"That's it," all of a sudden Darfin's voice penetrated Harry's ears, and he anxiously opened his eyes again, noticing that the annoying ghost was gone.

Darfin held out a small, golden ball with small openings that reminded Harry of Neville's Remembrall. "Here, only his spirit is lefts, but you can gets rids of him with the Scourgify spell," he instructed Harry.

"Really?" Harry queried, pointing his wand at the ball. Seeing the elves nod, he quickly cast the spell, causing the white mist inside the ball to vanish completely.

With a wave of Teddy's hand the ball was gone as well.

"Thank you so much," Harry said, sighing in relief at the prospect of never having to see or hear the annoying ghost ever again.


'Thank God that ghost is gone,' Harry mused on the morning of his wedding. It was a bright summer day, and only the Weasley family as well as Harry's family and the complete Hogwarts staff were assembled when Godric Gryffindor wed Ginny and Harry.

Two months later, Felix was sorted into Gryffindor. The boy was extremely happy to be in the House, of which his adored big brother was the Head, and he became very proud when he became an uncle and godfather to the small twins Lily and James ten months later.


"Oh well, I think that was all I have to tell you about my history and the stubborn old Headmaster," Harry sighed as he finished telling the story to his children Lily and James. "Next week, you're going to be sorted, and we'll see how your own story develops. Now please go and play and let me work on my lesson plans."


"Harry, you have to come down to the Great Hall," Ginny said imploringly, shaking her husband's shoulder. "Your mother has threatened to allow all of our grand children and great grand children into our bed room if you don't show up within ten minutes. Everyone is waiting for you."

"Oh no," Harry groaned, knowing that Minerva would make good on her threat. On the day after his seventy-fifth birthday, she had assigned him the position as Headmaster of the main school, so that she would be able to care for her many great grand children and great great grand children. Harry and Ginny had five grand children and fifteen great grand children, which consisted of human children, elves children and a mix of both, since their daughter Lily was married to Vincent, an elf, whom Minerva had freed so he would be able to marry Lily. Through Felix, Minerva and Severus had another dozen great great grand children, and all the kids were growing up together at Hogwarts and were like siblings.

Harry grudgingly put his book aside and scrambled out of his bed, muttering something about not even being able to get any peace on his one hundredth birthday, causing Ginny to smile and wave her wand at her husband, changing his pyjamas into green dress robes.

'Thank God it's still in the middle of the summer holidays,' Harry mused as he strode towards the door to the Great Hall, expecting his family to be seated in the Hall, impatiently waiting for breakfast to begin. However, when he opened the door, he stopped dead in his tracks. The four House tables were full of students, the younger children were running around the Hall, and an enormous birthday cake, which kept switching between the forms of a large Snitch, a life size person looking like himself and the number 100, stood on a table between the House tables and the Head table.

"Good luck cutting the cake," Teddy laughed, pressing a huge knife into Harry's hand, while everyone else began to sing 'Happy Birthday'.

'How am I supposed to cut a cake that keeps changing forms?' Harry mused, throwing his wife a help-searching glance.

'Are you a professor or not?' his father's voice suddenly penetrated his mind. 'Why don't you just stun the cake when it's in the form you can cut the easiest, hmm?'

'Oh right,' Harry thought back in relief. 'Thank you, Dad.' With that, he pointed his wand at the cake and stunned it, forcing it to remain in the form of the Snitch, before he cut two pieces, handing one to Felix and the knife back to Teddy.

"Teddy, please ask the house-elves to cut the cake for everyone," he asked his friend, before he turned to his brother. "Felix, herewith I'm going to retire and pass over the position of the Headmaster to you. Good luck."

The End

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