Ever wonder why:


* Why Rezo didn't cast a control spell over Lina to make her give up the stone?

* What Rezo did to screw over Zelgadis, I.E. the Grandfather and Great Grandfather thing. How the heck did THIS happen?

* Why Zelgadis clothes didn't burn up completely in the lava when attacked by Shabranigdo?

* Why in the episode where auntie aqua shows Lina how the battle with Shabranigdo might have ended, why was Amelia with them? Last I heard only three people fought Shabranigdo...

* Why Shabranigdo didn't just blast Lina to oblivion when he realized she was calling on the creator of their world to kick his ass?

* Why Xellos burned the papers Zelgadis had stolen from the bandits?

* Why Xellos went nuts when Valgaav started explaining the order of how things worked?

* Why Naga really left being a princess?

* Why Xellos said, 'Now that's the Dragon I love." ?

* Why no one seemed to get it through their head PHIBRIZZO killed Gaav?

* Why Valgaav never hurt Filia?

* Why when Valgaav was turned into a Mazoku he grew a horn on his head?

* Why they never bring Zelas or Luna truly into the series?

* Why Lina and Gourry don't remember what happened with the L-sama incident when Gourry went to rescue Lina?

* Why the others (Sylphiel, Amelia, and Zelgadis) weren't allowed to follow? Perhaps it was a test for Gourry and how much he truly cared and wanted her there.

* Who took the Sword of Light from him, why, and if it was Xellos how did HE get in? Wouldn't L-Sama have stopped him too?

* If Xellos was ever a human before he became a Mazoku?

* What Xellos' TRUE form is?

* Why Lina never hurts Zelgadis for teasing her when she usually beats the hell outta anyone else who does?

(This was donated by someone, can't remember, if they're reading this please tell me so I may give you credit)

These are from Shura Chan:

* Why did Armace bleed when Valgaav hit him but not when Eralogos Killed him?

* Why Valgaav's goal to kill Lina change in the end of the series to only destroying the world?

* Why when Zelgadis was attacked by the lava monsters his hair didn't melt since it's wire?

* Why the Mazoku Zorum went after Lina when Rezo ordered him to kill Zelgadis?

* Why the heck they wrote the word 'Loop' on the sketch Zel made when he shot Amelia back to the cave? (Slayers Try)

* What or who was the kitten-rabbit meowing at Zel at the spot where Xel had disappeared? And why does it reappear when Martina disappeared under Gourry?

* Is Martina the kitten, then why can't we see her transforming, why is there no more hint and why did the critter first replace Xel?

* If Bless Blade was originally from a shrine and girly-girl snitched it, then why had it suddenly become the "base" or source of the Flagoon's power??

* Why Lina has those two marks on her forhead?

(Note to this: Some have assumed it's the mark of L-sama. *Shrugs at the stares of disbelief* Come on!? What ELSE could it be? Chicken pox marks?)

* Why they always draw the rocks on Zel's body (not face) differently - that bathing episode, I think it was Episode 6, he was COVERED all over and in 18 (Ms Lulu^^), he had almost none at all.

* Why is Zelgadis smaller and more petite with his clothes on and bigger when he's naked?


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