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The thoughts of Sesshomaru's Beast

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Scroll 4 - Not Your Everyday Occurrences!?!

Kagome laid in a void of confusion. She wasn't sure how long she had been in this state but it didn't feel that long. She could only hope no one was too worried about her. She felt like she was floating but every once in a while she would feel a tug for her to move. She had a feeling that if she followed she would regret it. Something told her she needed to fight the tugging on her soul and at least stay in the void she was in now.

After a period of unknown time in this state, she could hear a voice whispering ever so gentle to her. The words were unclear and went unheard but it was persistent. Kagome grew tired of not understanding so fought for a while to comprehend what the words were. But too much time passed and it left her alone. More time passed and Kagome continued to fight but the fighting became easier. Something was now aiding her and Kagome wish she knew what it was. Soon after this the voice returned. Kagome again tried to hear but, even though the voice seem familiar, she still could pick out the words. Another amount of undetermined time passed and finally Kagome could hear the voice a littler more clearer.

Kagome had gotten use to being fed tea and water from someone but the past few time belonged to whoever was speaking to her. The urgency in the voice made Kagome want to see the face the voice belong to. "...nee-chan."

"Ugh..." Kagome opened her eyes as she tried to sit up but everything was painful.

"Kagome nee-chan, you're awake!" the voice belonged to a young girl with black hair and a small pigtail holding a bit of her hair off to the side. Her kimono was filled with orange and yellow checker patterns. Kagome looked a little confused and Rin thought that perhaps Kagome had forgotten about her.

But Kagome was just a little disorientated. The memories of Rin and Kagome's ordeal came back to her and Kagome smile at the girl. "Rin, I am so glad you are okay." Kagome looked into the deep brown eye's that had been filled with relief followed by sadness then joy.

"Rin thought you forgot about Rin."

"How could I forget about such a sweet little girl? And I what happened to your lessons I taught you?"

"Oh Rin for... ummm I forgot." Rin chuckled nervously before fidgeting in her sit. "Can Ri... I hug you Kagome nee-chan?" Kagome arched an eyebrow at the child kneeling beside her. "Sesshomaru-sama said that I could not leap, jump, pounce, or lunge at Kagome nee-chan while you are hurt."

"Come here Rin I would love a hug." Rin grinned from ear to ear before leaning over Kagome's form carefully to hug the still injured woman. Thoughts before Kagome had lost consciousness fluttered through her head. Did Sesshomaru care for me or did he get that frog thing to heal me. Kagome knew it was probably the latter but she couldn't help but wish it was the former. She wanted nothing to do with the ugly human insulting toad.

"Rin where is Sesshomaru-sama?"

"He said he would be back and to make sure that you drink. Are you thirsty Kagome nee-chan?"

Kagome tried to look around without moving too much. They hadn't move at all from when Kagome was treating Rin. "Yeah I am a little. Could you help me sit up Rin?"

"Just a second." Rin grabbed something metallic from Kagome's side before standing and running to the direction of the stream. She came back with a cup of water before kneeling once again. Rin placed the cup to Kagome's right then shuffled til she was positioned above Kagome's head. Rin lifted Kagome's head easily and then grabbed the cup and placing it to Kagome's lips.

"When Sesshomaru-sama or Jaken return maybe they can help us so you can sit up for a little bit."

"That's okay I can manage after." Kagome's words sounded breathless and Rin worried about this but Rin help kagome finished half the cup before Kagome pushed the cup away.

Kagome's eyes darted to the trees directly in front of them. There stood the Tai-Youkai in question. He had arrive to watch was Rin acted as a mother hen for the young woman. Rin didn't take to people well and Sesshomaru was a little shocked to see her taken so well to the Miko. When Rin had awake the morning after Kagome had lost consciousness Sesshomaru witnessed a first. Sesshomaru had left to find more leaves for Kagome's wound and when he returned to the camp he had found Rin leaning over Kagome's form. Rin's small hands were fisted in the haori that Sesshomaru had covered the Miko in. But the normally cheerful girl was crying her eyes out for the woman she had just become acquainted with. She was also calling this girl her sister but Sesshomaru couldn't help but wonder if Rin had found a mother figure in the Miko. After all the things she had done for Rin, Sesshomaru could see all the motherlike qualities in Kagome. Protectiveness, caring, sacrifice, love. Why was he thinking these things anyway?

His golden eyes met sapphire blue and a slight shift upwards link his view with brown. Both girls were so similar you could easily mistake them as sisters or mother, daughter. Black hair, wide eyes, round faces, small noses and on any other given day both were very energetic.

"Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome nee-chan woke up." Sesshomaru saw Rin's chestnut eyes were filled with happiness instead of the worry and fear they were previously plagued with.

Sesshomaru nodded before stepping forward and grabbing another cup holding tea. He placed the finding of his last hunt in the cup but hidden from view. It would be better for Kagome not to know what it was. Pieces of raw meat and organs of animals and such never sat well with humans. He watched the contents melt away before kneeling beside the two girls and placing the cup to Kagome's lips.


Kagome didn't like the smell. It smelt like something Inuyasha had made once when she was sick. She downed it in one gulp and sure enough it taste horrible. "Gross, what is that stuff." Kagome voice was more of a whisper from not using it but Sesshomaru could hear her nonetheless.

"Nothing for you to be concern about. You will sit up now." Sesshomaru managed to pulled Kagome into his arm before he stood up gracefully. He then carry on to a tree a few feet away, Rin followed him as he placed Kagome back on the ground leaning against the tree.

"Uh...thank you."


ྷ སྤྲ ྷ སྣྲ ྷ སྤྲ ྷ

The next few days were interesting.

ྷ སྤྲ ྷ སྣྲ ྷ སྤྲ ྷ

Jaken had returned later the day that Kagome had awoken. He had taken Ah-Un and returned with a few wrapped packages. Sesshomaru had taken Ah-Un's reins without unloading any of the six packages. Walking towards were Kagome and Rin were sitting Kagome became a little worried. She didn't know if perhaps he would make her leave now that she was on the road of recovery. However, he had another plan.

"There is a hot spring a short distance away."

He picked Kagome up and placed her on the two-headed dragon. Rin was then placed in front of her. It was then that she notice how dirty she and Rin was. The hadn't bathe since they had escaped from their prison and she could only imagine what the smell was doing to Sesshomaru's powerful nose.

When they arrived at the hot spring Kagome wonder how she was going to bath. She was still to weak to move too much. It was true that you were more weightless in water but she still didn't think she would be able to manage. Sesshomaru had thought about this apparently. He grabbed the largest of the bundles and opened it. Inside were all sorts of towels. He took a few of the thin ones and left the rest. One of these he handed to Rin who nodded and must have knew what was going on. Kagome just became more confused. Next he pulled Kagome off of Ah-Un then handed her the other towel.

"I don't understand?"

Rin giggled, "It is very unladylike to let someone see you without your clothes."

"But won't it be just me and Rin?" Kagome questioned Sesshomaru.

"My ward will not be strong enough to hold and wash you Miko."

"So I will wash myself?"

"That may be so but you will need help in and out."

"B... but I,"

"I will not tolerate the smell of the that hanyou filth you and my ward are covered in."

Kagome gulped but he was right. Besides Rin would be there so nothing would happen. Not that Sesshomaru would ever do anything with a human. "What do I have to do?"

"Rin will assist you with removing your clothing and covering yourself."

Sesshomaru turned his back to Kagome sitting on the ground and Rin kneeling before her. Rin smiled and began to pulled Sesshomaru haori off of er shoulders. Kagome let it fall before pulling her arms out of the sleeves. Rin then pulled the towel under her arms and around. She then tucked the corner of the towel under the edge to keep the closed. Rin repeated the process on herself. "All done." Rin grinned at Kagome. "When you are feeling better Kagome nee-chan will you bath with me?"

Kagome nodded, "Of course." If possible Rin's smile became wider and appeared to be contagious since Kagome found herself smiling with her.

Sesshomaru had turned when Rin had stated they were finished. He watched the exchange of smiles. Something inside of him wanted him to smile with them but that was foolish thinking. Sesshomaru was still in his clothing but he had remove his swords and erected a barrier while the girls were preparing. Un looked at the pile of clothing that the girls had left and Sesshomaru nodded then took the muzzle that was on the dragon's snout. Un flamed the clothing causing both Rin and Kagome to emit a small but high pitch ear ringing shriek.

Sesshomaru glared at both the girls who gave him nervous chuckles. "You scare us Sesshomaru-sama," Rin replied.


He pulled one of the smaller bundles off of Ah-Un and tossed it into the water where it sunk just under the surface before bobbing back up to the surface. Sesshomaru pick-up Kagome and walked into the water. Rin followed. The bath was as bad as Kagome thought it would be. Sesshomaru help her to a natural shelf were she sat on her own. Her aching muscles relaxed in the heated water and she sighed. Rin giggled and made her way to Kagome to sit beside her.

"This is nice, right Kagome nee-chan."

"It sure is."

Sesshomaru pulled the bundle closer to the two girls. He allowed them to open it just to see what Rin would do. Rin always saw the things that Sesshomaru gave her presents. She would treasure them as if her life depend on it. He was afraid she would cry when he destroyed her favourite kimono he gave her. But it had to go the smell had seep to deeply into the cloth.

The youngest girl opened the package before them with a few pointers from the oldest of the two on how to untie the knots. Inside they found various oils, soaps, and lotions in water proof container. Kagome knew that in this era things like this could only be afford by the rich and powerful.

Each girl pick a different soap. Rin lavender while Kagome loved the lily. Sesshomaru took the rest of the containers and placed them on the rock behind the two girls. Kagome jumped as Sesshomaru moved toward her but settled down a bit when he moved back again. Although the scents were better then the smell of Naraku Sesshomaru had wished that Jaken hadn't pick so many different type. One would have been fine for the two girls. But seeing Rin giggling and having fun was better then the mood she was in before. That and he could still focus on their original scents.

As the girls took their time washing each other Sesshomaru picked out their scent over the scent of the soap. Rin smell was that of wildflowers in a meadow after it rained. Sesshomaru had always wonder if it was because of how much time she spent in flowerbeds picking and smelling flowers. Kagome scent was intriguing as well. She reminded him of waterfalls and roses. What was even more interesting was how related there scents were. It made him wonder if they were related you never really knew these days but he had overheard a conversation once that made this very unlikely.

Sesshomaru's attention was drawn back to the two girls who were carrying on with a conversation that Sesshomaru had tuned out till now.

"Well, I have my jii-san, my okaa-san, and my onii-sama, Souta, in my family. But I don't get to see them very often."

"What about your father?"

"My father died while I was younger just after my brother was born."

"Oh I am sorry Kagome nee-chan."

"That's okay. I am proud of my father he died helping out a friend and saved his life. Besides, I make new friends and family here all the time."

"Can I see your family sometime Kagome nee-chan?"

"Oh, Rin, I wish you could my okaa-san would love you but only Inuyasha can get to my house."

"Can Sesshomaru-sama take me?"

"Uh, Rin I need to explain something to you," Kagome looked at Sesshomaru who was staring at the two girls. "You can't tell anyone though. It's a secret." By looking at Sesshomaru she was able to get her point across. Sesshomaru curiosity of the conversation he had overheard once would be answered. Sesshomaru smirked when Kagome turned to faced Rin again. Patience really was key.

"You see Rin I am from another time. I am from the future. But two years ago on my 15th birthday I was pulled down the Bone Eater's Well. When I climbed out I found myself here in the feudal era. That's when I met Inuyasha and the rest and began to travel with them. But really I live in a time 500 years from now. I can't take you to my home because the well choose who passes through it and who doesn't. But I can bring something back for you, when I get better and can leave on my own, if you want."

The ever cheerful Rin didn't look downhearted at all at the denial of her request. She didn't even question anything that was told to her. She accepted it and the offer that Kagome made. "Okay!"

"Enough, you two will finish washing your hair."

Kagome and Rin nodded and finished washing.

Sesshomaru mulled over what Kagome confined to the two. Kagome was not from this time. This explained many things like her usual strange clothing, why her group stops at the Bone Eater's Well so often. Kagome commonly smells like unusual and strange odours when she has recently come from the well. She carries strange utensils, bags, scrolls, and other objects. She speaks of funny things and is unaware of basic and traditional ways of humans and demons. She was well educated for a human and for a woman. More so then some higher status males. Yes, this explanation explained a lot. But was it true. He could not smell or hear and falsehood from her so he figured he could safely assume she was telling the truth. A time travelling Miko. Now that was strange.

Both girls had finished bathing.

Sesshomaru pulled Kagome back into his arm and carried her out of the hot spring before placing her on a boulder to sit on. Ah-Un moved closer and Sesshomaru reached over to the package that had held the many towels. They were large soft and fluffy. He tossed two over to Rin and handed one to Kagome. Sesshomaru pulled a smaller one out and stepped closer to Kagome. Kagome still didn't like the idea of the Tai-Youkai evading her personal space but she allowed it for the time being since she was injured and Rin was present. Sesshomaru wrapped Kagome's wet hair in the towel and then moved away. Kagome watched Sesshomaru turn his back. Rin, who had already wrapped her hair in a towel dried quickly before wrapping the towel around her. Kagome manage to dry most of herself but had to get help from Rin for areas she was still to sore to reach. Upon finishing, Rin wrapped Kagome in the towel and then walked over to Sesshomaru to tug on his sleeve.

"Sesshomaru-sama you are wet too."


Sesshomaru pulled two more packaged off of Ah-Un. The first was a small green kimono with butterflies and flowers. Rin stared and stared before latching herself onto Sesshomaru's leg. "Thank you Sesshomaru-sama it is my favourite."

Sesshomaru was glad he would have to look for a replacement kimono her last favourite.


Rin let go of Sesshomaru's leg and held onto the kimono for dear life. Sesshomaru opened the second last bundle. Inside was a beautiful blue and white kimono. The kimono itself was white but it was covered in blue slashes. The obi was a solid midnight blue.

"I... uh... that is...Thank you Sesshomaru-sama." The last two words were whispered.

Sesshomaru was unsure why the human before him was confused, embarrassed, and uncomfortable. He didn't think one could feel that many emotions all at once. But he decided to have a little fun.

"This Sesshomaru can not allow you to constantly tramp around in the garments you usually call clothing in front of my ward."

"Hey! In my time the clothing I wear it completely acceptable."

"That may be so, but we are not in your time."

Kagome could not think of anything else to say so instead pointed out the next problem.

"Uh, Sesshomaru-sama how am I to dress. I have never worn these fancy kimono's before."

"Rin help the Miko with her inner kimono before you dress."

"Hai." Rin placed her kimono next to Kagome where it would not become dirty. Then took the inner lining from Sesshomaru, who turned his back once more to the girl. Rin looked to Kagome smiling.

"What's so funny Rin?"

"I get to dress you up Kagome nee-chan. It's like playing dress-up."

Kagome smiled as Rin helped her dress. It took a little bit of time and a bit of struggling since Kagome was becoming tired and weak very fast. But she reminded herself to bring a few dolls back with her for Rin. That way the next time she saw Rin or Sesshomaru she would be able to keep her promise.

"There all done," Rin announced before grabbing her own clothing and rushing behind a very tall boulder. She was very excited about her new kimono.

Sesshomaru had turned back around to help Kagome with the rest of her kimono. Kagome had already pulled her arms through the sleeves. Sesshomaru helped her stand and had he hold onto Ah-Un for support. Upon finishing Sesshomaru placed Kagome on Ah-Un and Rin came from behind the boulder twirling in her new kimono.

"Ah-Un take Rin and the Miko back to camp." Sesshomaru removed the last bundle from Ah-Un back as well as the last towel. He placed Rin in front of Kagome. Then stepped back. "You will not move until I return." He again command Kagome but she couldn't say anything at all for Ah-Un had taken to the sky.

Upon arriving at the camp Ah-Un knelt down in front of the fire until he two-headed dragon was laying on his stomach. Rin slide off his back and help Kagome move her leg over his back so she too could slip off. Both girl fell asleep curled up against Ah-Un.

ྷ སྤྲ ྷ སྣྲ ྷ སྤྲ ྷ

Sesshomaru watched as the Miko heal sooner then he expected. She had proven two days earlier that she could walk on her own. It was now a morning ritual for Rin and Kagome to wait til the other woke before eating a lite breakfast then walking to the open field where both would sit and make crowns, wreaths, and bouquets of flowers. Most of them were found on Jaken by the end of the day curtsy of Rin. Kagome would laugh at the attempts that Jaken would make in order to escape. But Rin somehow always had the upper hand of the small toad demon.

Rin would then run around for a bit before helping Kagome move to the shadow of the high afternoon sun. By this time, Jaken would have lunch for them ready. Rin and Kagome would eat in silence. Kagome always lost in thought and Sesshomaru sometimes wonder what was on the woman's mind.

Kagome worried about her friends sometimes. After all, she had be taken more then two weeks ago. The only information Sesshomaru would give her was Naraku manage to escape behind his barrier once more leaving the castle he resided in and heading to the ox tiger. This meant the northeast but if Sesshomaru was right then Inuyasha should have been able to find the trail that led from Naraku's castle to Sesshomaru's camp.

Sesshomaru mind also wonder how long it would take his half breed brother to find his companion. But he had to admit that he was a little apprehensive of the good bye that was sure to come.

It because of Rin. Nothing else.

You keep telling yourself that.

Why now? You couldn't come out later when no one will see you?

Close your eyes.


Admit you too feel for the human Miko.


You are trying to hard to convince yourself of the untruth.

If you do not leave now I will not let you out again.

"Sesshomaru-sama the humans are at it again Milord."

At the sound of Jaken's voice his beast retreated to the dark recess of his mind with the remark: I will be back.

Sesshomaru's eyes opened to a very colourful and scented Jaken. "Hn."

"Please Sesshomaru-sama tell them to stop."

Since Kagome was now fit enough to run along with Rin she had taken to helping Rin with her decorating lessons. And, although it didn't appear to be fair for the little toad demon, Rin needed someone to practice on. Well, decorate her practices with. Today the two appeared to be working on braiding flower chains.

"Tell them we are leaving and they will ride Ah-Un."

Sesshomaru had spent enough time lounging around. He had to patrol is lands. Now he only had to think of what to do with the Miko. The words of his beast played in his mind. He wasn't sure why his beast used the terms human Miko. Obviously, if one was a Miko then they were human. There was no demon who were pure and could consider themselves a shrine maiden. Sesshomaru growl lowly before standing to his feet. He had to get rid of the Miko. She was causing him to think about too many things too often. She even had him respectfully calling her Miko without him realizing when it had first happened. Any other human other then Rin would be called wretched human or some other befitting word or phrase. Sesshomaru didn't have the option of leaving her. Rin would not allow that so his only options were to take more time and take her back to that human village near Inuyasha's forest. Or he could allow her to continue to travel with them. Neither option was to his liking. Kagome and Rin had climbed onto Ah-Un back without a word of complaint or question. For this he was grateful. The growing group set forward Sesshomaru's problem being solved for him. The Miko would stay with them until Inuyasha's found them.

ྷ སྤྲ ྷ སྣྲ ྷ སྤྲ ྷ

The next day Kagome and Rin woke up giggling. The giggled continued constantly through breakfast earning them a moan and groan from Jaken. Then, like before, Sesshomaru told them to ride the two headed dragon. Rin started to hum a familiar lullaby after a while. Kagome recognized it and hummed with them. Soon the only sound you could hear was the combined sounds coming from the two humans. It calm Sesshomaru more then he liked but try as he might he could not block out the sound of their song.

A few hours later and Sesshomaru's nose pick-up a new scent. It seemed that the young Miko's visit was coming to an end. Inuyasha's screeching could be hear by the Tai-Youkai and it would only take a few moments for the hanyou to reach them. Sesshomaru stopped in his tracks and turned waiting to come face to face with the Inu pup. Kagome and Rin were curious why Sesshomaru stopped but their question was answered when Inuyasha burst through the tree line behind them.

"Sesshomaru, you bastard!!" Inuyasha was never one for manners. "Let go of Kagome."

"Are you blind as well as stupid little brother?"

"What are you talking about baka? You had Kagome all along. I'm going to kill you."

"You really shouldn't jump to conclusions about this Sesshomaru, Inuyasha. I could mean your death." Both brother drew their swords. Inuyasha Tetsusaiga transformed while Sesshomaru held Tokijin in a defensive position.

At least they were not attacking each other, yet, but Kagome had to do something so she slide off of Ah-Un's back and stood between the two brothers facing the younger.

"Inuyasha stop!!"

"Get out of the way wench!!"

"Inuyasha SIT BOY!

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