Rembrandt burst out laughing. "You really had me going for a second there. Now that's a good one!" He turned to look at Quinn, expecting him to be laughing with him. The look on Quinn's face was enough to sober him up.

"How dare you speak to us as if we were equals?" demanded the officer. He motioned to his companions. "Arrest him and take him to the holding cells. The sooner he is dealt with the better!" With that he turned and escorted Alison back the way they had come.

The other men in uniform advanced upon Rembrandt. I couldn't believe this was happening! Our next slide wasn't until after the hanging! What are we going to do? I was panicking. I think the professor noticed this because he spoke.

"Where is your nearest law library?" His tone is so elegant. I truly love the British accent. But enough of that, just what is Arturo up to? We don't have time for checking out the library. Wait! He said law library! The professor is going to find a way to get Rembrandt off. I could barely contain myself from the excitement I felt at the prospect of this.

Professor Arturo and one of the military men were facing another direction. I took this opportunity to speak to Quinn. "We need new clothing if this is the way everyone dresses."

Quinn nodded, his eyes on the professor. "Good idea. Better to blend in than to stick out even further." His eyes shifted to mine and he smiled slightly. "Right now we might as well be jumping up and down, waving our arms day 'Hey! We don't belong here!' "He winked and turned his attention back to the conversing men.

The professor came back to us with a grave look on his face. I tensed waiting for the bad news. "It looks like no slave has ever been pardoned from the gallows. There is no precedent." He turned to Quinn. "You and Miss Wells shall procure us the appropriate garments while I visit the library. I will meet with you later at the Dominion Hotel."

Quinn and I watched Professor Arturo as he headed towards the library. "Would there be a Dominion Hotel if the South won?" Quinn rolled his eyes at my question and took my hand.

"There was one when the British won the Revolution". I snorted at his response and allowed myself to be pulled along behind him as we headed out of the park.