Strawberry Panic Fan Fiction

Elfen Lied, Strawberry Panic, and Kannazuki No Miko Crossover

Hello, I'm back, fuckers.Mwahahahahahaha. I broke my right hand for about two months and didn't update for quite a long time. I just got a steel plate implanted into the bone, and I think it's retained most of it's original movement. Believe me, typing with one hand is a fucking pain in the ass, and I got one page in about two long and drawn out hours. So...I'm trying my hand( pardon the pun) at crazy comedy/crossovers again, since I've currently run out of ideas for...ahem...lemons that don't cross the boundaries of...erm decency. And snowed... fapfapfapfapfap.

Chapter One: Pandemonium In Da House

Chikaru gazed up at the azure sky with her several month old girlfriend Tamao. There were several seagulls flying overhead threatening to take a load off on one of the two girls.

Tamao snuggled closer to Chikaru and lay her head on her shoulders.

'Chikaru chan?'


'You smell good.'

Chikaru gave a impish smile, ' What do I smell like, exactly? Body odour?'

'Have you been hanging around the greenhouse lately?'

'No, I believe I just smell like that naturally.' Chikaru leaned in closer to Tamao.

'You also know what I taste like too, don't you?'

Tamao turned a bright red and hammered her fists on Chikaru's shoulders.

'That's not funny!! We're in public, you know!'

Chikaru smirked and tapped her pointer finger on Tamao's nose.

' Still the same sensitive Tamao chan. Learn to be more sexually free, you know?'

'SHADDUP!!! That's not funny!' Tamao made a mock pouting face.

A creepy sounding humming sound came from the back of the bench. It sounded rather like a little girl trying to hum a tune she couldn't really put her finger on.

Tamao froze.

'Chikaru, hear that?'

Chikaru immediately stopped the ruckus and turned her ears over to the rustling bushes behind them. Suddenly, a blur of movement shot up from the bushes, causing Tamao to give out a puppyish yelp and Chikaru to do a funny little bounce on the bench.

'Oshibaru wants to talk to you.'

Chikaru stared wide eyed at Kagome for a second and then patted her chest with a relieved sigh.

'You almost gave us a heart attack there, Kagome, how many times do I have to tell you not to skulk around the school like that!?'

Tamao was surprised she didn't pee herself in the process. She regained her composure and snapped, 'Just when will you stop playing with the creepy bear!?'

A murderous glint flashed in Kagome's eyes, ' You must never, never talk about the CULT OV OSHIBARU in such a way. He punishes all the infidels with fiery brimstone and eternal damnation.'

Chikaru goggled at Kagome for a moment, then decided to brush the matter off. Kagome seemed quite adamant about starting the new CULT OV OSHIBARU club in the past few months.

'Speaking of that...where have all the classroom animals gone? They all vanished, leaving behind a small pool of blood...'

Chikaru shook her head and decided to discuss that with Amane another day. Hikari couldn't handle blood, not even pixilated ones in the Duke Nukem games that Yaya sometimes carried around.

'So, what's up? Hows the...erm...cult going?'

Kagome immediately brightened up, the possessed murderous glint gone from her eyes

'There are so many new members joining! Oshibaru doesn't really let them take part in the sacrifices though...those are only for the elders.'

Tamao felt a lump go down her throat as the nasty revelation of the lab animals' fate crossed her mind. She decided to pipe in, 'Anything new in the school? You know how Remon likes to stick her nose into things...'

Kagome suddenly perked up as if some great thought seeped into her mind, ' Oh! Oshibaru says that there will be FOUR new transfer students coming in! Apparently, they are divided into twos among Spica and Lulim. Oshibaru says it serves Miator right. Miator will burn in hell someday for the crimes against Lulim...' Kagome trailed off as her mind wandered into space.

'Erm...Kagome? Are you okay?' Chikaru waved her hand in front of Kagome's face.

Kagome immediately snapped out of her trance, 'Oh! Yes! Oshibaru says two of them have the same coloured hair as Tsubomi chan...' Kagome looked at her Hello Kitty watch.

'Ooops! Oshibaru says its time for another offering! We must make it in blood this time! See ya!'

Kagome disappeared into the bushes, silently sprinting away like only a ninja could.

Chikaru gave Tamao a 'I don't know what to do with her' look as she sighed and plopped back down on the bench.

' I'm going to have to tell Amane to stop restocking the animals. I think I know who's the culprit now...'

'Chikaru chan?'


'Do you think that Kagome's a little...well...going a little too far with this teddy bear thing? I think she needs a psychologist or something...'

Chikaru adjusted the ribbons in her hair with a certain annoyance, 'That girl's going off her rocker. I'm going to have to intervene sometime these days...' A sudden mischievous smirk crossed Chikaru's face. 'Teasing time again. Hehehe...'

'So, Tamao dear? Do you think any of the new transfer students will have a sexier body than you? there's always bigger boobs in the world-

Tamao hammered Chikaru's shoulders again, 'stopitstopitstopit!!!!!'

'You're so cute when you're mad. Your face scrunches up quite delightfully.' Chikaru leaned in and locked lips with Tamao briefly before walking off together hand in hand to meet the new students...

A crowd of squealing students crowded around the new transfers, blocking all possible views of their identities. Yaya muttered, 'fuck off...sheesh...are they really that interesting?'

Cries of ' KAWAII!!!!' and 'Oh my God, cat ears!' and ' So pretty!' and most of all ' The blonde one has big boobs!' Resounded across the room as Tamao and Chikaru attempted to make their way through the crowd.

A loud screech pierced the room as Amane tapped the microphone. Flanking her was Hikari, who cowered in quite an exaggerated fashion when the supersonic screech sounded.

'Testing. Testing. Good.'

Amane cleared her throat and spoke into the mike. The makeshift podium borrowed from the gymnasium was a good measure. She would have gotten trampled in the sea of fawning girls there...

'Alright! Give the new students some breathing room! They don't like to be squeezed into oblivion on their first day, you know?'

The crowd split in half as the four students were revealed.

Chikaru raised an eyebrow as she surveyed the first two girls on the right. Both of them had pink hair, and were really beautiful, but each of them was marred by a particular expression that stayed on both their faces. The shorter one had her mouth dropped open like a retard, as if seeing the world for the first time. Her eyes were locked onto...nothing in particular. Just a stupified wonder that made Chikaru ponder her sanity.

The taller one had a perpetual arrogant and pissed off 'screw off' look plastered on her face, along with eyes that seemed to wander around the room looking for a next murder victim.

Both of them had cat ears. Tamao frowned in unison with Chikaru. Was it a fashion statement? There were no such thing as cat girls in the real world...

The two on the left were obviously a couple, judging from the way the blonde held onto the girl with almost blackened blue hair. They too were worthy fodder of most of the girls in the school. Chikaru wouldn't be surprised if their dorms were jammed full of confession notes on their first day...

'The two girls on the right are transfers from a school in...err...a region east of here. The girl over there is called Lucy, she will be working as a teacher's assistant for the remnant of the year. She's currently taking a course in teacher's college. I hope you'll all give her your full respect.'

A polite scatter of applause and titillated murmurs dispersed among the crowd.

'The other girl is called Nana. She's a third year, so please try to help her find the ropes around here. The other two girls are called Chikane and Himiko. Both of them are fourth years, and they will be both transferred to Spica.'

Amane cleared her throat once again when she sensed that the ooos and ahhhhs in the crowd were getting out of hand.

' Please support them if they need any help, and I hope that you four will have a splendid time in Astrea Hill!'

Another round of applause filled the room as the crowd closed in once again to fawn over the new flesh. Amane rolled her eyes as she tried to figure out a way to get off the podium without turning it into a moshpit.

'Chikaru chan, I think the girl named Lucy is going to be your assistant teacher in biology.'

Chikaru put her hands on her hips, 'I don't know...I think that girl should brighten up a bit. Maybe I'll just introduce her to a few clubs. Maybe she's just nervous about her first job as a teacher...'

'I don't think teachers can join clubs, Chikaru chan.'

'Don't be such a spoilsport, Tamao dear. She'll definitely dig the transformation club!'

'I don't know...I think that there's something wrong with that girl...she just...looks so murderous.'

'Don't worry. Teachers aren't allowed to kill students. Maybe she'll just feel you up because you're so hot.'

Tamao gave an exasperated groan and pouted as she punched Chikaru lightly in the arm.

'Not funny.'

Tamao suddenly felt something creep up her panties as she said this. It felt HANDS!?

Tamao gave a little shriek and jumped back.

None of the girls surrounding her were in range to do this.

Tamao could have sworn she saw the pink haired girl smirk and wink at her.

'Chikaru chan...I think something just touched me...'

'Don't be silly dear, you're just skittish from last night.'

'Don't joke around! I saw that pink haired girl with the murderous look on her face wink at me!'

'Really?' Chikaru glanced over at Lucy, who was innocently flicking a whining and protesting Nana's forehead.

'This is certainly going to be interesting...I'll most likely have her next period...' Mused Chikaru as Lucy started engaging in a conversation with one of the first years.

Chikane sighed a deep breath of relief as the crowd left for dinner. They would be shown to their dorms later in the evening. She was a little afraid that Himiko would be crushed against her due to the immense entity that was the crowd.

She and Himiko both pulled out the latest manga release of Excel Saga. Himiko had taken quite an interest lately to the series and inevitably pulled her along...

Lucy continued to feel up various unsuspecting students with her vectors, pleased at the chaos and confusion she was causing. Some of the girls were already cat fighting over accusations of who touched who. While Nana was busy stuffing herself in the dining hall, Lucy would have to make a call to Kouta...she forgot to bring her DVD player and her Guro movies and the Evil Dead trilogy...