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The wedding had been beautiful. I didn't think that I wanted to be a bride but after it was all said and done, I realized it was the most perfect ending to my human life. My old family, Charlie, Renee, and Phil, and my new family, the Cullens, were all there to celebrate the beginning of Edward's and my existence together (though the Cullens knew that this marriage was more permanent than my human family thought.) Alice had dressed me in lace from head to toe like some life sized Barbie doll, but even I couldn't deny that she had style. As a finishing touch she decided that I should wear the hyacinth blue shoes that I had worn to my one and only prom, being that I could now wear both of them. They were my something blue.

I remember floating - as much as someone as klutzy as I could float- down the aisle on Charlie's arm and seeing my husband to be for the first time. Though it was a cloudy day, it still seemed to me that he was radiating light from every surface. I had never seen him so luminous. His topaz eyes were glittering with excitement and joy and his face shone with something so intense that even the word love didn't seem profound enough to describe it. Despite feeling more beautiful than I ever had, I felt insignificant and small next to my fiancée's undeniable beauty. But all those feelings faded as he began to say his vows.

"Bella, from the first moment I was near you I knew that you and I were meant for each other. You have changed me and challenged me in ways that I didn't think possible. You are la mio cantante. I will love you for the rest of my existence."

Of course Edward's vows were perfect. It seemed everything he did was perfect. I couldn't wait until it was my turn to be the beautiful, eloquent, graceful creature that he and his family were. And that time was almost here.

Minus the dancing, upon which Alice and Edward insisted upon me doing at least a few times, the reception was better than I could have imagined. The food was delicious (I couldn't imagine where the Cullens were hiding the food that they were most obviously not eating), and even I had to admit, the party gave me some nice closure with my human family. I wish that I could share with them the permanence of our upcoming separation. Maybe its better that I can't.

My only regret is that I couldn't share my joy over my new life with my old friends from La Push, especially Jacob. Since Jacob's disappearance after our last conversation, none of the Quileute boys would return my phone calls. With no information on where Jacob was or what he was doing, I knew that I would leave my human life feeling incomplete. The small part of my heart that would always belong to my Jacob still ached for him and the pain I knew he must be feeling. But given another choice between him and Edward I would choose the same. Without Edward, there was no life. Jacob once described him as my drug. I guess that is an apt description as Edward once equated me to his brand of heroin. I smiled to myself, entertained by the thought of us both as druggies.

As I was sitting in my chair reminiscing about the day, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I twisted around and was met with my favorite crooked smile.

"Are you ready to leave or do you want to stare into space for awhile longer?"

I grimaced, not realizing that I had been motionless for so long. I shrugged, which I felt was convincingly cavalier given the magnitude of the things I had been thinking about. "I'm ready. Where are we going?"

Edward continued to smile, his liquid eyes not completely masking his humor at my attempt at nonchalance. "Bella, you and I both know you can't lie. I don't know why you even bother to try. What's on your mind?"

I noticed the subtle change in his expression, the humor being replaced by the confusion and slight irritation at not being able to read my thoughts. "Its really nothing." I knew the subject of Jacob was not a happy one and I didn't want to discuss my almost other love with my new husband, especially on our wedding day. I placed my hands in his ever freezing marble grip. "Take me away. I am your prisoner."

I barely registered his quick grin as he plucked me off of the chair and dashed toward the trees, my dress streaming out behind us like a white plume of smoke. I don't remember why I ever thought running with Edward was scary. It is the most exhilarating feeling, the wind tugging curls out of my elaborate updo and drying out my teeth as I smiled with utter contentness. It took me awhile to realize that Edward had been running for much longer than we had ever run together before.

"Where are we going?"

His answering smile was like lightning. "You didn't think I was going to allow our first night as husband and wife to be spent together in a house with a bunch of vampires who hear too much, did you? I'm taking you to a place I knew when I was much younger."

It seemed like we were running for days, but since I was with Edward the time passed quickly. As the sun began to set I noticed Edward start to slow. As I appraised my surroundings it appeared that we were approaching the outskirts of a small town. Edward dipped his head and ran his icy lips along my neck to my ear.

With a gentle whisper he said, "We're almost there, but we can't run the rest of the way. I noticed a nice little Audi parked a mile back. I suppose you're still opposed to grand theft auto?"

I shivered as his cool breath sent tingles down my spine and felt a small grin spread across my face in spite of myself. "Can't you just go to a car dealership like a normal person," was my exasperated reply.

Edward chuckled in response. "Oh fine. But I imagine you won't always be so against borrowing vehicles."

I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at him. He set me on my feet, which I didn't realize until now were almost numb from being motionless for so long. Coupled with the high heels which I could barely walk in when my legs were in normal operating condition, I promptly began to fall over. Edward's arms tightened around me.

I couldn't help but grimace. "I can't wait until I can to walk across a flat surface without almost falling flat on my face."

"I don't know. I think your clumsiness is one of your more endearing qualities."

I resisted the urge to punch Edward in the arm. I knew all I would get for my troubles is another broken knuckle. "Come on. Let's go get ourselves a car before I get another year older."

After locating the dealership and finagling with the salesman we ended up in a sporty blue Saab.

Shortly thereafter, we were on our way again, driving way too fast through a very large city. It took me a while to recognize the landmarks that were whizzing by my window, though I had only seen them in pictures before. I realized with shock that we had traveled much farther than I had thought. "We're in Chicago?!"