("Ha, ha!") He typed. ("I am the omnipotent writer!")

("No, you aren't," Rachel said, but she was promptly turned into a cow. "Moo! Moo!" She complained, but no one cared.)

("Look, I know you're omnipotent and all, but you can't turn us into farm animals, " Jake said, trying to reason.)

("You're right." I thought for a moment. "There's a two farm animal limit." I quickly turned Tobias into a chicken. "Now for you.")

("Man, this is degrading." Tobias said.)

("Quiet, you.")

(The idea struck me. I turned Jake into a block of wood. "Now, "I said. "Cassie and Marco will fall in love, and she will forget about you! Muhahahaha!")

("Nooooo!" The block of wood yelled, and started hitting my leg. Cassie and Marco started kissing. And the block of wood still hit me.)

(And Rachel still mooed.)

There was a knock at Daniel's door. "Come in!" He yelled without even looking up from the computer screen.

"Hey, Daniel, we're going out to celebrate," Jack said. They had found the city of Atlantis on another planet.

"Um, I'm busy tonight." Daniel tried to hide his story.

"Doing what?"

"Um, nothing."

"What're writing?"

Daniel tried to cover the screen with his hands. "Nothing."

"C'mon, lemme see."

"No, it's nothing, nothing at all."

Jack saw the words "omnipotent writer," "Jake," and "Tobias." Daniel," he said in surprise and pity.

"I know, I know. Jack, I have a problem."

**Note: I am not an insane Ani-writer, I had to do a lot of research to make it even this insane. Daniel is now a member of OAA, the Omnipotent Ani-writers Anonymous. We're all hoping for him.