Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Conspiracy

Azula ran faster than she had ever thought possible, away from her father and brother's mocking voices. She ran all the way to her room and locked herself in. She plugged up her ears and desperately tried not to think of the joys of terrorizing helpless beings.

Meanwhile, Ozai and Zuko sat down in Ozai's private chambers. Zuko was the first to speak up.

"Uh, Dad, why were you helping me taunt Azula? I thought that she was your favorite, not me."

"She kinda' is," said Ozai, "But that's mainly because she's evil. Chaotic Evil, to be more precise"

"What's Chaotic Evil?" asked Zuko, "And where did you get that from anyway?"

"Chaotic Evil is an alignment. The term originated from the game F&F."

"F&F, Dad?'

"Fire & Fighting, it's a role-playing game. It's great fun. A lot of the alignments in it can accurately describe people the real world."

"What alignment am I?"

"From your personality and actions, you're Lawful Neutral, meaning you could go either way. Tormenting your sister will help you to get into an Evil alignment, just like me."

"It will? Good, now let's get on to planning a strategy to make Azula crack."

"Yes, let's. Now I know that Azula loves to beat up tiny, happy little animals, children, old people, and in general whoever screams the loudest."

"I'd say that's about right, Dad. If we expose her to all those things around here at the palace, she'll crack in a day or two and start mugging them."

"Right, then I'll ground her for another three months, just to mess with her. It'll be good fun, and it'll help you get into an Evil alignment."

"If you're evil, why don't you just do that anyway, without having to make her violate her punishment?"

"Because I'm Lawful Evil, son. I follow the rules a bit more and work them to my advantage."

"Alright, then, let's start planning," said Zuko, getting a piece of paper and a pen.

"Now, Zuko, here's what we're gonna do…" said Ozai as father and son shared a happy bonding moment over plans to torment Azula.

The next morning Azula was out and about in the palace, heading for breakfast. She had missed dinner last night and was very hungry. She walked up to the dining table, ready for some food, when a little Girl Scout came up to her, dressed in a Fire nation version of a Girl Scout uniform.

The little Scout bowed momentarily and said, "Hi, Princess Azula!" in a happy, singsong voice that Azula just couldn't stand.

Azula got up. She thought, "I may not be able to terrorize this little brat myself, but I can at least get her out of here. When I find out who let her in, I'm gonna (an: the words she thinks ate too horrible to describe)" Out loud, Azula shouted at the top of her lungs, "Guards! Take this little pest away and treat her to a nice long stay in the dungeon!" Surprisingly, not a single guard rushed in. Azula frowned, "What's going on?" she asked herself.

"Oh., I see you've meet our little guest" came a voice from behind her. Azula turned and saw her father strolling up, with Zuko right behind him. Both had smiles on their faces.

"I told her you'd like to spend the day with her," said Ozai, "And that is an order," he said quickly before Azula could protest.

"But, but…" stammered Azula.

"No buts, Azzie," said Zuko in a malicious voice, "Dad told you to, so you're gonna!"

"Zuzu, I'm gonna roast you alive!" screamed Azula as she shot a bolt of fire directly at him. However, Ozai effortlessly blocked the fire blast from hitting his son.

"Azula, I said do it, now!" said Ozai in a very menacing voice, "She's your companion for the rest of today. Now get moving!"

"But Dad, I haven't even had any breakfast yet!" said Azula.

"Alright, you can have breakfast but little Cindy here eats with you," said Ozai.

"Yay! I get to spend the day with the Fire Princess!" said Cindy, jumping up and down with glee,

"Oh Dark Gods help me!" thought Azula as Cindy jumped around her.

Soon after that, Azula and Cindy had eaten along with Ozai and Zuko. Azula was forced to let Cidny follow her out of the dining room, while resisting the urge to flame-broil the obnoxiously peppy eight-year-old. Ozai and Zuko stared smugly after them.

"Well, Zuko, I must say that you certainly found one little girl who has to be the most annoying that I've ever seen. Where did you find her?"

"Thanks, Dad. Uncle Iroh showed me where the Fire Girl Scouts meet every week and I found the one that was most annoying."

"Ha! Well, it won't be long before Azula snaps with a girl like Cindy following her around all day."

"Agreed, I'd give her about three to four hours before she attacks Cindy, and then…."

"And then I ground her even more!' laughed Ozai, "You seem to be enjoying this, son. Maybe there is some evil potential in you after all!"

"Do you really think so, Dad?"

"I really do, son. Watching Azula squirm should be fun. Let's finish up and hurry over to spy on them."

A few seconds later, a tortured shriek that unmistakably belonged to Azula was heard by father and son. Both laughed harder than they had in quite a while.

"Look's like our scheme is right on track, Dad. High five!" said Zuko.

Zuko and Ozai happily gave each other a high five before running out the door to see Azula scream.

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