Are You My Daddy?

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Severus should have known that Harry was too young to hear about his mother. The small boy obviously had upsetting dreams, because when Severus awoke, Harry was wrapped around him, curled in close, and clutching onto him like his life depended on it. Harry must have been crying, as a used toilet paper was crumpled and thrown carelessly on the nightstand. His innocent face was full of worry and concern, when it should have been relaxed with sleep. Severus gently pushed Harry's hair away from his face, and placed a light kiss on his furrowed brow.

"I'm sorry," he whispered before climbing out of bed. With the sudden loss of contact, Harry's sleeping body curled into itself, and a small hand reached out into the empty space where Severus had just vacated, as if searching for him. Quietly Severus left the room for a moment, and when he came back, he had a light blue blanket with Harry's name on it.

Harry awoke for the second time that morning and found himself in his daddy's bed, alone. His blanket, that he had for as long as he could remember, lay tucked around him and he wondered how it got there. He was sure that he had not brought it with him earlier that morning. Snuggling it close, he stood up and shivered as his feet hit the cold dungeon floor.

"Daddy?" He called out. The used tissue that he had left on the bedside table was now gone.

"Yes, Harry?" His daddy called back, his voice coming from the kitchen. Harry dropped his blankey and ran to the kitchen, throwing his arms unceremoniously around Severus' legs.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, his eyes watering. Confused, Severus patted his messy head.

"Of course I'm okay," he answered walking to the dining table, Harry still attached to him for dear life. "Have a seat," he directed. As soon as Harry sat, the table filled with their breakfast plates. "We are going to your Charlie's house today, so I want you to eat up." Excited Harry shoveled a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

"What time are we going?" He asked as soon as he swallowed.

"We will leave once you have showered and dressed," Severus said buttering a muffin with smooth even strokes. Harry was practically bouncing in his seat. "And I have another surprise for you."

"What is it?" Harry asked intrigued. Severus smiled playfully.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." After the two finished their breakfast, Severus turned the shower on for Harry and went into the living room with a brush and a few potions for unruly hair, waiting for Harry to finish his shower. He had only just sat down when he heard a pop, and his assigned house elf appeared before him.

"Pelda is to tell Master Severus Snape that he is having a visitor. A Mr. Lupin, Sir" the house elf said appearing in front of Severus, who did not seem the least bit shocked. "He says your wards are not allowing him to knock."

"Yes," Severus said with a faint smile. "Thank Merlin for wards." Pelda looked at her master closely and then quickly averted her gaze, shamed face.

"I says to him, that I would get my master for him." Severus rolled his eyes and stood up, Harry's brush still in his hands.

"Tell him Harry is showering. We have a busy day and do not have time for his meddling foolishness."

"He wants to see you sir, not little Master." Severus twiddled Harry's brush between his fingers before tossing it on the couch.

"I do not wish to see him." Severus replied.

"SEVERUS!" A loud voice boomed from outside the door. "PLEASE LET ME IN!" Severus walked to the door and stopped in front of it.

"Sorry, Severus isn't home right now." Severus replied, his voice smooth and silky.

"I'll hand you my wand before entering," Remus bribed. He knew Severus would love having that control over him.

"Hand it to my house elf first, and then you can enter." Pelda popped out of the room, and appeared before Remus, looking absolutely frightened at the idea of taking a wizards wand from him, willing or not. Remus froze; Severus could very well snap the wand and then refuse his entrance. He could not afford a new wand, he could barely afford his meal this morning and Severus knew it.

"It's against the law for you to use this," Remus reminded the elf, reluctantly placing it in her shaky hands.

"Pelda will be careful," she left, and a moment later Severus opened the door, a preditory smile on his face has he held Remus's wand.

"Well?" Severus asked coldly, smiling has he twirled Remus's wand between his fingers. Remus forced his eyes away from his wand, and looked up at Severus with pleading eyes.

"I was way out of line yesterday and-"

"Really? I didn't notice," Severus replied dryly, walking to the nearest chair and sitting down with all the authority of a man who held a wizard's most prized possession.

"And I wanted to apologize." Severus displayed no emotion on his face, and Remus was beginning to doubt his decision of coming here. "Like I said, I was out of line and should not have said the things I said. It was childish and I'm…I'm…-"

"You're sorry?" Severus supplied for him. Remus nodded sullen faced. "Just because you came and apologized does not mean that you and Black can have Harry for any amount of time unsupervised."

"Sirius has been cleared of all charges, and the full moon isn't for a while, surely a few days-"

"Are you forgetting that the both of you had planned a kidnapping not that long ago?"

"I admit that was not one of our finer moments," Remus said blushing.

"Tell me what your guys' finer moments were? Was it the day we first met and how you treated me? "Or maybe it was the day I had the pleasure of meeting your ''other'' side, when Black set up that 'prank'. Or any of those days inbetween, perhaps?"

"I get it, you don't want Harry around such bad influences," Remus bit his tongue, stopping himself from saying anything he would later regret, or ruin even the slightest chance he had of seeing Harry. Severus stood, briefly walking to open his door as he heard the shower turn off.

"Harry and I will be gone all summer. It is something I planned two months ago; he will not have time to visit you. And even if we were here all day, everyday this summer, Harry still is not ready to visit what he believes to be his attempted kidnappers." Severus handed Remus his wand as he walked out the door.

"I know you love him, I have no doubt about that, and I really am sorry about what I said yesterday." Remus placed his hand against the door, just as Severus was about to shut it. "I didn't mean it either, I was just mad. Harry couldn't have picked a better guardian than you if he tried."

"But I'm not his Dad, am I?" Severus slammed the door causing Remus to stumble backwards and land on his bum.

"I can't just throw James aside you know!" Remus called out, standing up and dusting himself off. "He did and gave so much for Harry! His own life I might add!" A lone tear trickled down his cheek. He let his emotions betray him and take control of the situation once more. He was an idiot yet again.

"Daddy!" Harry yelled in a shrill voice. Severus ran to the bathroom and barged in. It was empty. He ran to Harry's room and the sight before him made his stomach twist. Harry was on his knees, and blood was pouring out of his nose. It seemed there was no stopping the flow. Even worse though was Harry's arm. Or lack of one. It was nowhere he could see. Blood was spurting out of his shoulder, and a second later Harry feinted. His face was pale and his small body was shaking. He was not dressed, and was still wet from the shower, but Severus could not find where Harry had put his towel.

Severus picked Harry up, and scanned the room for the child's missing arm. Who could have done this to Harry, and how did he not hear them?

"Pelda!" He yelled, running frantically towards his living room. The house-elf appeared before him in seconds, and then let out a shrill scream.

"Little Master is dead!" She screamed, hiccuping hysterically. She screamed again, a heart-wrenching scream and fell to the floor in tears.

"Shut up!" Severus commanded her, not bothering with politeness. "Find his arm, and bring it to the infirmary!" He tried casting a spell on Harry's arm and nose to stench the blood flow, but nothing happened. He had no control of his magic. He pulled Harry closer to him, grabbed a robe that was hanging by the front door, and brought it to Harry's nose, trying to stop the bleeding, and covering the boys naked body.

Severus ran towards the infirmary as fast as he could. He was aware that Harry was losing a dangerous amount of blood, and he was afraid he wouldn't have much time. As he reached the stairs that would lead him up and out of the dungeons, he crashed into someone strong, and nearly dropped Harry. He himself fell down backwards. He did not release Harry for one second to try to break the fall, and his head hit the floor with a sickening crack. The last thing he saw before blacking out was the horrified face of one Remus Lupin.

Severus saw a blinding white light in his left eye, and seconds later it was gone. He could feel his right eye being forced open, and he saw another blinding white light before it was closed.

"How are you feeling?" Severus groaned when he heard Remus next to him. What was going on?

"Am I dead?" Severus asked while trying to sit up.

"What do you think?" Remus voice asked from besides him. Severus tried to open his eyes, but it hurt too much.

"I think I'm in hell," Severus threw a blanket over his head, ignoring the pain and dizziness that sudden movement caused.

"Your not in hell, your perfectly fine."

"Then explain why you're here." Remus laughed quietly, before going perfectly somber.

"Harry is hurt, bad." Remus reminded him. Severus bolted up, and wished he didn't, he instantly became light head, and a sharp pain in the back of his head caused him to wince. He brought his hand to the back of his head, and felt something warm and sticky. Blood.

"Madame Pomfrey hasn't had time to look you over, she is busy with Harry," Remus explained gravely as Severus looked at the thick dark blood on his fingers.

"Where is Harry? Is he okay?!" He asked looking around the room despite the pain it caused his eyes.

Any guesses as to what happened to our dearest Harry? Was he attacked? If so, by who? If not attcked, what happened? A sneak peak to anyone who figures it out