Flowers And Things

She returns to her office from the cafeteria to find Ronon arranging a bunch of wildflowers in a glass on her desk. She recognises them as flowers from the mainland, their beautiful red and yellow buds open and inviting.

She can smell their sweet, honey-like scent from the doorway and feels the corners of her mouth twitch up.

"Ronon?" she asks.

He spins around, hand automatically landing on the weapon at his waist. When he sees her, he visibly relaxes. "Dr Weir," he replies.

Nodding at the flowers, she smiles at him. "What are those for? They're beautiful." She joins him at her desk and gingerly leans down to smell them. "Nice," she murmurs.

"They're…" Ronon begins. "Well, John was telling us about Earth traditions. He said today is Valentine's Day."

She doesn't speak for a moment, torn between coming up with a response that would suitably display her feelings and calculating the day to find it was, in fact, Valentine's Day. She had forgotten.

Rather than using words to say thank you, she wraps her arms around Ronon and pulls him close. When they break from the hug, she kisses him gently on the cheek. It's an innocent gesture, but a huge grin appears on Ronon's face anyway.

"I guess you like them, then?" he asks almost shyly.

She grins back at him. "I do. They're really beautiful, Ronon. Thank you."

He clears his throat nervously and she begins to think that giving her flowers is not all he came to do.


He confirms her suspicions. "There's something else," he tells her carefully.

She nods and offers him an encouraging smile, letting the fingers of one hand trail slowly over the smooth edges of her desk. "Yes?" Her heartbeat speeds up and she is certain that if he asks her what she thinks he's going to ask that she'll not be able to stop smiling for the rest of the week.

"Will you," Ronon begins, ducking his head, "be my Valentine?"

She's doomed and she knows it.

She reaches out, takes Ronon's hands in hers and laces their fingers together. The smile she feared would come has taken control of her mouth.

"I'd love to," she says.