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Secrets and Suspicions

Chapter 1: Morning Routine

"Ryo-chan, hurry or you'll be late for school," Sakuno called out to her 10-year old son.

Sakuno was busy making breakfast in the kitchen. Her 5-year old daughter, Risa, sat at the table patiently waiting for breakfast.

Ryoki ran down the stairs to the dining table. He greeted his mother and sister. Sakuno was serving breakfast to her two children when she realized that somebody was missing.

"Ryo-chan, did you wake your otousan?" Sakuno asked her son.

"I did. He doesn't want to wake up," Ryoki replied, shrugging.

"Mou, Syuusuke is always like this," Sakuno muttered to herself.

"Okaasan! Can I go wake otousan up? Pretty please?" Risa begged her mother, putting on her cutest, innocent face.

"If you must. If your otousan still will not wake up, you know what to do." Sakuno winked at her daughter.

"Hai okaasan!" Risa bounced off to go wake her father up.

Sakuno watched as her daughter ran up. Risa was so much like her when she was younger.


Risa opened the bedroom door as quietly as she can. She could see her father still sleeping on the bed. She tiptoed quietly to the side of the bed. She shook her father gently.

"Otousan, wake up. It's time for work."

Her father seems to not respond. Risa decided to use her last resort. She took a bottle-spray and filled it with water from the bathroom. She crept back quietly to her father.

"1…2…3!" She sprayed water at her father. Fuji woke up immediately when he felt water being sprayed at his face. He wiped his face with his pajamas sleeve and looked around for the culprit. He saw Risa giggling at the side holding the bottle-spray. He got out of bed and lifted his daughter.

"So, who's idea is it this time?" he asked.

"It's not mine or oniichan. It's okaasan," Risa said, looking innocently at his father.

Fuji chuckled. 'Sakuno is really spoiling the kids,' he thought.

"Otousan will go freshen up first. Why don't you wait downstairs?" Fuji said as he put his daughter down.

"Hai otousan!" Risa kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the room.


Fuji went downstairs all dressed. He saw his wife and children at the table eating breakfast.

"Ohayo," he greeted his family. He went up to Sakuno and kissed her cheek.

"Ohayo Syuusuke," Sakuno greeted back.

"Ohayo otousan," Ryoki and Risa said in unison.

He sat down and began eating his breakfast. "Sakuno you should not teach Risa to spray his father with water in the morning," Fuji said with an amused smile. Sakuno giggled.

"At least you woke up," Ryoki said. They then broke into laughter.

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