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Inspired by: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (where the idea kinda popped up); Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Sea (the idea for the setting); Treasure Planet (the idea for way of travel and concept); and all the pirate/navy/sea fanfics in the Mai Hime section of fanfiction!

Full Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Humor/Romance

Okay, this idea popped from nowhere. I really liked it, a lot more then some of the stuff I post on my intro page, so I decided to make a story out of it. And no, I haven't abandoned any of the other stories, I just wanted to post this one. I'm too damn lazy to be writing stories. XP

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This story takes place on a world called Earth, but in a time with no oceans or seas. The large landmasses and cities were floating in mid-air and separated by sky. Wind and steam was what people used to sail their ships back and forth between the giant floating rocks, no water needed.

The only water that made it to the huge islands was that of rainwater that helped keep the plants and animals alive. Speaking of animals, fish and mammals have adapted to life without oceans; even humans have evolved in two different ways: grow various types of wings like all the other animals or become Morphers who can alter their entire bodies into a specific animals.

One might wonder how the world became this way. Well, it's told in a story passed down from generation to generation that two, female goddesses sacrificed their lives to stop a hurricane from crashing into land and destroying everything in its path. Unfortunately, the hurricane grew in power and eventually dried up all the oceans, and changed them into clouds and heavy winds. It continued to support itself by sucking in all the water it took and spitting it back out in an endless cycle. The lands cracked without enough moisture and slowly lifted up into the sky, becoming the countries the denizens of Earth now know as different countries. Since this event named 'The Great Calamity', the countries have been circling on the border of this giant Hurricane dubbed 'Endless Roar', living their lives by way of the wind.

Welcome to the planet called Earth.

Captain Natsuki Kuga was bored - no. To say she was 'bored' would be an immense understatement. She was more like a walking dead corpse that had no interest in anything.

Well, then again, I guess you would be too if you were the Captain of a simple, large cargo ship. You never did anything important and the most you stayed in one place was a week. The ship was the only place this crew could call 'home' and the only thing keeping them together was their family, or in other words, each other.

Anyway, it's not as if Captain Kuga didn't like her job, far from it. She'd always wanted her own ship and crew and this was about as close as she was going to get to a good sailor's job without being a noble or soldier. It paid well, considering the items they were usually trusted with ranged from food to valuables, allowing them to port right up behind the castles in the capitals if needed. The food given to them was excellent and the crew knew how to take up arms if they needed to defend from pirates.

So why was she unhappy about her job?

Their lives were so scheduled and dull that her normally bright emerald eyes have lost their luster during these last couple of weeks.

It would take something so out of the ordinary and uncharacteristically irrational to suddenly make her —

"I have it!" Natsuki slammed her fists on the table, making everyone in the room jump at the sudden abrupt action. "I know what to do!" She said, as if a message from the goddesses themselves had enlightened her.

Captain Kuga's clothes easily set her apart from the rest of her crew. Although she was not a pirate, she wore a brown-leather, tricorn hat with a simple black lining and a red feather. Her navy blue coat was thick, heavy to help keep warm as they traveled through the Skies. The coattails fell down past her knees (she was still growing into it.) It was trimmed white and had matching buttons just in case Natsuki wanted to close it (she rarely did.) Something odd about the jacket, however, was that it was clearly a jacket normally worn by a high-ranking officer in the Navy- something Natsuki was not. It had metals over its right breast and the patch on the shoulders that displayed the rank of Commodore. Only a few people knew why Natsuki had this jacket and that's the way the Captain liked it. Other than that, she had on a white, button-up shirt, a pair of brown black pants with the leggings tucked into black boots, and a brown belt that held a rapier and two phonic pistols.

"Please share with us your epiphany, oh captain of the Skies," Nao's words were drugged in sarcasm as she looked over to her boss. Although she was Chief/First Mate, Nao Yuuki never wore anything too heavy and carried around several hidden knives and a pair of butterfly-knives for fighting. She was distinguished by the red bandanna usually found on her head.

"We'll steal treasure at the ball later tonight in the Duchy of Fuuka! We're scheduled to head their next anyway!" Natsuki was so caught up in her plan that she ignored Nao's tone.

Everyone in the dinning hall stopped what they were doing and looked at Natsuki as if she'd grown a third arm.

"W-What?" Mai blinked, voicing everyone's thoughts. Mai Tokiha was the only cook on the ship. Her reasons for taking the job were to collect money to send for her brother's medical payments.

"I said, we're going to go into the castle tonight and act like we're delivering something. Then, we'll steal something valuable and make a run for it!" Kuga had a cheesy grin on her face as she crossed her arms under her chest. Her eyes regained their luster they had once lost and she visibly shivered in excitement.

"Yeah," Nao said, breaking the stupor of the rest of the group, "Just one problem: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" The redhead shouted.

"No, no. I have a fool-proof plan that'll make sure we get off Scott-free," Natsuki smirked, "You just have to trust your Captain."

"We do?" Midori blinked, not sounding convinced in the least. Midori Sugiura was skilled in both fighting and navigation and seemed to appear miraculously when Natsuki was in search of a navigator for her ship. She became the ship's Second Mate.

Natsuki frowned, "Okay, you either go with me willingly, or I use my position to haul your asses into the castle later tonight, got it?"

Youko sighed, "I have a strange feeling my expertise will be needed." Youko Sagisawa was a doctor ('Surgeon') that arrived on Natsuki's ship the same day Midori did. There were rumors as to why this was, but nothing has been proven yet. She also helped out here and there with jobs other than being a doctor because Natsuki's crew was extremely under-manned.

"But-but Natsuki," The cook gave a weak smile, "Don't you think that's a bit foolish?"

"Mai," Natsuki looked straight into the purple eyes, "Did I or didn't I just say that I have a fool-proof plan?"

"How can it be 'fool-proof' if the fool is the one who made it?" The First Mate deadpanned, not liking this plan at all.

"Nao!" Natsuki balled her fist before taking a deep breath and counting to three. She slowly un-balled her fist and relaxed; no, nothing would spoil her mood right now. A smile graced her features once more, This'll put a little spark into our otherwise dull lives, The Captain smirked.

"Mai?" A small feral girl looked up to the cook, "What're we doing?" Mikoto asked as soon as she finished off the food on her plate. Mikoto Minagi, the last member of Kuga's crew, was the Third Mate. (Something special about Mikoto was that she was the only Morpher in the group.) Between all of the crew's members, they all pitched in to do jobs not normally assigned to their titles.

"Something really stupid, Mikoto." The busty woman sighed, "Something really stupid."

Natsuki tried to hide her nervousness as she stiffly walked down the boarding plank, toward the man in charge of the docks behind Fuuka's castle. She dutifully walked across the wood toward the supply warehouse and cleared her throat loudly, trying to grab someone's attention.

Someone finally turned, "Well, if it ain't Kuga! You're here a bit earlier than we have you scheduled to come in for," He said, his deep voice almost commanding authority.

"Ah, well," Kuga rubbed the back of her head, "A-about that…" She frowned, annoyed that she was stammering. She coughed into her hand and put her game face on, "We were asked to bring some last-minute supplies for the ball tonight to the castle so we rushed here thinking we wouldn't make it in time if we didn't hurry," She explained, coming up with something off the top of her head.

"Ah, I see. Yeah, we've got a couple ships like that," He replied before sighing. "This is what happens when people don't think ahead…" He muttered to himself before turning back to Kuga, "Just make sure you sign your boat in properly."

"Will do!" She said, a tad louder than she would have hoped, inwardly ecstatic she thought of a plausible excuse.

He raised an eyebrow, "You okay, Captain?"

"Fine, fine! Just too much coffee! Yep, had to watch a night shift last night and that was the only thing keeping me going. We're seriously under-manned so someone had to do it. Still feeling the coffee's caffeine!" She nodded vigorously, trying to get her point across.

"Y-Yeah," The guy eyed her, looking a little creeped out, "You might wanna consider switching to decaff…"

"I'll keep that in mind — oh!" Natsuki 'remembered' something, "Could you load our ship with a large supply of food? Our next shipment's going to take us pretty far and it's a tight squeeze of time do to this side-job so we can't really make as many stops as we normally would."

"Ah, going to the far ends?" He asked. He looked down at his clipboard, "While we normally can't supply more food than documented, I'm sure the kingdom will allow it due to the stop you made here in assisting the ball. Yeah, we'll hook you up with some extra food and supplies. Who should I go over the paperwork with?"

"Youko Sagisawa," Natsuki visibly calmed down as she answered. This is probably the last supply fill we'll have for a while. She thought, having a hard time keeping her face strait and not grinning like an idiot.

She power walked back to the bridge of her ship to meet her crew once more, opening the door with a slam, "I am a genius!" She smirked proudly, her ego boosted higher than it normally was.

"So, Captain 'Mush-for-Brains' actually pulled it off?" Nao said, raising an eyebrow as she leaned against the wall.

"Yes, I'll have you know that I walked up there and insisted that I have my demands met!" Natsuki sat down in a chair, holding her head up proudly. She folded her legs and arms, looking overly confident.

"But you looked jumpy and skittish from what I saw," Mikoto's yellow eyes blinked in confusion, not knowing the meaning of 'tact'.

Natsuki flushed in embarrassment, scowling, "… I just got us docked and allowed to go in later tonight so you all can do whatever you want until the ball starts. Dismissed… And you better show up!" She added.

I'm actually going to do it. I'm going to steal priceless jewels from the country's capital and with my plan, I'm going to get off without charge! Natsuki helped her crew 'unload' in front of the other fleets that were carrying items for last-minute touch-ups to the ball. "Remember the plan, crew!" She said.

"What plan?" Nao complained, "You never gave us a plan. And how come the only one that gets to stay back is the Doc?"

"Because someone needs to stay on board the ship to take care of paperwork. It would look highly suspicious if no one was there… And there's no way I'm leaving my Duran without someone on board," Natsuki replied, matter-of-factly.

"C'mon!" The ship's navigator smirked, hooking Nao's shoulder with her hand, "Where's your sense of adventure?"

"I left it three knots back," Nao grumbled, glowering at the hand on her shoulder as if she could burn holes in it with her gaze.

Mai sighed, "Can we just go in and go out before we get caught?" She said, nervously looking around.

"Alright, alright, alright," Natsuki started as she held up her hands to get everyone's attention. "Everyone will be put into teams and search different sections of the castle. Mai, you go with Mikoto. Nao, take Midori with you and —"

"Oh, hell no," Nao frowned, "There's no way I'm teaming up with the drunkard. I work solo."

Natsuki rolled her eyes. "Okay," She drawled, sounding somewhat exasperated, "Midori hooks up with me and half-way through the ball, or when you think you can't carry any more, come back to the ship and wait; lay low. We're scheduled to leave about half-way through so don't take too long."

"What kind of things are we suppose to get?" Mai asked, although, she wasn't going to put her heart into this kinda… wanna-be pirate mission.

"Er," Natsuki hasn't really thought about it, "How about… pretty and valuable things?" The end of her statement sounded more like a question.

"Will the adjective 'shiny' also be acceptable?" Nao asked in a snarky manner.

"Just something, okay? Bring something back," Natsuki growled, loosing her patients, "Onward!" She said before the crew walked toward the back of the warehouse and through the back door.

"You know," Nao said as they started to sneak around, "We all changed to fit in, but the least you could do is take off your hat."

"I will not take off my hat," Natsuki huffed, "This hat is never leaving my head unless absolutely necessary."

Shizuru Fujino was miserable but would never show it. She was to be introduced to the man she would be married to, that being the whole purpose of this ball. Many people from different noble and/or royal families would come to congratulate the two on their special day; they would be introduced today and have their wedding in a weeks time and that was that.

Shizuru didn't like it, but as a nobleman's daughter, she had no say. She was just an binding link to someone else's money for her father's benefit, nothing more.

"Milady, Fujino," One of the maids came in the room, her dark green was notably the first thing that caught anyone's attention. "I've come to help you into your dress."

Shizuru turned around to see the woman smiling sweetly at her… Maybe a little too sweetly. "Yes, that would be helpful," She responded politely in return. What did she say her name was? Tomoe? Ah yes, that was it.

The maid beamed, and quickly gathered the dress while Shizuru stood up and walked to the body-length mirror.

They talked while getting Shizuru prepared for her appearance, "So, Milady Fujino, are you looking forward to your marriage with Duke Kanzaki?"

"Yes, of course," She gave the reply expected of her in her lilting accent. She humored the maid with a small smile before curiously watching her maid flush.

"A-and of course you'll be staying in the main manor, Miss," Tomoe, one of Shizuru's personal maids, quickly regained her composure and worked Shizuru's hair into a bun with some hair stylishly coming out here and there. She lingered too long for Shizuru's liking every now and then, sending off alarms in Fujino's sixth sense.

"I can take care of the rest from here," Shizuru smiled placidly over her shoulder at Tomoe Marguerite.

"Miss?" Tomoe sounded surprised and saddened for some reason that Shizuru was sure wouldn't want to figure out.

"Please," Fujino added. She didn't change her tone of voice or her visage, but there was something there that made Tomoe shiver. Not in a good way.

"… As Milady wishes," The green-haired maid stepped back and bowed before exiting through the bedroom's doors.

Shizuru sighed, dropping the smile and looking at herself in the mirror. One of the worst nights of her life and she was dressed up like a princess. She was use to dressing up because it was expecting of her, but she'd spent the last five hours, surrounded by eight servants at one point, getting ready for this two-hour event.

She looked at the necklace hanging from her neck and laying at rest just above her bust. It consisted of two snake Ouroboros, one green in color and the other red, joined together like links in a chain. Outlined by the snakes were two jewels, a ruby surrounded by the green snake and an emerald surrounded by the red snake. It was said that if two people destined to become soul mate touched the pendant at the same time, they'd be bound together, never to be separated.

Shizuru sighed at the thought of what she had to do: become soul mates with the Duke, a vow to always be loyal and faithful, even if she didn't want to be.

Scarlet eyes lifted from the necklace passed down in the Fujino family and looked to a nearby clock, "…" Life isn't going to wait forever. No matter what, there are things in your life you cannot control, Fujino. Make the best of what you have, With this in mind, she continued to get ready.

The ball started without a hitch. People conversed amongst each other as they waited for the arrival of the guest of honor, Shizuru Fujino. The crew had gotten in without any of the expected troubles. The security must be lacking (in amount or ability, they really couldn't tell) because of the long laps of no robberies; guards were getting lazy.

Perfect. Nao smirked a smile that would send chills down anyone's spine. If she was seen, that is. But no, Nao was swifter, more agile, and had a natural-born ability of blending into the background if she didn't want to be seen, something that came in handy for the former pickpocket. Some habits die hard and this thief-turned-'good' still had a few tricks up her sleeve.

"It should be around here somewhere," She muttered to herself quietly as she slinked around, looking for a room that had anything valuable in it. Just then, she stopped and ducked behind a statue as she saw a brunette come out a room and walk toward the main hall, accompanied by a maid with green, uneven hair.

Ugh, her hair should be a crime, Nao commented to herself as she watched them round a corner and went towards the room. "Well, the brunette looked important so she should have a thing or two in her room that could be cashed in." Yuuki pressed hr ear to the door for a couple seconds, trying to sense any movement before finding it empty and simply walking in, "Too easy."

Nao started to search around, keeping an ear-to-the-floor as they say. She opened a hand-crafted jewelry box first, "Jackpot!" She snickered. The redhead eyed the glittering, sparkling objects with greed, the excitement of thievery she thought she'd once lost coming back to her in one huge wave of exhilaration.

Too bad that all her thrill and excitement caused her to momentarily forget she was suppose to be cautious and paying attention to her surroundings.

"I'll be right down, there's no need to come with," A girl said as she arrived at the door to see a very surprised Nao, looking at her with 'deer-in-the-headlights' eyes. The woman with red eyes heard a reply from Tomoe and her footfalls walking back down the stairs, but she didn't pay attention to them. "… And you are?" She asked.

"Er…" Damnit, I screwed up! Damn you, dog-breath, for coming up with this stupid plan just to cure your own boredom! "No one…" She replied, unable to come up with anything that didn't sound suspicious.

"I think you're trying to steal my jewels," The brunette deadpanned, a knowing smile on her face and a glint in her crimson orbs.

The redhead frowned, "Oh, and what gave you that idea?" She asked, sarcasm dripping like venom from her mouth.

"I won't tell on one condition."

Nao raised an eyebrow, What the hell…? "I'm listening…"

"Take me with you," The girl said, her eyes showing how serious she was.

"… Pfft!" Nao would have burst out laughing right there and then if she didn't remember she was suppose to be in 'stealth' mode. "Thanks, but I think I can make it out of here without being seen."


"I made it in here without being seen, right?" Nao smirked.

Red eyes sparkled with concealed mirth, "I believe that's just because the guards were on full alert after someone calls out 'thief!'…" She trailed off, allowing her words to sink in.

Nao's eyes widened as she realized that's what the girl planned to do, "You wouldn't." She then panicked when she saw the brunette was already filling her lungs with air (not easy with a corset on, but not impossible), getting ready to shout. Yuuki had no time to even attack the girl to silence her. "Alright, fine!" She said, holding her hands up, "Don't shout…"

The girl held her breath, as if waiting for the rest.

Green eyes rolled, "I'll take you along…" She grumbled. She went into her bag and pulled something out before throwing it to the nobleman's daughter, "While I ready something, start stuffing valuable stuff into the bag, anything you can fit." Yuuki could see the reluctance in the other girl's eyes but smirked as the deed was done anyway.

Nao thought about taking the girl out right then and there, but the brunette was overly cautious and kept looking at her through the mirror. Damn. She settled for the next best thing, petting the girl asleep. She casually walked up behind the girl so she wouldn't be alarmed, then placed the tampered cloth to the girl's mouth and nose. Red eyes widened and the girl struggled, but only for a little while; she slumped against the desk and Nao smirked, "I still got it." Cleaning up a kill would take too long and I can't leave her here because she would wake up and identify me immediately… Damnit! That means I actually have to take her!

She placed the cloth away and started to move the woman onto her back, "Goddess, when you wake up, I gotta remind you to loose a couple pounds." She started to make her way back, "Must be all that 'rich persons' food."

"Okay, Mikoto and Mai are finally back, so that means we just have to wait until Nao gets back," Natsuki said as she started to a checklist off all the things gathered. I can see it now, us on a blood-boiling chase and loosing the Navy and then a week later coming back with the stolen goods, saying we beat the 'robbers' and collect our reward! She smiled broadly as she continued to furiously write.

"Oh, I think that's Nao coming back," Mai said looking out from the deck and pointing towards a figure. "And she looks like she has something big too."

"That's Nao for ya! I knew I could count on her!" This will make us rich! Natsuki turned around and continued on the checklist.

"Okay," Nao panted as she stomped up the boarding plank, "I got a couple of useless statues, a jewelry box filled with priceless stuff and a nobleman's daughter." The redhead dumped the unconscious woman unceremoniously into the pile after the inanimate objects.

"Midori, switch the ships mode out of 'docked', we're leaving," Natsuki commanded before going back to her check list. "Statues, check. Jewelry box, check. Nobleman's daughter, check." She marked them onto the list, "Okay, now if we could only get Mikoto to move them into the hold, we should be able to — Wait, WHAT?" Natsuki yelled, looking back to Nao.

"Goddess, howl any loud and we'll be caught," Nao said after unplugging her ears.

"Y-y-you kidnapped a noblemen's daughter?"

"What? She asked me to."

"And you actually did it?"

"I don't see the problem here."

"My plan is falling apart, that's what!" The captain panicked. "Quick! We have to go back and drop her off, like, around the back!"

"Too late, oh fearless leader," Nao dismissively pointed to the edge of the castle's dock, which was forty feet away and continuing. "Besides, she's identify me when she woke up, leading me back to your crew."

Natsuki gaped as she fell to her knees. My… my perfect plan of money and fame… ruined… now we really are robbers… and kidnappers!

And so, Natsuki's perfect plan was foiled and they all lived happily ever after, the en- -shot- Kidding, kidding. God, you people need to loosen up a bit. I'll update soon, okay? Geez...

Ha, you know, in the game Baten Kaitos, the people as well as the animals, have wings. Should I give them wings? It'd make things more interesting. -nudge, nudge-


Natsuki: Oh God, my life is ruined. My perfect plan is ruined. I'm ruined... -in a corner, sulking-

Nao: -.- Quit being emo and help me lift her to a bed.

Natsuki: This is all your fault! If you'd just followed the plan, we would be in this mess!

Nao: Hey, you said pretty, valuable and shiny. Two outta three ain't bad.

Natsuki: -.- -grumbling to herself- Can't... come up... with comeback...

Nao: Hurry up and help me take her to Youko's before the drunker leaves the wheel and decides to strip princess over here, thinking she was the Doc.

Natsuki: o-o! -runs over and picks up Shizuru by herself- I can't let that happen! -starts towards the cabins-

Nao: oO; What is she, 'Justice Woman' now?...


Duran: Natsuki's ship is a Handysize freight liner, mostly made out of wood with some metal, with two pulley operating systems. It has three masts and three sets of 'wings' (A 'wing' was made up of two wooden poles sticking out the side of the ship with a piece of cloth attached to catch upward drafts. They could be positioned to help the rudder turn or folded back against the side of the ship when not needed.) on either side of the boat. All the space inside the ship from the middle to the bow (the front) was the hold for storage. At the stern were all the rooms on the ship; stairs led down into the living quarters, the Surgeon's office, mess hall, etc.; stairs that led up went to the bridge where Midori was usually at the wheel. The bridge was a big room where the crew usually held meetings. It had no cannons because it wasn't a ship meant for battle.

Duran Note 1: Because of the type of wings Midori has, she's able to use her wings to steer the ship more effectively and make it go faster. Steering as a whole is a bit harder than ships we're use to because ships flying through the Skies can not only turn, but go up and down; levers are situated next to the wheel to help with this. There is also a 'Docked' option where steam generators kick in and keep the ship afloat, in one place, at ports when not being flown.

Duran Note 2: The sails (clothe) used on ships sailing through the Skies are a tad tougher than sails we use due to the fact that they have to withstand the constant bombardment of salt at high speeds.

Phonic Pistol: The Earth in Sailing the High Blues hasn't completely converted to guns yet, though they do have gun powder. (How else would they fire the cannons and harpoons?) What they do have, however, are phonic pistols. This is how a phonic pistol works: Over time, the salt in the air gathers into a chamber in the gun as the gun continually compresses the air. The salt gathers into a large ball, forming the ammo, using static electricity. (It stops gathering when the chamber is full.) When firing, one must manually pull back the hammer before pulling the trigger; pulling on the trigger, slams down the hammer onto the frizzen, which sparks -ignites- the compressed air, sending the ball of salt to where it's aimed. (If you had to compare it to something, I'd say a wheellock or flintlock pistol without the flashpan. It's complicated and I explained it as best I could. Sorry if it didn't help. Just go with it, please.)

Phonic Pistol Notes: /a/ It got its name by the note it make when fired, sounding almost like a low horn. /b/ Seeing as how salt rusts metal, an owner would be wise to clean their gun often. /c/ Because the gun deals with compressed air, the kickback is quite powerful. /d/ It's basically a one-shot deal unless you're still alive four/five minutes later because it takes a long time for the static to gather enough salt to make a decent sized 'bullet'. /e/ Most countries still use crossbows and swords and phonic pistols are usually only used by the country who invented (Garderobe) them and pirates. (Natsuki's a special case due to her history, but that's yet to be revealed.)

Endless Roar: What the giant hurricane that keeps all the lands floating around is called.

The Calamity: The event of the Endless Roar breaking Earth into islands and being sent skyward, forming separate countries.

Skies: Seeing as how there's no oceans or seas, they sail through air that they call Skies.

Dead Skies: The large eye of the hurricane Endless Roar where there's no breeze to float on, therefore, unable to pass through without falling to dead.

Goddess: The religion of this Earth involved two Goddesses that were involved in The Calamity.

Wings: The humans of this Earth use 'wings', having adapted/evolved to life in the Skies. Now, they have many types of 'wings', some not even coming in the form of feathers or membrane. Some don't even connect to their body! They can summon/dismiss these appendages at will so they aren't always there.

Morphers: People from one island country didn't grow wings but instead, gained the ability to shift into an animal; only one type of animal to a person. Their animal forms don't have wings unless they change into a type of bird.

Bideae*: The name of the religion, involving the two goddesses said to have saved civilization, that all the island countries practice.

*… Yeah, I horrible at other languages. This was me trying to be clever before remembering why I barely passed my foreign language class (which wasn't Latin.) For any of you that have an inking to what I was trying to do with the name, I'm sorry if it's cringe-inducingly wrong.