Warnings: chan, incest, boylove :)

It wasn't until the next party a month later that Regulus saw Lucius again. Regulus kept to the shadows as Lucius showered Narcissa with affection, Bellatrix and her date making gagging noises in the background. A little while later Bellatrix and Narcissa walked off to the powder room, Narcissa giggling at her sister. Regulus' eyes widened when a familiar hand rested upon his shoulder.

"Long time no see Regulus," the silky sound of Lucius' voice melted his lower abdomen.

He gulped, his hello caught in his throat.

"I'm missing something," his finger slid down the younger boy's arm resulting in a shiver, "I was wondering if later you could help me find it?"

"Lucius come and dance!" Narcissa was hanging drunkenly off her sister.

"Coming," Lucius said not glancing away from Regulus' shaken expression, a smirk most prominent on his own gorgeous aristocratic face.

Regulus walked away completely confused, why was this boy interested in him, his touches a little more than friendly. For the remainder of the party Regulus spent his time sitting on the stairs thinking. He absentmindedly watched people bustling in and out of the rooms holding drinks, fondling their dates. The crowd was beginning to thin and he heard Bellatrix's distinct voice shouting at some man that she and her sister were not whores, that they were leaving. Regulus almost felt himself giddy as he anticipated Lucius' arrival. He was quite unsure why, he'd only met the man just recently.

"Regulus," came the deep silky voice of Lucius, "There you are," Regulus stood as Lucius stepped close to him, "Let us go find my missing possession."

Lucius followed Regulus as he started up the stairs to his room watching his tight little arse the whole way.

"I'm sorry I hadn't realized until you left," Regulus opened the door to his room and walked in.

"Oh no my fault," Lucius leaned against the door frame, quite sexily he might add, "It doesn't matter anyway."

"Here," Regulus placed his hand over the coat he'd draped over his desk chair.

Lucius didn't even look at the dress coat, he closed the door as he came up behind Regulus. Lucius licked his lips and without hesitation placed his hand on the younger boy's waist. He smirked as the younger boy froze. Lucius un-tucked the boy's shirt and placed his hand against the boy's warm, tender skin. He rubbed his hand across the boy's abdomen and kissed his exposed neck causing the youngest Black to shiver.

Regulus didn't know what was happening, he'd expected it too but didn't think it would actually happen. It had before, an older male taking interest in him, but it had never gotten thus far.

Lucius had turned the boy around pushing him up against his desk taking his mouth with his own. Lucius pushed against the boy making him groan and grip his clothes pulling Lucius closer. He gripped the back of Regulus' head and parted the boy's lips slipping his tongue in tasting him. Both had hardened quickly Lucius hardening further as Regulus trembled beneath him. Lucius pulled away telling himself he wouldn't go that far. He wouldn't fuck the boy yet.

Regulus stared up at Lucius in confusion. Lucius looked down at the boy's swollen pink lips. Raising a slender finger he brushed shining black hair from Regulus' covered eye and kissed him once more

"I'll be seeing you," Lucius grabbed his coat and left.

So here he was again at Hogwarts, sulking. He hadn't seen Lucius since their last encounter and doubted he'd see him again. What had transpired between them had reminded him so dearly of Sirius that Regulus felt bad on Lucius' account that all he could think of was his brother.

Regulus cursed Sirius' name, he had to know, he wondered if it would ever be the same between them again. He made up his mind. He had to talk to Sirius.

As Regulus walked the corridors he now regretted everything he'd done to his brother for the past two years. The words, no matter how true in his eyes then, now tore him apart. Regulus hadn't been watching where he was walking and unexpectedly bumped into someone.

"Sirius!" the younger Black exclaimed his eyes gleaming.

"Oh great," Sirius muttered, "What?" his words were acidic as he stared at his silent younger brother, "What's it you want you foul little Death eater."

"I uh," Regulus couldn't look his brother in the face, "Sorry," Regulus bowed his head.

Sirius raised his eyebrow in suspicion, "What is this," Regulus' heart beat fast against his rib cage "Is this a prank?" Sirius began to look around the empty corridor, "Are your stupid little friends going to suddenly pop out of nowhere with a surprise attack?"

Regulus shook his head still staring at his shoes, "Mum talked about you recently," he suddenly said.

Sirius was horrified, his demonic little brother was making small talk with him, it had to be a ruse, he thought, "Rubbing one of her insults in my face you little prick?"

"No," Regulus squeaked, "It was actually decent, she called you a bonehead for not taking up Quidditch since you're so good at it, you really are Sirius, you could actually beat us."

Sirius gaped at his little brother, "What the bloody hell is wrong with you!? You're planning something aren't you, to get yourself in my good graces and make fool of me."

Regulus reached out to his older brother, "Sirius I-" he drew back his hand when Sirius flinched, Regulus bowed his head when tears pricked his eyes.

Sirius was well past horrified now as his brother's shoulders began to shake, "Are you crying!?" Sirius heard a whimper, "Don't cry," Sirius didn't know what to do, he didn't know what the hell was going on. For the past two years since Regulus came to Hogwarts the little prat had rubbed it in his face that their mother hated him, said he was worthless, that he was a blood traitor. Now he was a sniveling mess.

Regulus looked up into his hated brother's face his puffy red eyes met a soft grey and it reminded him slightly of Lucius of why he was there. Sirius looked down at the pitiful boy and almost felt sorry for him. Sirius froze when Regulus had stepped forward wrapping his arms around him.

"I miss you," Regulus rubbed his cheek against the fabric of Sirius' robes clutching him tighter, "I'm so sorry... for everything I've done."

Sirius placed a shaking hand on Regulus' shoulder about to push him away when Regulus spoke again, "I was just angry you left, sad and alone I became closer to mother and then she got the letter you'd been sorted into Gryffindor I fell into her footfalls of verbally bashing you, she felt betrayed, I followed, now I don't even get to see you at summer!" Regulus was staring up at him now gripping the front of his brother's clothes getting as close as possible, "And you ignore me at school and I can never get close to you! I know that's my doing but-"

"Stop," Sirius couldn't take it anymore it was all too much.

"What?" Regulus looked heartbroken.

Sirius closed his eyes, "Just stop."

Regulus searched his brother's face, he looked pained. Regulus wanted that pain to go away, he did the only thing he could think of. Regulus gripped the back of his brother's neck and brought his lips down on his own. Sirius struggled for a second but to Regulus' delight it was only to change position.

Regulus snaked his arms around Sirius' neck as Sirius pushed him again the stone wall assaulting his mouth with all the repressed passion he'd had for his brother. Sirius was hard just at the touch but as Regulus moaned it was almost painful for his pants to be on. Regulus seemed to know this and unbuttoned his brother's pants instantly slipping over him gripping his cock. Sirius suddenly pushed him away. Regulus' face fell, shadowed with confusion and rejection.

"I can't," Sirius wiped his mouth and re-buttoned his pants, "I- you- I just can't."


Regulus looked up; Remus Lupin was rounding the corner. So that was it, Regulus thought raising his nose in disgust as Sirius' eyes widened, he was fucking his best friend. Regulus glowered at the scarred boy. Regulus didn't even want to touch his brother now, now that he was with that half-breed.

"Hullo Regulus," Regulus glared at the half-breed's audacity to address him as such, he wasn't friends with the cretin. The young werewolf stood beside his friend a questioning air to his hello.

Regulus said nothing and took one last look at his disgusting brother and walked away forever his heart breaking with every step he took.