Are You My Daddy?

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"Bollocks," Severus whispered. There was just no possible way he used up the last of his Vaquita spleen. He was sure he had 16 drams left a week ago and used it for no other potion since then. He sighed into his hands thinking of any shops cruel enough to sell an endangered animal part for potions.

"Ah, my boy, are you all right?" Albus Dumbledore asked his potions master.

"No. This is ridiculous. I can't seem to find the Vaquita spleen. I swear there was some left after our last attempts at this." Severus searched his private chambers only to find the whale spleen he mistaken for the Vaquita. He never made mistakes like this, but then again he was never rushed for time. The Professor, at of twenty-four-years old, had been working at Hogwarts for almost three years now and decided he wanted to find a cure for people like Remus Lupin. If he were honest with himself then he would admit he did this because he had always been afraid of werewolves. That was Sirius Black's fault though for nearly having him killed all those years ago.

"Severus?" The Headmaster called to him trying to get his attention. "Oh, Severus…" He sang softly.

"Blasted fool, can you not see I'm trying to think here!" The Professor half yelled. "Now, where would there be a wizard sick enough to sell endangered specie parts for potions?" Severus wasn't expecting an answer, he was just musing aloud.

"I know of a place ,my dear boy," The Headmaster sang again. His voice was soft, teasing almost, and his eyes were sparkling like mad.

"Where!" It was more of a demand than a question.

"I will tell you if, you promise to run a small errand for me while you are there?"

"Whatever it is you got. Now, tell me."

"In Surrey, Main Street two, called Greedy-ants. It's a small shack of a place. Very grungy and mildly illegal, but safer and easier to get into then Knockturn Alley."

Severus was up and ready to Floo, but a hand on his shoulder had stopped him. "And now for that favor," Dumbledore reminded him.

"Oh, right, continue."

"You need to make a pit stop to check on a young boy for me. Just to make sure he is doing okay. I had some disturbing news from Arabella Figg that I need you to either confirm or deny."

"What news?" One eyebrow raised, the Professor sat in a chair by his fireplace.

"A young boy, about four almost five, is supposedly being mistreated by his aunt and uncle. I need you to check in on him when you get done purchasing your items." In his eagerness to leave and buy a very rare ingredient, Severus did not notice the extra bright twinkle in the old man's eyes.

"If he truly is not properly taken care of then what should I do?" He asked throwing powder into a fireplace.

"Do what you feel is right, but know that there is no other placing for him that is safe besides Hogwarts, and I am to old and to busy to raise a toddler." Severus could hear the regret in the man's voice as he stepped into the fireplace.

"Number Four, Private Drive," the Headmaster said right has Severus nodded and yelled "Surrey, Main Street two, Greedy-ants!" And left traveling through green flames.

Dumbledore chuckled to himself, pulling out a small jar from his robes and placing it behind the whale spleen nicely hiding the label that read Vaquita.

"Oh, Duddy-kins, you looks so adorable in your itty-bitty helmet!" Cried Petunia Dursley, taking pictures while sitting under a large tree. Vernon Dursley was beside her drinking iced lemonade and watching his son ride a three-wheeler for the first time. They seemed not to notice the small boy attempting to weed their garden for them, but failing miserably due to a broken hand. They didn't notice the runt of a kid sit behind a rosebush, shading his dehydrated self from the sun and sneaking a break were no one could see him.

"Brave little tyke that one is." Vernon said proudly as his son fell of the bike and got back on all by himself. Petunia smiled fondly at her husband and snapped his picture, before turning her attention back to her precious boy.

Harry sat smelling a yellow rose and trying to ignore the grumble of his stomach. "Husssh human." Startled Harry looked around for the voice only to find a snake in front of him.

"Wasss that you?" He asked almost afraid to learn the answer.

"Well, it wasn't the Eassster bunny now was it?" The small Adder snake asked sarcastically. Harry had to hold in a laugh.

"How can you talk?" He asked the snake.

"It'sss not me human. It'sss you who isssss talking." The small boy wasn't satisfied with that answer, but he decided to ignore it.

"You know the Easter bunny? Can he bring me eggs like he does Dudley?"

"No, I don't know the Easssster bunny, but if you want an egg you can have mine." The Adder slithered off leaving an egg nesting not to far from Harry. The boy cupped his small hands around the egg pocketing it in his too big pants and smiling. He was scared that the Dursley's would take the egg away if they saw it, but in his pockets, it was barley noticeable. Crawling on his knees the boy somehow managed to finish his chores while he heard his cousin's squeals of delight not to far away.

Severus looked around the very small almost bare shop. He didn't expect much more then this, seeing how it was in a Muggle town. Finding the Vaquita spleen, he carried it to a young Squib to pay the 25 galleons. After determining that there was nothing else valuable to buy here, he Apperated to Private Drive and made his walk to Number Four.

Using his spy skills, he looked at the yard of the house. Identical to all it's neighbors, but slightly more perfect the yard stood out. Severus rolled his eyes at the spoiled brat he saw being pampered by two adults, one taking an alarming amount of pictures. Dumbledore was insane to think that this kid was mistreated. Severus turned to leave, but a thought registered in his mind. 'When in the world was the old coot ever wrong? Maybe this was an act for he public.' So, he sat and waited for the family to enter the house to see what they were really like.

"Mum, look!" Demanded the young kid on the three-wheeler.

"I see, honey." The woman smiled big, looking slightly like a horse. "Mummy is proud," she said face glowing.

"Mummy?" Severus whispered to himself. "I thought Dumbledore said aunt" The professor was definitely confused and hoping he hadn't come to the wrong house. He was double-checking the numbers on the home when he saw a slight movement in the bushes. Severus squinted his eyes and saw a kid who looked to be about two in the garden, placing an object gently, but swiftly into a pair of large britches and adjusting his position to start gardening. "What kind of two year old is disciplined enough to be doing gardening at that young of an age?" He asked to no one in particular.

Harry was tugging at an over sized weed, but it would not budge for all the tugging in the world. Taking his injured hand, he firmly gripped the grassy weed and pulled. His broken hand twisted involuntary to the right causing a sharp and sudden pain. Gasping and standing up the boy let out a small cry and tripped landing on his side. Harry heard the crunch that came right after he fell on his egg. His eyes were glistening with un-shed tears as he thought of his new egg, the egg that was his and only his. This was one of the very few things that was his and no one else, and he managed to break it in just two short minutes.

"Shut up, boy!" Hissed his Uncle just loud enough for him to hear. Harry was thankful they were outside so his punishment could be held off, but at that moment Vernon was mad. He looked around twice to make sure there were no nosy neighbors watching him, before he tossed a hand size rock in Harry's direction hitting him square in the head. The small boy's head hit the floor has he struggled to remain awake. He watched the blood slowly ooze into the dark soil beneath him.

"Let's go!" His uncle hissed grabbing his arm and quickly dragging him inside before anyone noticed them. Vernon dragged his wife's nephew to a set of stairs, threw open a door that was just below them, and then threw the boy into the room.

Harry's head was pounding, but he couldn't remember why. Laying down on an old grayish blue blanket, he tried to stay awake; somehow knowing it would be dangerous to fall asleep in the state that he was now in. Taking deep breaths to stay conscious Harry felt a small weight in his pocket. Smiling he pulled out an unharmed snake egg and his face lit up despite the pain he was in.

Severus watched the boy get a rock thrown at him from an angered man, face purple and eyes livid. He was ready to grab the boy, but what could he do? Take him to Albus? He wasn't sure if there was anything that could be done and he didn't want to fill the small child with hope, just to bring him back here when Dumbledore said that there was nothing he could do. Severus watched the boy lay down and rest waiting to be called in. After what seemed to be ages, but maybe only a minute or so Severus walked away passing the Apparation wards before disappearing out of site.

"Room for one." Severus said looking down at a man much shorter than him.

"How long will your stay at our fabulous hotel 'Favoloso Casalingo' be?" The man asked signing a guest book.

"Just tonight." He said accepting a key for room 217. He figured he would check on the boy early morning and watch him for a few hours just to reassure himself that he would be fine. Severus was shocked earlier that day when he noticed the lightening bolt scar on his forehead and was raged at Albus for not telling him who he was checking in on. He unfolded the covers of the twin size bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

"Where am I?" He asked aloud waking to an unfamiliar place that was surprisingly warm and comfortable. Remembering the past day's events he jumped out of bed and to the shower stripping of his many layers of clothing and climbing into the warm water. He only stayed at the hotel for a few more minutes before checking out and Apparating back to Private Drive. He disillusioned himself and walked to Harry Potter's house to spy in an open window.

Severus watched through the window for twenty minutes before someone walked down the stairs and rapped on a small door yelling for breakfast.

"Get your lazy butt up and come make breakfast we are all hungry!" Petunia yelled walking back up the steps and returning with a blonde child screaming in her arms for yum-yums.

The potions master watched a small boy that he formerly thought was two, but he knew was four, crawl out of the cupboard in an oversized white shirt and walk towards the kitchen. Surely, they weren't going to make an undernourished four-year-old cook for them, right?

Watching the small boy step on a stool and turn the gas stove on Severus sighed in frustration. The poor kid was cooking a full meal for at least four and all the while doing a small jiggle of a dance that told him the child had to pee.

"Aunt, can I use the potty?" Harry asked in a small timid voice. He saw her nod her head and assumed she would take over the kitchen for thirty seconds. Jumping off the chair, he ran to the restrooms and relieved himself. Severus knew the Aunt was nodding her head to her husband's question, but was sure that the frail child who ran off did not.

When Harry came back, the toast was burning and the eggs were stuck to the bottom of the frying pan. "You worthless boy!" Severus heard the Aunt yell, "You wasted perfectly good food!" And without warning she picked up the frying pan and hit the boy behind his head causing him to launch forward and onto the gas stove. Harry felt his chest burn, and bit his lip to keep from yelling. Only a split second passed before the child was picked up and thrown back into the cupboard, but that was the only assistance they gave the small child.

Severus tried desperately to get into the house to help the child, but there were strong wards up and he could not breach them. Frustrated, he sat back and watched hoping the wards would soon sense that he was no danger to the Potter boy. He was forced to watch, but not act as the child was pulled out of the cupboard half an hour later, still dressed in the burned shirt, and yelled at to start cleaning the house. He couldn't do anything as he saw the purple faced man push the kid out of the way and onto the ground in an effort to get to the kitchen. He watched Harry get up and stumble back to the vacuum like nothing happened, though Severus could see the hurt etched across the child's features. All day he never once saw them give the boy a break, a meal, or any signs of sympathy and this treatment angered the professor. He did not like to be helpless in a situation like this, and he did not like to watch the boy helpless and flinching all day.

He felt the wards of the house breaking down and quickly entered the back door without knocking. He stood tall and eyed the man with the purple face saying, "I'm here to take Potter."