Shades Of Grey

She runs her fingers along the cool, silver-grey metal of Serenity sometimes. It reminds her of how simple life is out in the verse.

There is no black and white; only grey. No one can tell you what to do or how to do it. Rules do not exist in the same manner as they do on the Core planets. Your life is yours to live and what you do with it is up to you.

It could be rough, certainly, but if one is able to keep things stable, they will likely survive with ease.

She likes to think that since she's joined Serenity for the second time (and for the last time, she's sworn to herself), that she's managed to maintain a healthy balance between the grey that is the universe and the distinctively black and white shades that is her world – if she can call it that, anymore.

Sihnon. The Companion Training House. The Core.

Unlike out in the black, those places are constructed on complicated means. Civilisation calls for rules and particular ways of doing things and control. She knows those things all too well and before, when she still lived there, she longed to find release from the clutch it had on her.

She found it when she realised her place was on Serenity.

Now, every time she trails patterns across the ships' walls, she remembers that life can be black and white or it can be grey, as she has chosen. It can't be both.