Stronger Than Death

Come back, Billy,
Come back to me
You said you loved me,
And then you left me
But this time,
You died in my arms,
And I tried to bring you back.
But then, you went away

Remember the song
You sung?
'When I'm gone,
Long dead and gone
There'll be a child born in this world
To carry on.'

I was crying, Billy,
My heart had hurt
But you came back to me
For a last kiss and a last dance,
And then,
You left me again,
My heart aching and in pain

But now,
I'll be happy,
Stronger than death
You had once told me
You live in my heart

I'll no longer cry,
Knowing that you'll be safe
Watching me from Heaven
But sometimes,
I wish upon a star,
That you'll come back,
Come back to me.

Forever, Billy.
Stronger than death,
The bond that we shared.
I'll love you forever, Billy Thomas.
Till the end of time,
Till the end of my mortal life,
Where I shall surely see you again.