Disclaimer: You know the drill. This is intended to be a action/adventure parody. There is obscene language scattered throughout, and I assume that teenagers these days are so desensitized that they used the F-bomb on a daily and regular basis. Flaming is allowed, yadda yadda yadda. Just go on and read the fucking story. (Yay! My first F-bomb of the day!) Also, I am just sticking Sakurako Kimino (the creator of Strawberry Panic) in Tokyo. Don't give me crap about where she actually lives.

Lucy found herself sprawled on top of someone and engaged in a rather awkward mouth to mouth with a certain blue hair girl. She gave a yelp of surprise and rolled off Tamao, finding herself lying on a cooking pavement. The world had a strange, three dimensional feel to it, unlike the lovely pastel landscapes she found herself and Kouta walking through last summer. She caught hold of a leaf that blew her way and examined it with curious eyes. So much....detail. It was almost as if she could see the plant cells on the young maple leaf.

A loud cacophony of honks interrupted her reverie.

She was in the middle of the highway, and several cars had stopped for her.

Unfortunately, that wasn't so for the evil Kagome. She was lying mangled beyond recognition in the ditch, while the truck driver sputtered and yammered about how she simply appeared out of nowhere.

The police had not yet arrived.

Lucy shook Tamao awake and hissed, 'Let's get a move on before the police get here!'

Tamao said something with a mouthful of cotton, but got up nevertheless.

'Yup. That's it. C'mon.' Lucy draped Tamao's arms over her shoulder and hobbled into the small road of dirt that allowed for hitchhikers to roam on most highways.

The cars stopped honking as several police cars arrived.

'Shit.' Lucy muttered, 'Can't you get a move on Tamao!? The police are here! Oh....fuck it.' She dove into the long grass that led into several acres of farmland along with her charge, caused both of them to suffer hideous bruises despite the concealing grass.

It seemed that none of the drivers cared to point out their location, or they were dense enough to overlook Lucy's temporary hiding place, as Lucy and Tamao hobbled several kilometres into boring acres of corn and strawberries. They finally stopped when they found a sign garishly inscribed with, 'Whittamore's Farm and Store.' There were pictures of smiling scarecrows abound and several signs that pointed to, 'the cornstalk maze.' And the 'petting zoo.'

Lucy frowned and rubbed her eyes a little. Everything seemed so....clear. It was as if someone had decided to put her world into high definition and add unnecessary details all around.

Instead of the water colour shaded rock in her world, the few boulders that lay here and there were incredibly etched with detail, and so many dots and little things that would drive a person insane if he were to analyze it! Tamao was similarly checking out their surroundings.

She managed to croak out, 'What....just....happened?'

Lucy muttered, 'I don't know. It seems like we've entered the world of high definition TV....'

Tamao looked at her hands and screamed, 'They're.....they' detailed!! What's happening to me!?'

Lucy groggily looked at her own hands and saw in the place of simple shades, lines and pale tones a hand that contained these strange whorls and lines on the palms and some barely visible.

'Skin pores.' Lucy thought as a wave of nausea permeated her entire being, 'Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.....'

Several kids that were headed for the strawberry picking and tractor ride stopped at the sound of their caterwauling and looked at them with inquisitive eyes.

Lucy choked back a gasp of amazement when she saw the sandy blonde hair of the little boy. There so many strands.....tens of thousands of strands....and they were all different.....

Lucy felt her own hair and sighed in relief when it felt the exact same.

That's when her grogginess wore off and when Tamao's changed face hit her like a sledgehammer.

In place of her pure blue hair, There were only streaks of the royal blue on top of chestnut hair. Tamao's face was so....realistic like the rest of the strange world around her. In the place of large glistening eyes were two doe eyed lookers coloured a light blue. Her nose had turned from a dot into a gracefully curving and dainty nose, and her mouth had become a similarly fragile little bud on top of a....

Lucy croaked inside her head, 'a high definition porcelain doll face.....' For lack of a better description.

From Tamao's point of view, Lucy's hair had turned from a florescent pink into a shade of auburn hair. Her face had turned into a rather foxy looking....three dimensional thing, and her lips had turned from a normal abbreviated line with suggestions of a lower lip into a full pouting rosebud.

Lucy heard a couple of high definition pre teen boys discussing their 'hotness' and her resemblance to some person called 'Megan Fox' and Tamao's resemblance to an entity known as 'Magibon.'

Lucy snapped out of her trance yet again and felt her head for any trace of those hated horns.

Their presence was sorely confirmed when she felt two calcified and rather rough feeling lumps on top of her head. Lucy's stomach did another acrobatic move as Tamao murmured, 'So this is the real world....'

'What are you talking about!?'Lucy frantically pulled out strands of her own slightly red hair, 'What happened to....your blueness and my pinkness!? What the fuck is going on here!?'

A couple of parents turned and glared at Lucy.

She lowered her voice, 'Tamao....what is this real world?'

'Kagome said something about another dimension, and I think this is it....' Tamao explained to Lucy the entire rather disturbing theory about them being creations of beings from another dimension.

The horned girl looked around, 'It looks like you're right....this certainly is nothing like our world....'

Tamao suddenly hugged Lucy with a clamp-like embrace, 'I'm so SCARED!!' She peeped, 'How're we going to get back to our world!?'

Lucy murmured, 'I don't know....I really don't know....'

As luck would have it however, a fat anime nerd of about twenty or nineteen happened to cross our heroines' paths. He was visiting the farm for no other reason other than to buy the oh-so-good apple pie they sold in abundance at the market. He caught sight of Lucy and Tamao and proceeded to stare at them with wanting eyes.

Tamao and Lucy did not seem to realize that their clothing was extremely out of place, and was usually classified in the eyes of an anime nerd as 'cosplaying.'

The nerd waddled up to them and said in a wavery voice, 'I can't help but notice your great cosplay costumes! Let me guess, let me guess....' It seemed like he didn't need to guess blindly for long as a sickening gleam crept into his eyes, 'You,' He pointed at Tamao, 'Are Tamao from Strawberry Panic,' He seemed to drool a little bit with this declaration, 'You are Lucy from Elfen Lied....boy, I haven't seen cosplayers as hot as you in my life.....'

Lucy cleared her throat, 'Erm....what's cosplaying?'

The nerd stopped his drooling, 'What are you talking about? You're dressed in these clothes and you don't even know what cosplaying is!?' He sputtered the last few words and launched some spittle at Tamao, who promptly gave a frightened squeal.

'Ah! Playing into character, aren't you?' The nerd said with an air of making a grand scientific discovery, 'That's fine with me....if you don't mind, I would like to know your names....maybe we can contact on facebook or twitter or something like that....'

'But....We are Lucy and Tamao.' Lucy said in a confused voice, ' Her last name's Suzumi, and I don't have a last name..... wait....'

She remembered the little bit about them being fictional characters bottled up in an animated world.

Everything clicked into place.

She decided that it was best that they played onto this Otaku's beliefs. Perhaps he had some mode of transportation that they could use if they were to get on good terms with him.....

The nerd said something about his name being David and how his parents weren't at home for the weekend. Lucy decided that it would be wise to hitch a ride with the fat greaser.

'Excuse me....' Lucy interrupted the nerd's hyperactive mode of speaking, 'If it's not too much to ask, could we hitch a ride in your car?'

The nerd looked like he was about to explode from happiness. He stuttered and tripped over his words before saying, 'Sh-sure! I can take you girls anywhere! Where do you w-want to go!?'

Tamao said, 'Well....can we stay over at your place until we figure out just what's happening?'

The nerd looked like someone struck him over the head with a fire extinguisher. A literal five seconds passed before he said in a low voice, 'Y-y-y-y-ou whuh-whuh-would do that?'

'If it's not too much trouble.' Lucy said, 'We don't have any money on us, and....we're currently out of a place to stay right now.'

The nerd's brain swarmed with thoughts of chivalry, getting laid, and the possibility of becoming one of those down-on-his-luck heroes he saw so often in harem anime, 'It's all good!' He spouted in an uneven voice, 'Hell, you can s-stay for the whole week if you'd like!'

At this point in time, Lucy's head was starting to clear up. She did the math- They were fictional characters that were probably drooled upon by losers of this type in this strange three dimensional world, so she could use that to her advantage.....

Her brain cleared up further and suggested the use of her vectors to prove that they were the real deal.

But, given the nervous and mostly likely unstable mental condition of their chauffeur to be, she realized that they would have to establish some kind of understanding before she could 'pop the statement'.

The nerd was yammering on about his personal history and the amount of anime figurines he own in his bedroom. He was saying something about gundams when Tamao said in a small voice, 'Would you happen to know....who created us?' The anime nerd laughed in his unstable manner, 'Oh, We've got plenty of time when we get home to talk about anime!'

He was blubbering to himself some phrases about the current situation being a dream and how he would be so pissed if it was a dream when he led them to a battered old Chevy, 'Well, there's my steed. Ladies first.' He said in a sickening and rather condescending voice.

Lucy only had time to wonder whether this was such a wise idea or not before she found herself and Tamao strapped to the backseat of car that stank of stale burgers and leftover. take-oust long forgotten in the annals of the seat bottoms. The nerd squeezed his fat bottom inside and turned on his favourite CD- the new TM Revolution release. It wasn't exactly bad music, but Lucy soon found herself succumbing to a massive headache and an exhausted ragdoll of a Tamao resting her head on her shoulders.


The nerd's room was surprisingly clean, considering the condition of his car. Lucy looked over his shelves upon shelves of figurines and estimated that the perfected sculpted little beauties must have been worth over a hundred thousand dollars in total. Lucy felt like slapping the nerd for leeching off of his parents but thought better of it when she spotted several katana swords hanging on the wall. Who knew? If they offended him, he might just yank those little sharpies off the wall, decapitate Tamao, and lead to Lucy stepping in with her vectors, leading up to a repetition of the bloody events in her sordid life. Lucy took her eyes off of the swords and spotted a pile of sketches and a myriad of drawing books and media.

'I take it you like to draw?' Lucy asked in the most offhanded tone she could muster.

The nerd chirped, 'Yup! In fact, I'm thinking of getting my manga published. It's a hentai, but I think when exhibited to the right company, I might make it big!'

'Erm....' Lucy took a closer look at the drawings and gasped a little when the lurid content popped out at her. Surprisingly enough, she felt a strange kinship with the drawings.

'Tell me, erm....' Lucy expected him to drop his name, but apparently he was so socially inept that he failed to catch this little lead-on, 'I mean, tell me your name.....'

The nerd jumped a little when she asked for his name. No one out of his own family even bothered to care about his name, 'It''s David. ' He stuttered a few stunted syllables after this, 'Well, make yourselves at home. I'll prepare some snacks in the kitchen.'

Lucy saw with some degree of amusement that his face had turned a rather amusing shade of puce.

He waddled out of the doorway and bumped his shin on the way out.

'Quite a queer fellow, isn't he?' Lucy mused. She sat down on his Sailor Moon bed, 'This is getting stranger and stranger every passing moment.' She rubbed her forehead, 'This is giving me quite a headache. Too much to swallow in one day.....'

Tamao didn't sit down, 'Chikaru....I lost my Chikaru....what am I going to do now?' She slumped down by the corner and started to cry. At this point, her sobs sounded more like exhausted heaving breaths. Little to no tears streamed down her face.

Lucy was about as adept at comforting a lonely and frightened girl as a neurosurgeon doing his work with a pneumatic drill, 'It's....okay....we'll find a way.' She looked at the window as to avoid Tamao's wandering gaze, 'Who knows, all this stuff about dimensions....perhaps we can change something in the space time continuum and reverse the events or something like that....'

'BUT SHE'S DEAD!!' Tamao shrieked with a disturbing assuredness, 'I saw being eaten alive with my own's no good. We're going to die in this high definition world, and possibly be raped by that freak downstairs....

'Don't say that!' Lucy said in a hushed voice, 'He might hear you!'

'Who cares!?' Tamao was throwing a fit now. She banged her fist against the shelf and caused a Love Hina doll to fall on her head, 'First I lost Nagisa, and now I lose Chikaru!!It's n-not fair!!' Her voice cracked as she held onto a plush Jigglypuff.

Lucy was out of ideas.

She flopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to count the number of dots.

A cheery and reedy voice rang through the door, 'Tea time!'

David came in carrying a tray of Doritos and tea.

Lucy's stomach growled. She hadn't had anything to eat since the beginning of the ordeal, and that was what, eight hours ago?

She hungrily reached for the Doritos and started to graze on them. The food in this world was not too far removed from the stuff in her world, had so much more.....

Her mind strained as she tried to search for the right word, 'Texture?'

Yes, texture. She always thought the food in her world was quite flat tasting.

'Much like the constituents of your own being.' A dark voice in her voice intoned, 'Remember, you don't even exist without the help of an artist. How pathetic is that?'

As she gobbled up ten of the immense chips in one gulp, she turned to the (still) rather bemused David, 'Tell me, can you tell me who created the character....erm....Lucy?'

'Shouldn't you already know? Lynn Okamoto of course.' He said with a certain measure of pride.

'Oh....' Lucy decided to ask about Tamao's origins too, 'And who created....Tamao?'

'That's easy! The one who created Strawberry Panic was Sakurako Kimino. Again, why would you want to know this? Aren't you guys the ones who are cosplaying?'

Lucy decided to 'pop the statement'. There was really no more time to be dawdling around, 'I think you'll find this hard to believe, but we're actually the real deal.'

'What are you talking about?' David scoffed, 'Everybody knows that those are works of fiction. You aren't trying to mock me, are you? We nerds may be gullible, but we're definitely not that stupid.'

Lucy sighed, 'You know how the character Lucy has vectors, right?'

'Right, and she can make things move with invisible arms.'

'Watch this.'

Lucy picked up a chip with one of her vectors.

The nerd's face blanched. A moment of deadly silence fell upon the room for a second or two before he rasped, ' can't be true...This can't be even possible....' He backed up several steps, 'B-b-b-but....How is this even physically possible!? You two are works of fiction! You don't EXIST!! You shouldn't exist! This is not right...not must have ESP or something. Yeah, that's it. You're just a couple of weirdos with that weird psychic thingie going on. I-I'

Lucy poked his chest several times with her vectors, 'Look, buddy, thanks for your hospitality and all, but we really need some help here. Just listen to what I have to say, okay?'

She told the befuddled man their whole story and tried very hard not to laugh at the expression on his face after she was finished.

'So....this is....oh God....' David clenched and unclenched his fists. He gave a yell as the scalding liquid burned his throat, 'So....what do you want me to do?'

'Simple. We want to go and meet this Lynn Okamoto and Sakurako Kimino. Perhaps we can work out something with them to change some stuff in the tenth dimension or something.'

'But you know what this implies, right?' David said in a wavery voice, ' Think about what this might do to the balance of dimensions. This is going to destroy space and time if we do this wrong....let me think about this a little first before I go through with this...'

Lucy's vectors grabbed him by the collar and shook him, 'We don't have much time! My world is already torn apart! Think about it- didn't you always want to be the main character? The hero in the story? Well, here's your chance! Just do something about it!'

'Please.....' Tamao grasped his hand with genuine emotion, 'I lost Chikaru, and I don't think I can't live without her. Please, without your help we can't get through this....

David swallowed hard and munched on one more Dorito, 'This is going to take a huge chunk out of my bank account though....' He opened up his laptop and started up windows, 'I'm going to buy you two some plane tickets, and give you two some addresses, but after that....' He paused. He debated with himself whether or not he wanted to come out of his shell and have the grand adventure of his dreams or staying in his comfortable life undisturbed.

Lucy pleaded, 'It will be so much better if you came along with us. We don't know anything about this world, and we need a guide....'

David's throat went dry as his adventurous side won over, 'Okay then.' He croaked, 'It's going to be a long trip though....about twenty four hours- not including the stops.'

Tamao and Lucy both lunged forward and hugged him with unfeigned gratitude, 'Oh, thank you! You're the best! Thank you so much....'

David was so caught up in the gravity in the situation that he didn't realize that he had made bodily contact with two attractive females at once. It took some time, but his face eventually turned puce.


The three were separated on the plane. Tamao sat next to a dozing Arab businessman, Lucy sat next to a rather annoying child, and David was placed between two elderly citizens.

During the course of the flight, Lucy had ample amounts of time to gaze at the passing clouds and marvel at their similarity to freestyle soapstone carvings. The food was of sub-microwave quality and tasted of stale and reheated leftovers. The five year old kid threw up on Lucy in midflight.

The mother apologized profusely as she wiped the multi-coloured slime off of Lucy's well worn skirt.

'I'm starting to smell a little ripe.' Lucy thought grimly. Her armpits were starting to accumulate large amounts of sweat. What she would do for an anti-persperant.....

Tamao found a mutual symbiotic relationship with her seatmate. He slept for the majority of the flight, leaning on the windows, while Tamao leaned on his shoulder and fell into a deep sleep.


Tokyo was an symphony of garish lights, blaring music, street vendors, strange people in costumes, and screeching voices. It was nowhere near the Tokyo Tamao knew. She had been with her family on vacation to the place dozens of times, and none of those times accounted for this full-on assault to the senses. Lucy found herself stumbling more than once due to the strobe-like nature of the flashing lights.

The trio of foreigners attracted more than a few glances, and when Lucy and Tamao started conversing in perfect Japanese, the over-the-shoulder looks turned into full on whispering and gossip.

'Lucy....this is really not what I expected....' Tamao whimpered.

'Don't worry. If the otaku don't perceive you as a threat, they won't come near you...'

As if right on cue, Lucy instantly noticed that she was the object of some serious staring from malnourished hikkamori standing on the other side of the street. She rolled her eyes and shuffled along with David, who was busily muttering complaints to himself pertaining to 'how he got himself into this.'

After trudging through the seizure inducing streets for more than an hour and David asking directions in broken Japanese he picked up from anime, they finally made it to a small-ish apartment that withstood the test of time starting from the 1960's. The bricks were crumbling, and dull graffiti marked the place, almost screaming for a good, old fashioned demolition.

'Are you sure this is going to work?' Tamao whispered, 'I mean, what if this causes some kind of dimensional rift again?'

'I'm sure we have to try.' Lucy said in a defeated voice, ' If this doesn't work, then we have to go over to my creator's place, which is on the other side of the city......'

They rang the buzzer for the eleventh floor.

A croaky and rather sickly sounding female voice answered, 'Who is this?'

'Just....erm....' Tamao was stuck. She never thought they'd get this far, 'Erm....we're just want to check out your place....'

Lucy slapped her forehead in exasperation, 'Now she'll never let us in!' She hissed.

The voice croaked, 'Oh, more female stalker fans? I'm telling you, I'm not lesbian, and I don't have any interest in marriage proposals from any more of you freaky otakus. Nor will I make an alternate series depicting Tamao and Nagisa together.

Tamao's eyes glazed over, 'But....suppose you could....'

Lucy shoved the bleary eyed girl out of the way and said, 'It's quite important. It will just take you about ten minutes. We're not freaky stalkers or anything.'

'Really?' The voice sounded weary now, ' That's what everybody says. Look, I have a new manga that has a deadline in two weeks. I'm working my ass off here to ensure that I get my measly manga-ka's pay cheque! Now FUCK OFF!!' With a rude sounding blip of static, the transmission ended.

Lucy muttered, 'Fuck me sideways.' She looked at David and Tamao, shrugged, and broke down the gate with a brush of her vectors.

'C'mon, what are we waiting for? Let's move it!' Lucy bounded up the crumbly looking stairs and slammed her head into a bent and broken mailbox that conveniently cut off anybody over five foot five.

Clutching her bleeding head and spouting off a stream of unspeakable obscenities, she stomped up the stairs in a huff. Tamao and David followed when Lucy reached the third floor.


'So let me get this straight.' Sakurako leaned back in her chair and twitched her tiny nose like an annoyed rabbit, 'You're saying that you need me, your supposed creator, to write a whole other manga and change the course of time and space in your dimension? Do you think I'm a retard or something?' Her trembling hands reached for a box of Pocky. Lucy almost burst out laughing, but bit the insides of her cheeks. She tasted blood and listened to the manga-ka's rage, 'Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do, and don't you fucking insult my intelligence anymore than you've already done!' She waved her hand in a dismissive and rather foppish gesture, 'Begone with you!'

Lucy sighed, 'Okay, you want some proof, right?'

'No, I want you to get the fuck out.'

'You know the series Elfen Lied?'

'That....bloody and pseudo emotional piece about a pink haired girl with invisible tentacles? Sure. That idiot is my market competitor- I find it highly infuriating that his stuff is sooooo popular, while my stuff is limited to the lesbian and loser male otaku community!!' She slammed her fist down on her drafting table, causing several Staedler fine point pens to bounce off.

'Erm....sure.' Lucy said, 'But....about those invisible tentacles....well, look at this.'

Sakurako rolled her eyes and muttered, 'Oh, by Goku's hairy testicles, WHAT!?'

Lucy picked up the pens with her vectors and set them gently on the drafting table.

Sakurako's reaction mirrored David's except amplified by a hundred times. She hopped on her chair and hugged herself ala L from Deathnote, ' can't buh-be fucking serious!' She stuttered, 'Th-th-th-this is IMPOSSIBLE!!' She hopped down from her chair and cowered under the table, 'This....this defies all laws of does this mean....does this mean...I actually broke my own character's heart in another dimension!? This is fucking insane! This must be a dream....yes. This must be a dream.' She stabbed herself with one of her Copic markers and wailed in despair when she didn't snap out of it.

Hyperventilating with the voracious energy of a jackrabbit, she reached for her inhaler and swallowed five times the amount her doctor prescribed.

Finally calming down, she let the puzzle pieces click together in her mind and started on the path to proper cognition, 'Okay....' She took several Pockies and stuck them in her mouth, 'So you have psychic powers, so what? I bet you can't slice something-

Lucy cut the quivering author's toaster in half.

Sakurako's face blanched, 'Okay, so you weren't kidding. So what? What would you have me do? It seems like everything that's been happening to you is the work of some demented fan fiction author. What can I do to change it?'

Tamao said in a small voice, 'For starters, you can make Nagisa fall in love with me....'

Lucy elbowed her, 'That's besides the point.' She hissed.

'Whoops, I meant....for starters, you can draw a brand new comic, entitled with....erm....whatever title is relevant to our situation.....who knows? It might be able to change our dimension for the better.'

The bewildered Manga-Ka leaned back in her chair, 'I don't know about that.' Her eyes darted around the room. Lucy noticed a bottle of Prozac sitting on the shelf. Bipolar Disorder and manic depression. It figured.

'Takes one to know one....' Lucy thought sombrely as she remembered her daily eighty-plus mil of Prozac she forgot to take for what? Two days straight?

'What do you mean, you don't know about that?' Lucy said in a voice that was slightly harsher than she intended.

'I mean, why don't you just go on the internet, hack into fan and change the html? It should work better than me toiling another two weeks just to find out that your far-fetched plan doesn't work at all.'

'There's....fanfiction.....about us?' Tamao whimpered, 'I....don't really want to see them....'

'And I don't blame you.' Sakurako had apparently calmed down and resumed eating her Pocky, 'There's a lot of lemons pertaining to you and whooooole bunch of other pairings that I myself would never imagine.' She swivelled a full three sixty with her chair in a pointless display of childish strangeness and said, 'Well, what are we waiting for? Let's log onto the computer and see what we've got!'

Several minutes of extremely awkward silence fell over the dusty smelling room as Sakurako's desktop started up.

Tamao broke the awkward silence with an even more awkward question, 'Why did you pair Nagisa up with Shizuma? You know I loved her. Or made me love her.'

Sakuraro muttered something about a Twilight Zone episode and said, ' know the archetypal best friend never gets what he or she wants....they erm....just want the best for the main character. You know....' Sakurako searched for the right words, 'Well, I don't think there's any delicate way of putting it, so I'll just say it outright.' The default chime of Windows XP starting up rang, 'Characters like you are made to be shitted on. You exist simply to be the 'comforting voice' and....basically to wipe the main character's ass. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. Ever read Cardcaptor Sakura?'

Tamao shook her head.

' get the point, being such a big reader yourself....' Sakurako muttered something else about making Tamao less melodramatic in her next draft and clicked on the internet.

A few minutes followed with Sakurako demonstrating her novice hacking skills- mostly consisting of her using the Cobra template to screw with fanfiction. Apparently it was something she did 'on her time off'

Tamao learned that her creator derived a sort of demented pleasure from hacking facebook pages and posting porn- something she thought the creator of such a stately and well-mannered story such as Strawberry Panic would never do.

'Ooookay....' She filtered though the story settings and found 'Strawberry Pandemonium' under the author 'cartoonpsycho888999, 'Well, this guy seems like quite the strange sociopath. Let's start editing stuff, shall we?' And as she typed into the blank slate, ' Kagome was a nice, albeit strange little girl that was afraid of the boiler room and would never venture into the dark and dank place even if a gun were pointed to her head.'

Lucy waited for a tear in space and time to happen, but to her utter disappointment, nothing-

Lucy waited for a tear in space and time to happen, but to her utter disappointment, nothing-





To be continued......