I Love You

Disclaimer: I'm not J.K Rowling, all of these characters belong to her. I gain no profit from this story.

James stared at the red-head sprawled across his bed, a smile playing on his lips.

Her eyes were shut. The sunlight danced upon her closed eyelids, and she groaned. Not sleeping, yet not awake. Caught halfway in between.

"James," Her voice was soft and barely audible, yet he had heard. His smile grew even wider.

"Lily," He whispered back, placing his hand on hers. She had fallen back asleep.

He twirled a strand of her brilliant red hair around his finger. Around and around. Gently, so as not to wake her. He watched as he let go and the strand of hair uncurled, falling just below her shoulder. He tucked the strand back behind her ear. She moved closer to him, pressing her body to him and wrapping her arms around him like he was a big teddy bear. He wrapped his around her.

Never had James seen something so beautiful. Her red hair was sprawled in all directions. Her pale face dusted with freckles. She was scrunched up into a ball, the way she always slept; her arms around his torso were clinging to his shirt.

James kissed her head, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her shampoo, and closed his eyes. Never had he been so content before. He wished he could stay like this forever. Just him and her. Together. With nothing but the soft sound of her breathing and the steady rhythm of her heartbeat filling the air.

"I love you," James whispered the three words so quietly, he had to strain his own ears to hear himself. He had never said them before.

Not to his mother, or his father. Although he did love them both dearly. James wasn't one to express his true feelings.

Lily shifted her grasp on James's shirt and her eyes fluttered open. Her vivid green eyes stared at James in amazement. Her features softened, and she smiled slightly.

Her head moved, from where it had been on James's chest, up to his face and her beautiful green eyes gazed into his warm hazel ones.

"I love you too, James Potter," She muttered before her lips collided with his.

A/N: Well, here you have it. A Lily and James oneshot. This time it's written at 2:12am in the morning. It was a bit of a spur of the moment kind of thing. I didn't really want to write anything long and this idea just popped into my head and I just had to write it down. I'm not sure if it's written very well as I'm severely sleep deprived (ok, not severely, that may be a bit of an exaggeration), but I only slept 4 ½ hours last night because I had so much homework I left to the last minute. If you're reading this…don't leave your homework to the last minute, you end up panicking and maybe not even completing it. It wasn't very smart of me at all. Anyway, please review…and tell me what you think.