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.:Chapter 9:.

"Feeling Sorry"

Alison nuzzled Matt, pushing him to the ground. "Mmm...Matt.."

His head hit the dirty carpet, a hand resting lightly on her thigh.

Before Matt could really comprehend much due to his drunken stupor, her mouth latched onto his neck, soft hands sliding over his chest. Her nails bit into his abdomen, traveling lower.

Matt was unable to stop a soft moan, shutting his eyes tightly. He was completely confused as to how this had happened.

Or exactly what was happening.

He knew that there were lips against his own. He knew his shirt was gone. He also knew that somehow his pants had been unbuttoned. However, he couldn't remember how. Or when, now that he tried to piece together what the overzealous blond above him was doing.

Matt's head lolled to the side, the room spinning furiously.

And then it was over. It was the next morning. Alison was gone.

Matt was aware of his head throbbing to burst, being uncomfortable, and next to something warm.


Wait. Mello had left. He'd left Matt at the party alone. But there had been a pretty blond…had Mello come back…?

But even in Matt's hungover state, he never remembered Mello having boobs.

Bits and pieces of the previous night flooded back to Matt.

And in that moment he wished he were dead.

He rolled over, eyes opening slightly, as he stared at a computer tower. That explained the warmth.

He was content to curl up and die right then, on top of electrical cords and snuggling up next to a computer.

The universe definitely hated him.


Mello woke up in the shower, Near pounding on the door to tell him he had to use the bathroom. He ignored him, rolling over to get comfortable on the tile. He didn't want to talk to anyone, he felt like shit, and he hadn't even got shit-faced.

In the pit of his stomach, he knew that he shouldn't have been so…harsh with the redhead. Not when he was drunk, anyway. He didn't want to feel bad, and felt as though he shouldn't feel any remorse at all. It was something that Matt needed to hear and probably knew anyway. The boy wasn't stupid, he was just a complete moron at times.

But still. Mello groaned in the back of his throat, thinking about Matt's face as he left. He really did look like a kicked puppy.

The pang of guilt morphed into a guttural ache.


After a lengthy struggle to get untangled from the wires and actually gain the ability to stand properly, Matt made his way back to his room, Jeremy propping him up and helping to drag the few items he had brought.

"Dude...seriously, what the hell? You never get like this.."

"I know," Matt mumbled, fishing for his key. "Sorry about all this, yeah?"

Jeremy smirked, "Ah whatever, I don't care. Makes my morning more interesting, huh?"

Matt shrugged, slipping to the side and nearly taking himself out with the door frame.

"Whoa there, Matt...take it easy," Jeremy gripped at his friend, helping him through the door. He walked the redhead over to his bed, sitting him down and putting down the tech junk.

"I want to die..."

"No you don't, dumbass."

"Yes...I really want to die," Matt laughed sadly, "Hit me over the head with my laptop. I want to be destroyed with my stash of porn."

"Okay, dude, shut up," Jeremy looked over at Mikami, who was watching the whole situation with mild interest, "Will you please keep him alive? He's too vital to me graduating."

Mikami nodded gravely. "I'll do my best."

"Alright, sweet," Jeremy stood, ruffling Matt's hair, "take something and sleep. You look like shit."

"I love you too, man," Matt swatted the hand away, "go tend to your other drunken guests."

Jeremy placed a hand over his heart, "But I don't care about any of them as much as you," he replied in mock affection. "Get better, loser. And come around more often...we never see you anymore." He left the room in a mess of sound, knocking over a can or five in the process. "I totally meant to do that!"

Mikami eyed Matt with interest. "Rager?"

"Wasn't supposed to be," he sighed deeply, running his fingers through his hair.

Mikami only nodded, turning back towards his computer where his erotic fantasies awaited.

"Did ya fuck 'im yet?" Matt mumbled into his hands.

Mikami let out a terrible sigh. "I would not 'fuck' him, as you so crudely stated. But…" he paused, another sigh leaving his lips, "he's just so busy... because he's doing so much. I haven't been able to really talk to him..."

For the first time, Matt was actually interested in hearing about this. He had no idea why, but whatever. "How much do you talk anyway..? I mean....do you know if he's like...interested..?"

Mikami became flustered. "Well... I must be.. over that girl.. he needs me for things.. I'm the only one who can do them."

Matt quirked an eyebrow, "Like...what?"

"Nothing," Mikami snapped, eyes narrowing. "Nothing." He repeated, this time to himself. He swirled back to his computer, typing furiously.

Yes. Yes, it was confirmed. Mikami was totally nuts.
Matt watched him for a minute before laying down on his bed, vision blurring in pain. "Morning, world….just fuck me in the ass....god dammit.."

Mikami made an uncommitted noise, completely engrossed in his fanfiction.

Mello on the other hand, was starting to feel sick. He had heard Matt's arrival and the small commotion that ensued upon his entry. And the sick feeling was only getting worse. And it was a very girly, very 'I think something happened', very 'oh God I hate myself for being this weak' sort of sick.

"Mello, you have to get out of the bathroom!" Near raised his voice on the other side of the door, shaking the knob.

"Suck it," Mello replied, disregarding his initial urge to keep the white haired boy out of the bathroom for as long as , he let Near into the bathroom then locked the door so Near couldn't get back into the room, flopping onto his bed.

Once Near discovered that he couldn't open his end, he knocked on Matt's end.

Mikami, being completely immersed in his own little crazy world, did not hear the knock. But Matt did, and the sound made his head throb something fierce. Slowly, he got up, wandering to the bathroom door and glared at it angrily.

Near knocked again, more insistent, and rather more irritable. He was having a bad morning.

In a fit of anger, Matt knocked back on the door just as harshly, gripping at his head.

Near was taken aback. What was with everyone? With a flourish of annoyance, he knocked back harder.

Matt banged on the door, cringing at the sound. He then pressed himself against it, yelling at it, "Who the fuck is over there?"

"Me, you arrogant idiot... Mello locked me out of the room and I'd rather not be stuck in the bathroom all morning."

Matt flung the door open, glaring down at Near, "You didn't need to knock so loud, you know." He rubbed at his head, closing his eyes.

"I can't imagine why you knocked back."

Matt remained still for a moment. He then closed the door again.

Near knocked hard. "Will you at least let me outside?"

"Are you going to stop insulting me?"

"Let me out, then yes."

"Do you swear?"

"Stop being childish," Near snapped.

"Fuck you, you little prick. I can leave you in there! I was just asking..." Matt was feeling much too tired to argue. He leaned his back against the door.

"Did something happen at the party?" Near asked calmly. "Because Mello sulked in the bathroom the entire time after he came back, and then is now more than likely sulking in his room."

After a moment's hesitation Matt murmured, "Maybe.."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Who do you think you are, Oprah?"


"Are you going to make me feel like shit?"

"I'll do my best not to."

Matt groaned, "Fine.."

"Well...start then."

"The universe hates me..."

Near chuckled. "I meant what happened.."

"Well...you know the party…the one last night?" Matt was starting to feel very stupid.

Near made a confirmation noise in the back of his throat. He was more than ready to point out the fact that, yes, he knew that Matt was clearly talking about the party just mentioned but he was rather eager to get out of the bathroom.

"Like...God damn...I wanted Mel to come along, you know, and he did...but...he just didn't...do anything. I don't know, I don't see my friends much anymore. I mean, I don't mind...but..." he sighed, sliding down the door, "I miss them sometimes. Whatever."

"I imagine that's not what's bothering you."

"It was at the time. He got so...mad...I...I went after him, and he just...I don't think he really gives a shit about me sometimes. I'm just like his property, or something..."

"He at least acknowledges you live and gives you basic functions," Near murmured.

"Heh, yeah," Matt smiled a little at that. "But then.." his smile faded, "he just...yelled and went off and I was alone and...Christ, I was so drunk. And..."

"And-?" Near prompted.

"There...was, um...I don't know how it happened, but there was this girl..."

There was a long pause. "And you slept with her?"

"I don't know, alright?" Matt replied defensively. "I have no idea how it even happened...I didn't want it or anything…I don't think I did. Shit, I don't remember anything."

Before Near could say anything, a loud SLAM echoed throughout the dorm.

Matt jumped, scrambling to stand up, and nearly falling over in the process. He fell into the wall, clutching his head, whining softly.

Near sighed. "I fear we're going to have cracks in the walls soon…"

Matt, opened the bathroom door slowly and looked down at Near, worry clearly etched on his features. "I think you're right…"

"Are you going to do something about him?"

"What am I supposed to do? He hates me already..." Matt leaned back against the wall, shivering at the cold on the skin of his back.

"You said that before, and he acted almost kindly to you... amazing really, he's very arrogant, very hot-headed."

Matt glared down at Near, voice dripping with sarcasm, "I never noticed." He pushed away from the wall, frowning, "Where do you think he went?"

"He usually comes back with chocolate."

"Should I just...wait, or...what?" he laughed sadly to himself, "Or throw on a shirt or something?"

"I'm not a relationship doctor, Matt."

Ignoring Near, Matt mumbled, pacing, "What am I even supposed to say...I mean..."

"'I'm sorry'?" Mikami piped up.

Matt groaned, resting his forehead against the wall, "I know, but it wasn't all my fault...and he'll never say he's sorry...and....gah..."

"Pride's never a good thing," Near reprimanded, white eyes fixed on him. "Swallow yours."

Matt clawed at the wall, then sighed, dropping his arms, "I'm always the one to swallow." He straightened and turned to Near. "He'll be back soon, then?"

Near shrugged. "He could be gone for an hour, he could be gone for a day. He's unpredictable."

"Fuck..." Matt closed his eyes tightly.

"You won't be as long as you two are fighting," Mikami snickered.

"I hate you guys..." Matt wandered back to his side of the room, rummaging through his over-crowded desk.

Near shrugged, walking out of the room. He was glad to be out of the bathroom at least.

Matt found his dark sunglasses and slipped them over his eyes, grabbing his key. He turned to Mikami, looking thoroughly ridiculous in cataract-esque sunglasses and sagging jeans, "If I don't come back by tonight....call someone or something. I'm probably dead."

Mikami nodded solemnly. "Okay."

Matt opened the door, wincing in the light, "And don't touch my shit."

Mikami rolled his eyes, beginning his typing again.

Matt walked down the lanai with a purpose, jabbing at the elevator button. He had no idea where he would find Mello, but he figured the candy machine in the lobby was a good enough place to start.

Mello was sitting against the vending machine, six bars of chocolate next to him. For some reason, he couldn't bring himself to even eat it.

Matt stumbled out of the elevator looking around, but not quickly for fear of flaring up his hangover. He wandered further into the lobby, spotting Mello and sighing, not knowing quite what to do now.

Mello looked forlornly at his chocolate bar, as if wishing it'd magically appear in his stomach so he didn't have to go through the process of eating it.

Walking up slowly, Matt stopped in front of Mello, his bare feet tensing on the cool cement.

Mello didn't bother to raise his eyes to look at him, slowly raising a chocolate bar to his lips.

It took Matt two minutes to actually force out what he was trying so desperately to say.


Mello rolled his eyes, breaking of a piece of chocolate. "Hi."

Matt stuffed his hands in his pockets, fingers twisting around small pieces of lint. How was he going to do this…
"Mello…I wanted to say…I-I'm sorry…a-about last night.."

"Right… sure you are. Just want me for my body, right?" Mello snorted.

"I should be asking you that, you know…"

"You make me what you want to think of me. It's more like you want to think we only fuck so that you can still chase women."

"I have no desire to go after girls, alright? You treat me like I'm…just….dammit, Mello…" he trailed off.

"What, Matt?" He murmured, getting up and chewing his chocolate furiously.

"You treat me like I'm just here when you want me to be…like you own me or some shit like that!"

"I treat everyone like that."

"Do I mean anything more to you than everyone else, then?" Matt growled, taking a step forward. "Do you think I'm the same as everyone? Hate me just as much?"

"What do you think?" Mello antagonized. "Do you see me fucking Near? Do you see me spend time with him? Do you see me even talk to him?"

"Then what the hell are we? Just…fuck buddies? You tolerate me because I want you, because I give a shit?"

"You're missing the point dumbass. If I didn't give a shit, we wouldn't even be talking."

Matt sighed, eyes dropping as he removed his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes, "I…I just wanted to say sorry, okay? Last night was…I was an idiot…we didn't have to go."

"It's okay. From now on, it's okay if you just go."

"Whatever…" Matt looked up at Mello, "I'd rather you go…but...yeah…"

Mello took a step forward, sliding a finger under Matt's chin, "If I feel like it."

"So…we're okay?" Matt smirked, "You're the last person I want pissed at me."

After he pressed the elevator button, Mello nudged Matt's shoulder. "I want more chocolate."

"You have 5 more bars on the ground, babe."

"They suck."

The elevator dinged, Matt stepping in and holding out a hand for Mello, "Get your chocolate and we'll get you more or something."

Mello scooped up the bars and went into the elevator, his back against the metal. "Near is incredibly annoying…"

Matt laughed, "Yeah, he kept banging on the bathroom door." He turned to Mello, a mock frown on his face, "Thanks for that, by the way."

"I hate him in my room. I think we should switch; Mikami and Near'll be fine roommates."

"That's an idea…you'll have to ask about it, huh?" Matt placed the sunglasses over his eyes again.

"You'd come into my room… Near can move."

"You're going to make me move?" he chuckled.

"Into my room."

"And why would I go along with that so easily, Mel?" Matt rested the sunglasses lower on his nose, peering over the top.

"Because that means hot sex for you whenever we feel like it."


"Alright, fine," Matt squinted, stumbling out of the elevator into the bright light of the lanai. "Dear God it's too bright…"

Mello rolled his eyes. "Yeah…sure."


"Three. Day. Weekend." Matt grinned, laying back on his bed, "Fuck yes."

Mikami let out a happy shriek when he entered the room. "I have a DATE!" He paused, swooning against the door. "With....Light!"

"Oh really?" nothing could ruin Matt's mood right now.

Mikami positively danced into the larger portion of the room. "I have a DATE! Oh God…I need to shower…I need to do pushups.. I need to look good!"

"You look fine," Matt sat up, scratching his head, "Where are you guys going anyway?"

"To the library, then to get coffee… it's for research."

He nodded, "Sounds sexy. Are you uh…" he paused, laughing softly, "are you gonna need the room tonight?"

"Oh! Maybe…" Mikami's eyes shone. "You could sleep with Mello.."

"I could, yeah," he reclined on his bed, "I'll ask if he comes by."

Mikami commenced freaking out for the next three hours, working out and taking multiple showers and flinging clothes to find something to wear. Mello made an appearance briefly, saw the fiasco unfolding and the human cleaning tornado that Mikami had become before leaving the room swiftly.

Matt set down his game as Mikami emerged from the bathroom for the fifth time, beaming madly. "You look pretty spiffy, I must say," the redhead smirked.

Mikami glanced at his proper attire, a very 'spiffy' suit and tie. "You think it's a turn on?"

"Um..." Matt sat up, scratching his head, "Well, you're not really my type or anything, but it works well for you, yeah."

Mikami nearly jumped with glee. "Kami's going to want me... more than that other girl.."

"Other girl, huh?"

Mikami shrugged. "She doesn't matter. Kami doesn't give her the time of day."

"That's a good thing for you then," Matt stood, wandering into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Finally. After splashing some water on his face, Matt heard the door finally slam shut as the dark haired boy left.

Almost immediately, the second door in the bathroom opened and a blond head peaked out hesitantly, eying the bathroom.

"Is he gone?"


"Excellent," Mello smiled and waltzed through the room, grabbing Matt's arm as he passed him. "Come along, now."

"Wha-what? Wait, Mello," Matt tripped, attempting to straighten himself and failing as he was pulled backwards. "Where are we going?"

"To your room."


Mello stopped and turned to face Matt, "Does it really matter why?"

"Well...no, but I was just-"

"Great," he took a step forward, pinning the gamer to the bathroom door, "because I've got a present for you."

Matt's eyes widened briefly before a grin spread across his face. "Should I slip into something a bit more...comfortable?"

Blond brows furrowed, "Sure...if you want."

Closing his eyes, Matt pressed himself forward, lips ready to meet Mello's.

Instead, they touched something cold. And flat.

He opened his eyes, frowning in confusion before his eyes glazed over with lust.

"Holy shit....Mel....y-you didn't..."

"Oh, I sure did," a devious smirk slid over the blond's lips. "Do you like it?"

Unable to speak, Matt nodded quickly, biting at his lip.

"Here," Mello placed the box into the other's hands. "Go for it."

"Are....are you sure?"


"Oh God..." Matt held the box gingerly in his hands. "How did you know?"

"Matt, it's the new Pokemon game. Of course you wanted it."

The gamer grinned, slipping an arm around the blond's waist and pulling him into a kiss.

Heart Gold has tremendous power.


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