Glomp Worthy

OysterShipping (Misty/Dawn) drabble, ladies and gentlemen! Dawn has just won the Grand Festival. How do you think her girlfriend will react? Enjoy and find out! Or is it find out and enjoy? Whatever!

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"Ambipom, use focus punch, now!" Dawn commands, and with full force of the pokemon's abilities, Ambipom uses a very swift and effective focus punch at the most opportune time to knock out the competition in Zoey's signature pokemon, Glameow. The judges do not need a second opinion to know that Glameow can't continue in her match, and all of their panels flash a red 'X' on the outside. The match and the Grand Festival are both over.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Marion Meridian announces, "in three minutes and 57 seconds, the winner of this match and the NEW Sinnoh Grand Festival Champion, Dawn!"

The fact that she has defeated her best friend for the title of Grand Festival champion takes a few seconds to be processed inside of her head, but once she gets it, her emotions could not be held in a moment longer.

Raising her arms in victory, she jumps up in the air several times, screaming "Yes! Yes! I did it! I won! Oh my God, I won! I won the Grand--OH!" Dawn is not able to finish her celebration as she has just been tackled to the ground. Initially, security and the crowd thought that it was some sort of heckler, but as they get a good look at who tackled the new champion to the ground, they just smile nervously at the hyperactivity of Dawn's significant other.

"Dawn, you did it!" Misty screams, speaking the same sentiment as her girlfriend. Grabbing the front of her dress while in the mount position, she literally screams into the younger girl's face, "You won the Grand Festival! Oh, you were fantastic out there. I loved your performance. I love you." Misty then raises the temperature of Dawn's lips by pressing her pair against Dawn's.

Zoey, who had planned on walking towards Dawn to give her a handshake as a sign of a job well done got all the way to the middle of the battlefield before she saw the entire scene take place. Bringing her head down somewhat and trying not to laugh at the present scenario, she thinks about the great bond that her best friend and the Cerulean Gym leader share and the great accomplishment that Dawn has achieved. With all this in mind, she comes up with a very educated guess on what will happen between the two later tonight.

With those thoughts in her head, Zoey leaves the two lovers alone to celebrate a very glomp worthy battle.

A/N: Checking the definition of the word 'glomp' is, a non-sexual action of one person lovingly (and dramatically) attacking another with a hug.

And if it weren't for shame and the fact that some things are best kept private, that glomp could have led to something sexual. I mean, Dawn just won pokemon coordinating's highest honor. I'm just saying.

Until next time, it's been Rave!