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Sasori had enough of women.

His first year of teaching was supposed to be a smooth and exciting experience, not a constant worry of whether or not his off and on girlfriend would barge into his lecture. Of course, to him, they were an off and on couple. To her, however, they were set to be wed.

The day started off normally. Sasori arrived at school and moved into the teachers lounge to snag a cup of coffee, listen to the math teacher bitch about how no one cared about math and then move into his room to prepare for his first hour class.

Naturally and promptly at eight a group of zombies shuffled into his room with a few rays of sunshine here and there with Hidan and Deidara falling into the between area with a handful of other students.

"Today we're going to go over the volatile combination of water and magnesium and start a lab which you should finish tomorrow," Sasori began, turning to his over head projector and starting to draw out a series of diagrams for his class. This was simple stuff to him, but to the class it just looked like a bunch of fancy honeycomb pictures with some squiggly lines here and there.

Deidara just loved it when Sasori took notes for the class, though, so the intricate series of "doodles" were nothing more then the salvation that allowed him to watch Sasori bend over the projector. Oh, how he'd love to just walk up behind him someday and bend him even further over it. Then he'd get to watch the clear papers fall to the floor as Sasori screamed in pure ecstasy where he would---


The shrill tapping that erupted from the window of the door to the classroom caught everyone's attention.

Standing behind the door with a smile on her face was the brunette that Sasori had been dating off and on for the last several months. Her grin was large and somewhat attractive, setting off her green eyes fairly well. She stood there waving and tapping on the glass as a small child would with a tank of rare fish, unknowingly hurting them.

Sasori paled when he looked over. No, paled is far too kind for what happened to the color in Sasori's face as he stood before the class sheet white.

"Uh-oh, she's back," someone in the back whispered, setting off more whispers. Truly Sasori's girlfriend really had no sense of timing, even if she had been told when she could show up a thousand times over.

Slowly, the color in Sasori's face returned as he looked back down at what he was doing. She continued to moronically tap on the door. Briefly, Sasori glanced up at Itachi before returning to his notes. No words were needed as the raven haired male approached the door and opened it, speaking to her in hushed tones, asking what she needed.

Pulling away from the door and carefully closing it, Itachi approached Sasori with his usual emotionless exterior.

"She says it's important, but she wouldn't tell me anything about the situation. Should I dismiss her?" Itachi asked smoothly, speaking just so Sasori could hear.

Sasori just stiffened where he stood, a disapproving look upon his features. "No, I'll take care of it," the redhead said, placing the dry erase pen down and running a hand through his already messy locks of crimson hair. Whatever God that was out there be with him.

"Itachi is going to hand out your packets for this lab, I expect you to look over them and start on them. I'll be right back," he informed his class in a tone of voice that could freeze blood before leaving the room.

As Sasori turned away, the class nearly let out a unanimous shutter as something flashed through his eyes akin to no kind of anger anyone had ever seen.

"Fuck, man, I think mosquito-bite tits is gonna get the can today," Hidan exclaimed, elbowing Deidara with one of those cocky grins.

Deidara just smiled delectably in return. Everyone in the room knew what was coming, but the manner in which it was about to come would leave most without words.

"What are you doing here?" Sasori asked, voice hard, thinking he closed the door all the way behind him.

"I came to talk to you, Smooches. We need to get down what our color schemes are going to be for our wedding so I can go out and look today," she informed him, smiling brightly as she looked up at Sasori. There wasn't much of a height difference, but the couple inch difference was one of the reasons Sasori agreed to date her to begin with.

"One, don't call me that, and two, you know very well when my free hour is. My first hour is not one of them and I've told you that time and time again with no avail!" He exclaimed in a low hiss, anger showing on his face now. He was NOT getting married to this bitch. No way in hell.

"You don't have to be so mean! I'm only human and sometimes I make mistakes!" She said, getting almost overly defensive about it.

"That's why mankind has invented a funny little device called a cell phone, so that way you can avoid making ridiculous mistakes by double checking when my fucking free hour is so you don't barge in on my lessons! I've told you nicely more times then I can count," Sasori said, stopping himself as his voice grew a little louder and his eyes a touch wider. The blood in his veins was starting to boil and his hands were shaking, he hadn't been this angry in a while and Sasori had almost forgotten how unpleasant it was.

"Oh, whatever! You'd just get mad at me for calling you! I never get to talk to you, ever! Besides, it's not like high schoolers are learning anyway. They aren't even paying attention!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the straw that broke Sasori's back.

"I see you every fucking night when you show up at my apartment! I see you every fucking day and all day on weekends. Clearly for me to be spending enough time with you I'd have to be fucking sewn to your damn side! And how dare you insult my teaching abilities, you fucking whore! So you think my students aren't learning anything from me? Think they're rotting their minds sitting in my classroom?"

"They're teenagers, it doesn't matter if you're a good tea-"

"No. That's not the damn problem here. The problem is you're interrupting my class and making it so that I can't do my fucking job. If I lose one student's respect because you've barged into my class babbling on about some imaginary wedding you're planning in your head then I've lost the ability to teach that student anything more then how to deal with annoying women who have attachment issues."

"I think you just have commitment issues," she said curtly, tears gathering and spilling from her eyes.

It was then that Sasori's voice erupted into a louder tone, causing the class listening inside to jump.

"I think you can go fuck yourself! I don't EVER want to see you in my presence again! I want you to take all of the shit you've left in my home by the end of tonight, or else I'm burning it. If I so much as ever see you in front of me again prattling on about some fucking wedding you're plotting between us, I'll take the matter to a higher authority and—"

"But, Smooches, I don't understand!" she blabbered between sobs, stepping back when Sasori's language took a drastic turn.

It was honestly bad when Sasori was so caught up in his anger that English was no longer a language he knew and all he could do was curse in Sunese.

A few doors down, the head of the Biology teacher peeked out from his classroom, followed by the head of a student before the teacher pushed them back in and closed the door, an action most the other classes had already taken. Inside Sasori's classroom, the students just sat in awe at Sasori's outburst, looking towards the exchange student from Suna.

"So, what's he saying?" Deidara asked them, somewhat shocked that Sasori spoke the language. He didn't have an accent at all nor did he even act like he was from there. The only thing that really told him he was even foreign was his hair, but Deidara often wondered if it wasn't just a genetic thing or a really good dye job. Good thing Deidara found that particular language rather sexy, and even when he was mad, his voice and that language sent shivers down his spine, though the blond couldn't figure out if that was from arousal or fear.

The student just looked a bit shocked, listening and shifting in his chair, speaking with a somewhat strong accent. "It's very bad. It's like… different meaning from English, though. I don't know how to translate it," he said, looking a bit anxious.

"So is he cussing her out? Calling her a cunt and stuff?" Hidan cut in, eyebrow raised with a slight curl to his upper lip as he spoke.

"C-Cunt?" The student said, looking fairly confused.

"You know, like a bitch, but more like a vagina," Hidan clarified, causing the exchange student to hold up a hand horizontally and move it side to side.

"So so, but that is the idea."

Without realizing it, the conversation outside had stopped, and Sasori had come back in, muttering under his breath in Sunese with his eyes dangerously wide and a very unamused smile on his face, the door closing behind him as he moved to the front of the classroom once more. Taking in a slow breath, he glanced at the clock, sitting down at his desk and getting out a pen, writing down a note to himself. The class was almost over and he hadn't even gotten to his demonstration yet.

"Thanks to that lovely interruption the lab that you previously had two days to do you now only have to finish in only one. I expect all of you to fill out those packets and have them done by tomorrow. Are we clear?"

At some point, Itachi had stealthfully placed a work packet on everyone's desk, surprising most everyone in the class, save for those who weren't engrossed in the conversation outside.

Never the less, the class nodded in unison. No one was going to get on Sasori's bad side today, not with that serial killer look in his eyes.

- - - - - - - - - -

Why such a memory came to Deidara at this most inappropriate time, the blond wasn't sure, but, Gods, if Deidara wasn't in pure bliss right now.

Sweet nectar of life, Sasori's lips were against his own and he could feel the troubles of the world drifting away with every millisecond that passed.

His lips were amazingly full of life, warmth flooding his system, his mind racing with the other's cinnamon taste, and the fact he felt hands on his shoulders meant that Sasori was about to respond!

Sasori was not nearly as happy about this as Deidara thought…

With a sudden push, Sasori was up on his feet, gathering his things and moving towards the door. Deidara simply sat on the couch with a little smirk on his face, the redhead was just shy, that was all. Or, at least, that's what Deidara told himself.

Sasori remained facing away as he slid his shoes and on opened the door, hearing Deidara speak to him from behind.

"Call me later, Sasori," Deidara said, the velvet dripping from his lips. There was no way Sasori could be oblivious to Deidara's very evident lust tones, now.

But it was that comment that made his blood boil.

Glaring over his shoulder, Deidara received a look he'd only gotten to see once in his lifetime. That ice cold look that could freeze the very blood that rushed through your veins and made you feel a mere fraction of your size. The same look his entire class saw the morning he broke up with his girlfriend at school.

Perhaps it was an eerie moment of clairvoyance on Deidara's part.

Sasori wanted to say something to Deidara in return for that remark, but nothing came to his lips other then the burn that had settled upon them from the contact that Deidara had placed upon them. He felt a little sick, but all he knew is he had to leave the situation.

So with that look that said everything and nothing, he slammed the door behind him, rushing to his car with his finger tips pressed to his lips.

All the while, Deidara sat in his living room, smiling away. He knew that even if Sasori had run off, he'd planted the seed. How did the blond know he planted the seed? Well Deidara was pressed up against him for a fairly long amount of time, the shock Sasori felt would've dissolved within a few seconds and he would've reacted right away. As it stood then, Sasori didn't push him off right away. There was still hope there.

Deidara would get there, it was just a matter of time.

- - - - - - - - - -

It had been nearly a month since the incident with Deidara had occurred. Sasori hadn't heard from him or even seen him since then, which was fine by him, though there was a small uneasiness within him that he needed to clear up so he could move on with his life.

When he had time to think, Sasori felt a little sick about the whole ordeal. Those times when he caught Deidara looking strangely at him and passed it off as the blond zoning out Sasori realized that the blond had been checking him out and had been doing so nearly every time he'd ever seen him, even in class. Paranoia was starting to get to Sasori as he began to wonder what else had gone unnoticed through out the years. Of course, only one of those years was spent with Deidara in his classroom, but it still disturbed him to think that the blond could hold out for so long. Or maybe Sasori was looking too deeply into things.

Either way, his mind was racing, especially when it had just happened. He'd never forget the day he sat in class while his students were taking a test and coming to the awful realization that while he originally thought he was terribly disgusted with the kiss he and Deidara shared, a part of him honestly craved to try it again. He'd made the mistake of zoning out and touching his lips when that thought passed his mind, catching the attention of the local gossip girl in his class. Naturally, the class had been giving him hell ever since.

Today was one of those days in which Sasori would finish his lecture and start the process of zoning out thinking about what he was going to do to get rid of that ridiculous urge when a student called out to him.

"Seriously, Mr. Akasuna, you need to go confess your love to whoever this chick is so you won't zone out anymore," a guy called from the side, smiling slyly as he lent back in his chair.

Sasori just looked at his student with disapproval, narrowing his eyes at him.

"For the last time, give it up. My personal life isn't your concern. How would you like it if I pointed out to the class that you've got a rather large hickey on your neck that you've been trying to cover up with makeup for the last day? Or maybe I should go to your parents about it?" Sasori asked smoothly, raising one slender eyebrow.

The boy instantly paled and looked around nervously, remembering that his girlfriend was in the class and she certainly wasn't the one that had given him that hickey, and Sasori knew that.

When Sasori was in this school, when he took on the title of Mr. Akasuna, Chemistry and Anatomy teacher, not one of his students was safe when he was irritated with them.

At least this was his last class of the day, he was starting on his last nerve with his students and his head was pounding with the stresses of keeping up with the day.

The bell rang and one by one, his students filtered out, leaving Sasori alone in his classroom to tidy up this and that before leaving. Not five minutes after everyone had gone, though, the English teacher Sasori dreaded so much wandered in, seeking conversation.

Could this day get any better?

"So, Sasori, have you heard about the new wave of student teachers coming in? I'm getting a sweet girl from Suna and I thought you could help me speak to her in her natural language," she went on, smiling charmingly at Sasori. She always had a thing for the teacher, and that creped Sasori out more then anything he'd encountered recently.

"If I have time, I'll think about it," Sasori informed her curtly, neatly sliding some papers into a folder to be graded later. His answer was really just a fancy way of saying no, as he was always busy anymore, and if he wasn't, he'd make himself busy just so he wouldn't have to deal with this wretch on society.

"Okay, well you let me know, Hun. You getting a student teacher this year?" She asked, smiling brightly and leaning against his desk.

Sasori hated it when people lent against his desk.

"No, I'm not. I have a student aid; that's all I need." Sasori informed her, not being subtle about his disapproval of her behind on his desk.

"I understand, sometimes mixing high schoolers and college students is just trouble. Speaking of students, though, I heard the art department's student teacher is a graduate from here," she said, catching Sasori's attention as he glanced up at her.

He had an interest in art, and always had. He just didn't think it was something that could be taught. He got along well enough with the art teacher here to know that she didn't usually take kindly to student teachers or really accept them, either. Whoever it was had to be talented, which is why he was so interested.

"Did you catch their name?" Sasori asked, delighting the woman with his curiosity.

"I sure did! I also remember the little trouble maker from a few years ago. It seems he's become quite charming, though. Oh ,what was his name? It was quite unique, umm…." She went on, leaving Sasori waiting on her answer.

Fuck, this woman was so useless. He just wanted a name, not to listen to her prattle on about him and sit there trying to recall it like an idiot.

"Deidara! There we go: Deidara Seiryuu. That little whelp who always slouched and slept in my class! I swear he just…" she went on talking, but Sasori stopped listening at the utterance of his name.

Sasori was starting to feel sick to his stomach again, and the prospect of coming to school tomorrow was not looking pleasant.

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