledore has made him, then we should correct this. Allies in all the Houses at Hogwarts would aid him."

"Are you planning to seduce him?" asked Veronica.

"Too young for my tastes," said Antonia. "I may consider using that spell of Blaise's father and try for a daughter to wed to him, even if the Last Sire clause must be invoked."

"Last Sire?" asked Amanda.

"Law made in the 1600s," Antonia added. "Basically, since dear Harry is the last of his line, he's allowed a bit more leeway in terms of marriages. Last time it was used for a male heir, I believe he had only three wives."

"So you want us to get our daughters in his good graces so he might marry them," said Amanda with a glare.

"Marriage is one possibility," admitted Antonia. "However, think of what power one might have if you are friends with Potter, what doors would that open? If you represent his interests in anything, that alone, assuming you do very well would be a set position. If the boy is properly trained and motivated, his fame could be used as a weapon. He could be an Auror, of that I have no doubt. But he could just as easily be the youngest Minister we've ever had."

"The boy will be a lead into power," answered Veronica, understanding. "But our children will most assuredly be Slytherin. And knowing his family and what the Headmaster will likely inspire, the boy will be a Gryffindor."

"And if he has Slytherins he can trust, those that will stand against the developing cannon fodder for Malfoy's crusade?" Antonia teased.

"Very true," nodded Amanda. "Besides, that Merlin-awful hat is always spouting about House Unity. And it would be so fitting to the old coot if it was Slytherin House that started it," she mused, giggling slightly.

"Their Head of House won't be pleased," said Veronica.

"Please, Severus would be pissed that Potter is breathing," spat Antonia. "If nothing else, spiting him should give us more reason to do it. We all know that he had a thing for Lily, and I personally doubt he would put aside his anger towards Potter's child."

"Very true," said Amanda. "However won't this cause him to allow certain Slytherins to become unruly towards ours?"

"And we will raise enough of a public stink to get him and Albus fired," commented Antonia offhandedly. "That Skeeter woman is always looking for juicy gossip to slam anyone with. And while I might not be above greasing her palm a bit to get the job done, I'm sure she'd rather love the chance to attack Dumbledore and his charity case."

"Any dirt on Skeeter you care to share?" asked Amanda.

"Rumors, nothing more, but it is something for another time," waved off Antonia. "Right now we should think more about our plans for young Potter."

"If the Dark Lord is still around and returns…" warned Veronica.

"Then we are doomed anyway," interrupted Antonia. "The man has done more to doom the purebloods than Muggles ever could. Considering how few children we are having, it's only a matter of time before our choices and our descendants end up like the Gaunts. And I'm sure you all remember the stories about that family."

The others slowly nodded as they drank their tea. The Gaunt line was the stuff of private jokes to the purebloods, especially the neutral ones. A line of such ancestry to be reduced to the joke they ended as. It showed the dangers of thinking small and 'too pure'.

It was also most likely the reason the two mothers of girls had not been propositioned by Lucius, marriage contracts stipulated the girls could only be engaged by choice and by love. What happened to the mothers would not befall their girls. So if young Draco wanted to marry a Greengrass or a Davis, he would have to do so the honest way.

"Not only has he reduced the Pureblood families," continued Antonia, "if he returns, you all know very well he will force sides. He won't sit for any neutral families this time around. He'll demand allegiance or give you death."

The mood quieted inside the room. If anyone knew of the Dark Lord's mindset, it was a woman who was on more than one occasion under his scrutiny. Random deaths of his followers tended to be noticed, especially when they had a single common element.

"I did have it on good authority that sooner or later, I might be staring at the end of a odd green light and my son would be fully indoctrinated and supporting You-Know-Who," she said quietly. Taking a deep breath, Antonia looked at her friends. "Whether Potter will survive or the Dark Lord returns is irrelevant. We know his ambition, and we all know that sooner or later he would perhaps conquer Britain, maybe get beachheads in Ireland or France. But the ICW is far from stupid, despite whom they have and what Fudge tells them.

"And when the Dark Lord overextends himself, the magical world will come down hard on us, worse than the Americans and the Russians did to Grindelwald. That's assuming that the Americans don't come down on him when and if he returns.

"And in the end, who do you think will pay?" she asked. "We will. Best to throw with Potter and ensure he has a fighting chance."

"Well this is getting depressing," said Amanda. "So who gets to tell the kids?"

Omake: by Tom A.

"It's a patriarchical plot to subjugate women!" yelled Hermione about the Last Sire clause.

"Are you kidding? Harry's smart, but he's not as smart as any of us.
There's no way he could 'subjugate' us if we weren't cooperating."

"Besides, I borrowed his invisibility cloak and snuck into the boys

The other girls got excited (or indignant, in Hermione's case) "You



"Pansy's going to be sooooo disappointed."

"And Harry?"

"A luxury model!"

Hermione looked puzzled. "Huh?"

"He's big for his age."

"No he's not. He's one of the smallest of the first years."

Daphne put her face in her palm and shook her head. "How can you be
so smart and so dumb?"

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