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The wind was tossing my hair around while I waited at the gate with the others. Where is Quinn? He knows it's time to go. I force the thought aside. He'll be here, we always make the slide.

Quinn. I smile softly as I bring his face to mind. My sweet Quinn…the only man to truly possess my heart. I love you, Quinn, I think to myself. I shift my feet, startled. I quickly glance around to see if I had spoken aloud. Remmy and the professor are speaking in hushed tones off to the side. If I did, no one heard.

Suddenly we hear a shout, it's Quinn. Just in the nick of time as usual. He throws me a wink as he runs by to jump into the portal. Rolling my eyes, I leap in after him feeling the familiar tug on my insides as the wormhole moves us to a new world waiting to be explored.

Oof! Remmy landed on me this time. Oh, how I wish we could walk in and out of the gate! I shift – all is good, nothing broken. We've been lucky about that so far.

A scream ripped through the air! We scrambled up, Remmy using my elbow to help pull me up, ever the gentleman. We turned as one towards the sound.

A woman stood there, pointing at Remmy and me. Her other hand was pressed to her cheek. She was dressed oddly unless she was an actress portraying a Southern Belle. What on earth?

"What the hell?" exclaimed Rembrandt as we started moving towards the girl to see if we could help. This proved to be her undoing for she fainted.

The group rushed to her side. The professor kneeled beside the fallen woman and took her hand. "Madame? Madame!"

Quinn looked around, bewildered. "What was she screaming at? I thought it might be because she saw us coming through the gate but somehow I don't think that's it." He ran his hands through his hair, exasperated.

We could hear shouts and the sound of running footsteps coming towards us. I looked down at the young woman. Professor Arturo had removed his coat and put it under her head. Her color seemed to be returning.

The woman slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the professor. Her eyes then flickered towards Quinn who was squatting beside them. She then turned her gaze to me and Rembrandt. Her eyes widened and she struggled to stand quickly.

As the young woman stood, somewhat clumsily with her hand to her forehead, a group of people came around the stand of trees that had been shielding us from the rest of the park. They were dressed just as oddly as the girl. Some of the men had on gray uniforms with yellow piping. These guys also had sabers belted to their sides with yellow tassels dangling from the hilt. If I didn't know any better I would say we had stumbled upon a civil war re-enactment. Yes, that had to be it for it would explain the other men's dress. They were wearing three-piece suits with tails. What is going on here?

One of the men in uniform raced to the young woman and put his arm around her to support her. "Alison!" he exclaimed as she stumbled again.

Alison turned towards us and pointed to Rembrandt. "That slave was attacking his mistress!" Her voice dripped with indignation.

Slave? What? What the hell is she talking about? It seems these people are taking things a little too far with their re-enactment. They need a reality check! I stepped forward to explain things to these idiots but the professor beat me to it. Good thing to because I was going to give them a piece of my mind!

"Excuse me, Gentlemen and Lady, but there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding," he explained in that dignified British accent of his. "We are not from around here and do not know your customs."

"I know what I saw!" Alison stated as she turned towards the man holding her. "That slave," pointing at Rembrandt, "was lying on top of that lady, " she finished, pointing at me. "You know the law."

I angrily put my hands on my hips. "He was not lying on me. It was not what you think! He had just fallen on me!" At Alison's gasp I began to get the feeling that this was not the right response. I went on, "It was only an accident."

"The law states that a slave cannot have physical contact with white person. He was not only lying on you, he touched you again as you stood. That kind of familiarity is not allowed. He must be punished! If he is not then other slaves will think this behavior is acceptable. NO!" She glared at me as she crossed her arms in front of her. "He must be publically hanged."

We all just stood there with our mouths hanging open as one of the other uniformed men moved towards us. "As an officer of the Confederate States of America, I am obligated to take your slave into custody and facilitate his execution. He will be hanged at noon tomorrow at the public gallows as per the law regarding this type of incident. His hanging will serve as an example that this behavior will not be tolerated."

As I stood there, shocked, only one thought entered my mind... The South won?

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