Okay, now I'm blushing. My first slash fic ever. I can't believe I'm actually going to post this. I wrote it, then debated with myself, thinking I might just keep it hidden on my hard drive, never for the world to see, but after a few glasses of wine I decided, 'What the hell.'

So this is defiantly rated NC-17 and it is Slash Josef/Mick

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Hope you enjoy, and please don't kill me!!!

Love is an Irresistible Desire

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. -Ingrid Bergman

"What the hell was that?" Josef asked. Mick stood before him, a look of confusion on his face.

"What do you mean?" Mick asked.

Josef rolled his eyes. "Who taught you to fence?" Josef asked.

"Um, you are," Mick answered.

Josef snorted. "If I were teaching you to fence, you would never make such a stupid mistake."

"What? I was attacking, what did I do wrong?" Mick asked.

"Everything," Josef replied. "Never raise your foil above your head. It exposes your stomach." Josef raised his foil and with lightning accuracy, he jabbed Mick in the stomach.

"Owe!" Mick exclaimed rubbing his stomach.

"See, you have to cover yourself," Josef said. He stared at Mick and suggested, "Why don't we make this more interesting. Take off your shirt."

"What? Why?" Mick asked.

Josef was already removing his shirt. "That way you can feel each hit. The pain will teach you to not make stupid mistakes."

Josef had taken Mick in after Coraline had skipped town. Silently Josef cursed her for leaving him to deal with her new fledgling, but Mick was at a delicate age and bad mouthing his sire might prove more self-destructive then helpful. Mick had gotten past the initial shock, but he was still struggling to control his new abilities. Josef had suggested fencing as a way to practice both dexterity and speed. They now held nightly dueling sessions by Josef's poolside, trying to get Mick to release his inner vampire.

Mick removed his shirt and tossed it to the side. "But what if one of us gets stabbed?"

Josef chuckled, "Have you forgotten that you're a vampire? I know you are a new turn, but seriously? Besides, you won't be able to hit me. And I promise not to make mine too deep."

Mick became angry. What right does he have to treat me like that?! He might be older, but that just means he's more senile. Mick hated being reminded what he was. He knew Josef was doing this for his own good, but he didn't want to listen to it.

Mick charged Josef, his foil ready for stabbing. Josef easily avoided the attack and took the opportunity to slash Mick's side while he was off balance. Mick screamed and grabbed his side, giving Josef the chance to make an identical slash to the opposite side.

"Never attack out of anger. It will cloud your judgment and make you do stupid things...like that," Josef instructed, pointing to the healing cut on Mick's side.

Mick looked up his, eyes pale and his fangs bared. Josef snarled, his eyes matching Mick's and his fangs clearly visible behind his grin.

Mick stood up straight and composed himself. He held his sword out like Josef had taught him and waited. Josef was proud to see that his student was learning. Maybe he's not a complete waste after all…

Josef advanced and Mick retreated, blocking Josef's attack. "Good," Josef coached. He advanced again, this time trying for a shoulder hit. Mick stepped out of the path of the blow, then he lowered his sword into Josef's exposed stomach, bending his foil, to indicate a hit.

"Very good," Josef praised. "Let's see what happens when we speed this up?" Josef attacked again, only this time faster. Mick barely reacted in time to deflect his blow. Josef pulled his sword back to the center and made a second attempt at Mick's now exposed center. Mick retreated again and used a backhanded block to redirect Josef's sword.

Josef smiled. Clumsy, but learning. His sire never had this patience. She would have thrown the sword aside by now and tried to seduce me.

Josef attacked again, even faster and Mick blocked. They started a dance around Josef patio that, Josef noticed, never seemed to steer towards a wall. Mick was doing a good job a keeping his back covered and he had yet to get himself stuck in a corner.

Josef picked up the pace. Their duel was now beyond human visual comprehension. He noticed that Mick was starting to tire. He couldn't keep up with Josef attacks and he was getting sloppy.

Mick swung his foil wildly to the side, trying to connect with Josef, but his movements were far to slow to catch Josef's blade. Josef landed a blow on Mick's shoulder, which tore his skin open. Mick roared in pain and suddenly snapped to attention. He attacked Josef, forcing him on the retreat. Josef was impressed by Mick ferocity.

Mick continued to attack, putting Josef on the defensive. He easily deflected Mick's blows, but it became more challenging. Mick was letting his anger work for him, he was still in control, but he let enough of the predator loose to keep Josef on the run.

Mick managed to land a blow to Josef abdomen and the pain shot through Josef like a silver knife. He lost some control and jumped at Mick. Mick was startled and lost his composure. Josef and Mick started wildly slashing at each other, letting their tempers and testosterone fuel their attacks.

Josef advanced on Mick, forcing him backward. Mick dodged Josef blade, but was unable to redirect his retreat. He was forced against the wall. Josef brought his blade to strike and Mick caught it with his own. Josef pressed down. Mick was trapped against the wall, their swords locked in front of him, Josef was mere inches from his face and Mick could only think of one thing to do.

He kissed him. His initial thought had been to throw Josef off guard and possible free himself from the wall, but as his lips made contact with Josef's a surge of adrenaline ran down his spine.

Josef was surprised at Mick's kiss. Like sire, like fledgling.. was his initial thought, but Mick kept his lips pressed to Josef. Josef felt an all to familiar wave of heat rush over him and he dropped his sword. He heard Mick's clatter to the ground as well. He pressed his body against Mick's, claiming his lips for his own.

Mick was at a lost. This was entirely new ground for him and he didn't know what to do. All he knew was that something inside him would die if Josef left him right now.

Josef placed a hand on Mick's side to steady the struggling fledgling. Mick raised his hands and tangled his fingers into Josef's short hair. Josef sucked on Mick's lower lip. Mick moaned at he sensations running through him. Josef was hard and muscular, unlike the soft women Mick had been with. His muscles flexed as he pushed Mick into the wall, pinning him with his kiss.

Mick opened his mouth to Josef, dying to feel every new sensation he could. Josef darted his tongue into Mick's mouth, running it along his fangs. Mick melted. Josef even tasted masculine; tough and metallic, Although that could be the blood he had for dinner…

Josef moved his body against Mick's. He could feel Mick's bulging erection pressed close his own. Mick slid one of his hands down Josef's back and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer. Josef growled from deep in his chest as their erections pressed together. It had been a long time…a very long time since he had done this…too long, he thought as he ground his hips against Mick's again, enticing another moan from the young vampire.

Mick felt Josef tongue in his mouth and before thinking about it he bit down. Josef blood flowed over his own tongue and he swallowed hungrily. Vampire blood held no nutritional value, but he could taste the power and lust in Josef's blood and it made him throb harder.

Josef was a bit surprised at Mick's bite, but it pleased him. Biting was the most intimate act for a vampire and he was glad Mick had started it. Josef removed him lips from Mick and nipped down his neck. Mick threw his head back, giving Josef full access. Josef teased him by playfully nipping at the vein.

Mick wouldn't stand for it. He reached down between them and stroked Josef through his pants. Josef bit down into his neck, causing Mick to groan and squeeze Josef again.

Josef sucked hungrily at Mick's neck. He taste of pure testosterone, no feminity, no estrogen. Mick was tough and Josef was going to enjoy breaking him. He removed his fangs from Mick's neck. Then he looked into Mick's eyes. Mick stared back, his pale blue eyes dark with lust. They continued to stare at each other as Josef reached for Mick's belt.

There was a sudden rush of hands as they each struggled to remove the other's pants and underwear. Josef backed away enough to give Mick room to step out of his jeans.

When they were both completely naked, Josef grasped Mick pulling him towards him. He made contact between their entire bodies. Slowly rubbing up against Mick, Josef placed a second kiss to his lips.

Mick accepted the kiss and moved with Josef, creating more friction between their bodies. Josef tangled his hands in Mick's hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Mick grabbed Josef's ass and held him tight. Josef backed away from the wall of the patio, pulling Mick towards the lawn furniture by the pool. When he reached his destination he pulled away from the kiss and flipped Mick around. He pressed himself into Mick's back and moved his hands down to grasp Mick' erection.

Mick gasped at the sensation as Josef's firm, yet gentle hands encircled him. He could feel Josef's erection pressed into his back and he rubbed against him.

Josef pulled away from him and, with his free hand, he bent Mick forward slightly. Mick grabbed the lawn chair for support as Josef plunged a finger into him. The sensation was new, yet arousing. He felt as Josef added another finger, readying Mick so he could enter him.

Mick moaned as Josef added a third finger to the mix. He continued to stroke Mick from the front, creating a double assault on his body. Josef finally decided Mick was ready and he removed his fingers. Mick braced himself. He felt Josef slip into him from behind. At first, he was in pain, then it melted to pleasure instantly.

Josef paused, steadying himself. Mick was tight. So tight… He slowly move out then back in. Mick groaned, but it sounded like music to Josef's ears. He slid out and back in again, this time pumping Mick from the front as well. Mick moaned, clearly in pleasure and Josef continued his onslaught of Mick's body. He placed his free hand on Mick shoulder, so that when the time came, he could offer it to Mick.

Mick's eyes blurred from the pain and pleasure running through his body. Josef's thrusts were becoming fast and erratic and Mick prayed for a release soon, the agony was killing him.

Josef knew he couldn't hold out much longer, Mick felt so good and he could tell by Mick's moans that he was enjoying himself too. Josef looked up from Mick's back muscles, which he'd been admiring, and looked out of the city as his body shuddered. He used his hand on Mick shoulder to pull Mick up and Josef sunk his fangs into Mick's shoulder. He twisted his free arm around in font of Mick's face, offering him his wrist. Mick didn't hesitate to bite into it.

The two came at the same time. Mick spilling into Josef's hand and Josef spilling into Mick. Josef's knees gave out, but Mick stood fast, supporting his friend. Josef's body was exhausted and he removed his fangs from Mick's shoulder. Mick released Josef's wrist, but slid his arm around to support him.

"Thanks," Josef muttered as Mick set him down in the chair. Mick placed another kiss on his lips, gentle and less needy than his first. Josef groaned as another arousal started to stir within him, but they were cut short, but a loud tinkling noise.

The pair looked down to see Mick's wedding band, now lying on the ground, gleaming in the early rays of the morning sun. Josef chuckled at the irony, "I guess you stopped carrying Coraline around."