Warnings: Paire-cest (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) Tiny, tiny amount of spoilers.

Pairings: Paire (is there any other?)

Author's Note: Just a little one-shot I wrote. I felt inspired. Oh and by the way I haven't seen S2.

Disclaimer: Heroes is not mine. It belongs to Tim Kring, NBC and those that aren't me. Because if it was mine Peter and Claire would be lovers.


She hated everything. Hated the way God had decided to make her immortal. Hated the way Nathan didn't want her. Hated the way Meredith hadn't wanted her either. Hated the way Angela wanted her to disappear. Hated the way her parents, Noah and Sandra, wanted her to be invisible. Hated the way her father had destroyed one of the best friendships, she had ever had. Hated the way her father decided what memories should be kept and which one's shouldn't be. Hated to act like she had no memories when she did. Hated the way West acted like he knew her so well, when he clearly didn't. Hated the way Elle acted so superior. Hated that Sylar wanted to kill her. Hated that Peter asked her to kill him. But mostly she hated that Peter was gone, possibly if not probably dead. She hated everything with good reason. What did she have to be happy about? The one thing that made her happy was gone.

She gasped in utter surprise when she saw him. He was alive! She hated it, but couldn't help being happy that he was back. It was easier to hate him, when she thought he was dead. Could she hate him now? She glowered at him, but when his brown eyes met her green one's it lost it's power and it's potency.

"Claire," was all he said. He tried to be the Peter she remembered, be the Peter that was her hero. She launched herself at him and started beating her fists against his chest. She put all of her strength behind each hit, hoping to bruise him, hurt him. In her anger she had forgotten that even if she managed to inflict damage to him it would vanish in an instant. She just kept beating on him.

It was then that she realized that she didn't hate him, she hated that she loved him. Tears streamed down her face with the revelation and she collapsed to the ground hard, but she didn't notice pain anymore. Peter held Claire close and she wept everything seemed to hit her all at once and she wept and wept. "Claire."

"Peter," she said he voice rough from crying. When she looked in his eyes again instinct took over and she did what she had wanted to since they first met, she kissed him. When he didn't pull away she knew he felt the same.

She still hated everything, but now she had something to be happy about. She had Peter.