Warnings: pursuit of the under-aged, if that's not your cup of tea don't take a sip from the cup. you've been warned!

Notes: Normally I wouldn't think of Lucius/Regulus, but who do think he played with before Draco? Enjoy!

Regulus had recently come back from Hogwarts, it was a summer vacation he was not looking forward to it. His mother was throwing another one of her boring parties were all the pureblooded idiots come to court their daughters. He rolled his eyes at one of his uglier cousins trying to win the affection of an obese man 20 years her senior, he was rich of course. Regulus walked into the next room and found Bellatrix cackling with her sister Narcissa.

"Regulus!" she said catching him before he could leave, "I didn't know you were out and about," Bellatrix flung her dark hair over her shoulder as Narcissa, red in the face, still giggled slightly, "I thought it was way past your bed time," Narcissa giggled more as the young boy glared at her.

"Like I could sleep with twits like you bustling about," Regulus spat.

Bellatrix snorted, "Sharp tongue, get that from Sirius, do you miss him terribly?" she taunted.

Regulus felt his face grow hot; Sirius had run away not too long ago. Sirius had been his everything for so many years but he began to change ever since he'd gone to that retched Hogwarts he was now subjected to. Though he'd never let it show to Sirius or anyone else Regulus still loved him and for some terrifying reason Bellatrix knew, but Regulus was bent on being defiant.

"Of course I don't miss him I finally get peace and quiet and all the love he never deserved," Regulus put his nose to the air.

"Ah you love to bathe in his jealousy don't you?" Narcissa spoke up.

"There you are," came a deep commanding voice coming from behind Regulus.

Narcissa's eyes suddenly brightened and Regulus turned to see what could have possibly made his cousin react that way. He was unmoved, a man, of course, what else could it have been. Regulus didn't get a very good look at the man and he didn't really care to. He'd turned back to his cousin Bellatrix as she spoke.

"The blundering idiot is still in school right?" she was still on the subject of Sirius ignoring the man as Regulus had.

Regulus opened his mouth to reply when a hand touched his shoulder in passing. The young boy looked up into the face of the man he'd disregarded earlier, he was much younger than he'd thought, just out of school perhaps. He had long white blonde hair that he'd pulled back, a pale pointed face with piercing grey eyes. He winked at Regulus as he went to Narcissa's side handing her a drink as the silly girl blushed and giggled. Regulus stood frozen. Bellatrix snapped her fingers in front of Regulus' face; the boy shook his head and looked at her.

"Don't ignore me."


With wide eyes Regulus stared at his angry looking cousin once more and then ran off at his mother's call. He passed a tall dark haired man on the way out. Bellatrix yelled at the man for taking so long and Regulus slipped out of the room.

Regulus was able to avoid his mother as he slipped out the back door into the garden. He found Kreacher arguing with the self-fertilizing shrubs and walked on in the darkness. It was a cool summer night, Regulus slipped out of his shoes enjoying the feeling of the grass between his feet. He sat back at the edge of the garden staring up into the sky, he took off his suffocating dress coat and tossed it aside sighing. A little while later it was so muggy he'd unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, a twig 

snapped. Regulus almost broke his neck whirling around. It was the man that had sent Narcissa's heart a flutter, what was he doing out here?

"Jumpy one aren't you?" his voice was smooth, delicious sounding, he chuckled softly, Regulus felt his face flush and was glad they were in the darkness.

When the blonde sat beside him he began to have second thoughts, "Shouldn't you be at the party?" Regulus thanked Merlin his voice didn't crack he was sure it would have.

"Nahh, Cissa left and Bellatrix and her date are off somewhere shagging I suppose," Regulus almost choked on his tongue making the man laugh, "How old are you?"

"Thirteen," of course then his voice cracks causing the man to laugh again, Regulus' face was burning he was sure he'd ignite the bushes.

"Lucius Malfoy," the blonde held out his hand, "And you're Regulus Black."

Regulus didn't ask how he knew his name and just focused the warmth of the other boy's hand. He hadn't realized how cold it was until that small warmth was gone. Regulus shivered looking up into the sky hating the awkward silence that had fallen between them. Lucius didn't mind at all he was watching the boy.

"Have you been out here the whole time?" Lucius suddenly asked.

Regulus looked to the blond, "Yeah," he said shivering again wiggling his numb toes.

"Are you cold?"

"I guess," Regulus felt the weight of Lucius' coat," Oh no I-"

Lucius shook his head with a smile, "You need in more than I do."

"Thanks," Regulus mumbled quietly.

Lucius took in the boy's features like fine wine, meaningfully slow. The straight pointed nose, his soft blue eyes, they looked sunken from lack of sleep, earlier Lucius had seen dark circles. The boy had thin lips with his perfectly angled mouth and high cheekbones. The boy's hair was black, of course, and straight falling over one eye curling very slightly at the end. The boy pushed a strand behind his ear looking to the stars. The moment was shattered by the shrill cry of a woman around 50.

"Regulus! Are you out there!?"

Lucius took delight in the seeing the boy flinch and stand, "Yes I'll be right there," Lucius stood as the boy gathered his own dress coat and shoes looking as if he were going to be killed if he didn't move fast enough.

Lucius put a firm hand on the boy's shoulder and guided him slowly forward almost painfully for Regulus as he didn't want his mother angry. The boy looked up at Lucius in wonder; grey eyes bore into pale blue. Regulus quickly looked away staring forward at the silhouette of his mother.

"Regulus have you been out here all this time I was looking for you everywhere!"

"You needn't worry Mrs. Black," Lucius said with ease, "He was in good hands."

"Oh Lucius," the woman smiled, "I thought you had already left with your father thank you for looking after my Reggie, Mordred knows what kind of trouble he gets into."

Lucius chuckled and pushed the smaller boy forward, his hand the small of his back, "I should be going now I'll see you around, good bye Mrs. Black," he apparated and Regulus was sent to bed by his smiling mother.

It wasn't until Regulus sat down on his bed that he realized he was still wearing Lucius' coat, he sniffed the fabric, it smelled like him. A sensual smell of expensive spices, musk and something else he couldn't place, something of Lucius all his own. The smell reminded him of his brother slightly and it erupted a feeling he'd repressed for the past year.

Under his covers in the dark Regulus clutched Lucius' coat feeling completely alone. He cursed Sirius for doing this to him abandoning him completely.

2 years ago the night before Sirius had left for Hogwarts again Regulus snuck into his room to find Sirius crying. Their mother had been terrible to him for getting into Gryffindor their father far past cruel. They hugged each other tightly and Regulus made him promise never to leave him. Sirius promised his younger brother pulling him closer kissing him.

"I'll never leave you," he said, "Never in a million years."

"Where are you now big brother!?" Regulus shouted as he clutched the coat tighter sobbing. He was shaking all over half-able to control himself. He slowed his breathing and got a hold of himself throwing the coat across the room damning Lucius for making him really remember his stupid brother.

to be continued...