Mine Scroll Thirty-Eight (Epilogue) – After Effects

After the success of bringing her family together, Kagome and Sesshomaru settled into their simple lifestyle. Their mating was far from perfect, but they worked their way through each mistake that rose between them. Of course Kagome blessed Seria, for if it weren't for the information her friend knew, the lady would be at a loss. Though the miko had read many scrolls on the inu clan and had Sesshomaru tell her many stories, there were many things she still had to learn. Of course instinct helped guide her some of the time as well.

Which led her to the current issue involving her mate. There was no doubt that he was withholding something from her. Something was being planned and Kagome didn't like surprises. So she sought out her son, another being that was never able to deny her (with the exception of the grandpup she begged for).

"Just see if he slips up and tells you something I can use," Kagome mumbled. "Your his son, I'm sure he will let you in on the secret."

Kisho stared at his mother in disbelief. She was cruel to send her own son into the inu's cave. Whilst Sesshomaru was his father, that didn't change the fact that he would kill if betrayed in any sense of the word.

"Look if you do find out something I won't tell anyone what I know... even Seria."

When he looked from the view of the garden he was drawn to the puppy eyes his mother created. Grudgingly the pup consented in helping his mother. The woman had birthed him and he felt he owed her for not conceiving the pup she wanted him to have.

"But only this once," Kisho concluded.

"Of course," his mother nodded.

The young inu hugged his mother before leaving the room and headed to the study. He gave a polite knock to inform his father of his presence. There was no delay in the approval to enter.

"I see your okaa-sama has managed to persuade you to visit," his father began.

"Yes, it would seem she is not happy with me."

"Her moods change daily; tomorrow she will boast how proud she is of you."

Kisho held back the chuckle in response to the very true statement of his mother. His father knew her all too well, and Kisho was a witness to the ever-changing attitude.

"Otou-sama..." Kisho hesitated, not sure how to continue, "It would seem okaa-sama is quite worried about you. I think she fears the time you have invested in the office here, regardless of calm that has been established."

When his father said nothing in the next two minutes, Kisho believed that he would learn nothing more of use. He was about to open his mouth to change the subject when Sesshomaru began to speak.

"I may be on the verge of curing your mother's infertility... but locating the person I need is not a simple task."

"Well who is it? Perhaps I will be of assistance."

Sesshomaru shook his head, "to gain an audience with him we will need to summon it through magical means. But the scroll was been lost over the years and unless I find it then it will be pointless. So I can't afford to tell your mother and have her lose hope time and time again."

"You still haven't told me who you are trying to summon."

"I don't plan on telling you either. You know enough to satisfy your hunger."

"What should I tell her in replace of this?"

"She sent you here didn't she?" he growled.

Kisho gave a slow steady nod.

"Tell her I'm planning her birthday... it's in a couple weeks anyway."

Kisho smiled and rose to leave.

"Look, if you find anything about old magic let me know. It might be useful."

"Of course father."

Kisho didn't even make it to his mother's tea room before he was bombarded. He gave his widest smile and began to weave his tale. Hopefully his father would live up to the expectations that he laid out.

"You're worrying about nothing. Otou-sama is basically attempting his first surprise party... though it won't be much of a surprise now. So just pretend not to notice anything."

The little fib, or perhaps big fib, was enough to calm the woman. But rather than leaving for home as he intended, Kagome draped her arm through his and forced him to take a walk through the gardens. Three weeks later, within the same gardens Kagome pretended to be shock as the many guests yelled surprise.

Kisho had to avoid his father's deadly gaze, he was not impressed with the decision the son had made when Kisho notified Sesshomaru what he told his mother exacrly. Of course the young inu knew that as long as his mother was happy so was his father. Not one for social gatherings Kisho slipped away from the party, allowing his mate to mingle as she wished. He found himself drawn to his father's study and out of curiosity he took to looking through the scrolls his father always studied. Each and every one had the same subject as the centre of focus.

What could father what with Ancient Shadow? he pondered while replacing the scrolls. In remembering what it was that he had been told Kisho began to remember something as a kid. His mother always read to him from scrolls in the library. There was one in particular that he especially enjoyed. The story of Ancient Shadow. He had loved the story so dearly he took the scroll from the library and hid it in his room. When he mated and left the palace to make his own home he had brought the scroll with him amongst his belongings. Perhaps that was the scroll his father needed and would be the key to the cure his father sought.

"Kisho what are you doing?" a voice interrupted from behind.

"Nothing..." the inu whipped around, "I got bored and wanted quiet place to think."

"Well come one, your otou-sama will kill you if we're in here," his mate warned coolly.

"Listen Ayasha, I left something at home I meant to bring for otou-sama. Could you cover for me while I'm gone? I won't be more than ten minutes," he told her.

"What if I don't agree?" she suggested.

"I won't force you to agree, but that means you tell okaa-sama and otou-sama on your own tonight."

Ayasha was adored by his mother, but she was still fearful of how his father viewed her. She would not risk being around him without Kisho for fear that she would do something disrespectful in Sesshomaru's point of view.

"Well hurry back, you know I can't lie to your mother."

A brief nod and he took off to their home. His speed was no match for any inu of their clan, even without the jewel no longer embedded within his system. Upon returning to his mother's party less than the time he had anticipated he found the person he was looking for.

"Kisho, your mother is looking for you."

The son, identical in looks to his father except for the eyes, gave a bow of the head and handed over the scroll in his hands. There was a quizzical look as Kisho passed him, but a quick glance at the open scroll solved Sesshomaru's curiosity.

"Sorry, I would have given it to you sooner if I had known its importance," he whispered before re-entering the gardens.

The inu lord took to his study. His mate would be well entertained with her son's reappearance and the guest around her. With full attention upon the scroll he was reading he hadn't noticed the guest leave one by one, or the happy squeal of his mate. When she came to the study, Kagome's aura wrapped around him, mirroring the arms that embraced him.

"Sesshomaru, you're going to be a grandfather," Kagome murmured.

"We're already grandparents," he replied offhandedly.

"Yes, but these will be your blood related grandpups."

"Hn," the inu answered, still engrossed in his reading.

"What are you reading that's so important you can't pay attention to me," Kagome pouted.

"Nothing," he grumbled.

A hand reached for the scroll and pried it from his slender fingers.

"I said your son is going to be a father. He's giving me a grandpup at long last."

Sesshomaru shook his head, reached back for the scroll as he spoke up, "Kisho has already explained his mate's condition. I have already congratulated him."

"What? He told you... before me?"

"It wasn't intentional. I simply didn't like that fact that his mate had such a strong barrier around you. What if she was planning something?"

"This is Ayasha, she wouldn't hurt family."

"It was a precaution," he explained.

Kagome sighed and flipped the scroll over to catch a few words that interested Sesshomaru so much. Unfortunately the inu was quick to snag the lengthy page back into his possession before she read too much.

"What's it about?"

"Let's go on vacation," the inu stated out of the blue.

"Vacation? So spontaneously? Don't you usually tend to plan these things out with the company and all?"

"I was thinking that as a birthday present you might like to get away."

"Well, yeah I love spending time with you alone... but this isn't like you."

"Don't worry koi, you'll understand later. Go pack your bags."

"We're leaving right away?"

"Tonight," the inu replied, "Now go."

Kagome's hesitation forced Sesshomaru to pry her away from his form and assist her to the door.

"Okay, I'm going, but you better explain later."

"Of course."

Kagome couldn't remember the last time that she had gone on vacation that was somewhere away from one of their villas. In fact any vacation with Sesshomaru was rare because he was not a spontaneous person. All things had to be planned. His heat for example was placed into his schedule so he could plan around it. But his heat wasn't expected for another couple of weeks... so that didn't explain why he wanted to go on vacation now. In all technicalities Kagome had thought it would be impossible to go on vacation when his heat cycle was so close.

Just after sundown Sesshomaru came into their room, the silly scroll in his hand still. He packed away a few outfits into the bag Kagome had set out. He ordered the bags to the car. The look on his mate's face didn't please him however.


"That stays," the miko pointed to the scroll.

"I can't do that," he responded without missing a beat.

"Then I'm not going?"


"Because I have a feeling we're only going because of whatever that scroll says. I won't spend this vacation alone because you are immersed in a piece of paper."

"Kagome I swear this vacation is for you and me... but this scroll is too important to leave behind."

The western lady glared at the paper and plopped herself upon the bed.

"Well I hope you and your scroll have a nice time since it is more important than me."

Not willing to fight all night about a stupid matter, Sesshomaru walked over and dragged Kagome into his arms. Fighting her struggles he carried her to the balcony. Once they were in the sky Kagome cease movement. Though Kagome was over her fear of heights, there was no mistaken that she feared being dropped. A heavy sigh told him that she admitted defeat for now. But things wouldn't be over once they reached their destination.

"At least tell me what this is all about."

There was a moment when he wanted to give in. But the chance that it wouldn't work was strong and he couldn't sacrifice her hope.



After being dragged to a forest at the base of a mountain in the north, Kagome watched as Sesshomaru lit the area with many jyaki lamps. A total of eight were formed and encircled them. He knelt down place his hands together and whispered a phrase and allowed his aura to flex. From Kagome's line of sight, she didn't see a change in their surroundings. Sesshomaru tried a second and a third time, but there was nothing to show for his efforts.

"Let me try," Kagome requested.

At first the inu looked unenthusiastic but he moved to the side and let her kneel in his place. She used her own power to replace the little lanterns and then turned to Sesshomaru. He pulled the scroll from his haori, having chosen that they would wear their clothing of the past. He folded the paper to expose the required passage and handed it to Kagome.

She placed the paper on the ground in front of her to read from. Her fingers curled together as she copied the hand form Sesshomaru had used and began to chant.

"Aset manmori el dalanto
reist mor ni areal
ash rey el alanta"

"What kind of language is this?" Kagome mumbled after stumbling through it and allowing her aura to flare as Sesshomaru's had.

"That of the ancients," the inu replied. "Come, I do not think it will work until we properly learn to speak..." Sesshomaru stopped as he heard a ruckus from the forest around them.

Never has one of my children dared to summon me so informally, a voice spoke into their heads.

A pause filled the air. Sesshomaru dared to break the silence.

"The ways to call upon you has long since been lost," Sesshomaru answered into the wind. "Perhaps you could share that secret once more."


"Who...?" Kagome asked turning to Sesshomaru in confusion.

She was still knelt on the ground and she was glad she hadn't moved when her mind was assailed with images of what she assumed was the creature that spoke to them now. In the end she was left with the only title the being could remember being called. Ancient Shadow.

You seek something young pup do you not? I know, I have seen your struggles and witnessed your loyalty. My only question is why I should grant you the wish you seek?

Sesshomaru turned to his mate, his eyes gazed down upon her as he spoke.

"My mate does not deserve to suffer as a result of something I have done wrong."

Kagome furrowed her brows, hating that they spoke in riddles. In the corner of their eyes Sesshomaru and Kagome caught movement. They both turned to face the shadow that had come forth.

"Ah, you are female," Kagome replied in triumph after studying the form, "I knew it!

Yes, I am indeed female, the ancient agreed.

Sesshomaru didn't say a thing; he chose as an alternative to lower his eyes. He had always doubted the clan's bias view when Kagome voiced her observations. But there was little he could do to change the inu clan's deduction even now. Kagome however grew excited in the thought of speaking to an ancient who had seen everything. But the questions she would have usually asked where forgotten, instead only one question marred her thoughts.

"What's your real name?"

I do not know. Or rather I can't remember. It has been a long time since I have had someone call me anything other than the titles received by my children.

"Oh," Kagome mumbled dejectedly.

As for your request Sesshomaru, I shall grant it for a price.

"What can I possibly offer you?"

A physical form. The first child your mate will bear will contain my soul. I seek to interact with this world in a way that I cannot in the form I am currently in. As payment I will reverse the effect of your mate's womb. I will even ensure the safety of her health and the pups during the length of the pregnancy.

"Then that means..."Kagome mumbled under her breath. Eyes, wide and filled with excitement, turned to her mate. "Sesshomaru say yes... please..."

The inu smiled upon his mate's truly happy face and nodded. "I accept your terms."

The shadow stepped forward and kissed the top of Kagome's head and then bowed her head to the inu. As the ancient walked back into the forest she was stopped by a sudden burst from the miko.

"Hey, will you know who you are still?" Kagome questioned, "If so what shall I name you?"

I would be honoured if you chose my name for me...

Kagome and Sesshomaru waited in silence as the shadow continued on her way. The miko sighed in delight before wrapping her arms around her mate as he leaned over to help her up.

"I love you so much," she whispered.

The inu said nothing as he carried her to the cottage they were staying in for the next week. Already she was throwing out name suggestions. The inu chuckled and kissed his mate, telling her that she had plenty of time...

"You've been planning this for a while," Kagome stated abruptly.

"Yes," he admitted.

"Thank you."


The vacation Sesshomaru took her on lasted just over a week. Sesshomaru spent the time spoiling her as much as possible with his affections that he dare not show in public. But all too soon it came to an end and they returned home. Little over two weeks later the inu was off work once again to claim her. Though he could ignore his heat if he wanted to, he never missed a chance to lock his mate away with him. In one of their villas on the sea shore, Sesshomaru and Kagome imprisoned themselves up. It amazed the miko that they could still, after five centuries, make love as passionately as their first time.

The morning of their third day there Kagome snuck away to spend the afternoon in the sea. The cool of the waves were a welcomed relief from the heat of the sun. Her mate still slumbered in the cool of their room, he was never one for the midday heat of summer. In fact he avoided it when possible, whereas Kagome could go all day under the sun, so long as she had a place to swim. Nearly an hour of diving within the waves passed before something came over her that she hadn't felt in ages. Without thinking she ran from the beach and into the house. She was none too quiet in entering the room, flinging the door wide open and jumping upon her mate, the wet bathing suit dripping a trail of water drops in her shadow.

Sesshomaru cracked an eye to stare at the one that dared to wake him after days without sleep. Kagome was now carefully dragging claws along the contours of his chest as she rumbled that it was time to wake up. The inu merely used his strength to roll them over, with her pinned beneath him he used her as his pillow and began the process of returning to his peaceful state. But his nose, buried against her flesh, was filled with the heavenly scent of a female bitch in heat.

His eyes snapped open. Kagome immediately rolled her hips against him, a move she figured was a sure fire way of getting his attention. The inu push his weight to hold down his mate, preventing her from seducing him into a state where he couldn't think as he took in the reality of the situation. Apparently the ancient was eager for her new body and Sesshomaru was all too keen to oblige. Each hand took a wrist prisoner and his lower body was able to hold her legs beneath him.

"Don't you dare," she growled, "Just skip all the foreplay."

Her logic was simple, foreplay took time, and that time could be spent attempting for a pup instead. But Sesshomaru didn't seem to heed her any mind. For his mouth found the edge of the bathing suit's breast cup where he was able to grasp the material between his teeth and pull the breast free of its binding. The coolness of the room had its own effect, the taut nipple stood erect. The warmth of his mouth teased the flesh and when he pulled away the wetness left behind chilled the tit further. His chuckle was drowned by her moan. Kisses and nips left behind small marks upon her pale flesh, she never seemed to tan well, the white skin was always unmarked by the sun. This left a deep contrast between the snow-like of her skin and the red spots trailing across it.

Her twin mound was treated in the same fashion. The care he showed in him caresses were exceedingly unnecessary, her body had adapted quite well to the harshness of inu rutting. But he enjoyed the abnormal screams he could get for treating her in a gentle fashion.

"Sesshomaru I said..."

One mouth covered the other, he quickly deepened the kiss, using his tongue to dive into her cavern until she was unable to do little more than repeat his movements. As Sesshomaru pulled away, his female was left speechless, yet begging for more. Releasing her hands was rather unwilling but the desire to roam her body and revisit each dip and curve of her perfect form was far too demanding to resist. His tongue traced the silver mars across her chest and belly. His fingers worked the bottoms of her suit. The strings were untied at each side and he flung the material to their side as one hand sought her jewel. The pitch of her moans increased as the small bead of nerves between her wet petals was drawn in a circular pattern over and over. When his mouth reached her belly button he inserted two fingers deep into her walls. For a moment her breath was hitched in her throat as she gasped for air. His aura radiated within her, tingling each nerve and bring a sensation of pleasurable heat over her entire body. Already the deep pool of forbidden desire was begging for her to jump in the swirling waters.

"No more Sesshomaru, just take me already."

The inu was usually a slave to her will, but in bed he never did a thing she asked. He knew she secretly delight in the teases and enjoyed the time he tortured her. His slow penetrations increased its pace a fraction at a time until the pounding action reflected that which he would achieve with the stiff member between his legs.

"Sess... please, I beg you."

A habit of his was sleeping nude; he preferred the touch of skin upon skin, so he didn't need any time to undress in the least. The hardened muscle prodded her glistening opening as he shifted her legs to dangle over a shoulder and an arm. Swiftly diving into her canal, Sesshomaru heeded his speed to bring out small wishful whimpers. The first of many screams was muffled by the inu's kiss just as his hips thrust particularly forcefully within her warm walls. Tightening around his shaft nearly brought about his own end, but Sesshomaru was able to hold back painfully through each of her climaxes. The task became harder and harder with each passing moment and at long last he let himself sink into the depths of ecstasy.


Sesshomaru proudly admired his mate as she hummed softly while gathering various roots,, flowers, and leaves from the small garden. There were only a few days left before their pup would come, and so far they could happily announce there was nothing out of the ordinary. Kagome claimed to feel better than ever and each smile reminded him to always cherish her and work together as a couple. He wouldn't have any repeats. On the plus side, his mate grew giddy each time a swell of power ran through her. She was overjoyed to have the honour of carrying the ancient as her offspring. Yet, Kagome had yet to choose a name which was perfect by her standards.

"Kagome," Sesshomaru sighed, "you're cutting your time short aren't you?"

"I suppose, but I can't think of the right name. What if I decided on something not Japanese? I was looking through an English book and a few names stuck."

"That is up to you koi," the inu didn't hesitate, "She asked you to name her. Whatever you..."

Kagome jumped to her feet before her mate finished. Sesshomaru was beside her in a second. The miko's hand held her lower belly as she moaned in pain. The inu calmly picked up his female and moved through the old castle to their rooms. Preparation for this moment helped him remain calm. He intended to surprise his mate by staying beside her during the entire birth of their pup. At first Kagome was obviously confused when the midwife came into the room and didn't shoo Sesshomaru away.

Hours later, as Kagome's hand clamped around his and the inu pushed back his instincts yet again, he pondered if the choice he made was for the best. Of course Sesshomaru also contemplated why the ancient couldn't make labour easier for the woman.

There was no complaint from Kagome as she was handed their pup while resting against Sesshomaru's chest. Tired, happy, content, and proud, the miko finally announced her decision.


This story is just over 180,000 words and nearly 400 pages with the format I have on my computer, making it my longest work ever... including all original stories of mine as well. So with that being said I hoped you enjoyed the work as a whole. Thanks to everyone for putting up with delays and other such matters.

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