Title: Fiasco

Chapter Title: Silence

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"Well, since that fiasco is over, I am going home"

Ryan turned to face his coworker. She had snapped him out of his train of thoughts about the recent case. It really was a fiasco. It had had a hand full of witnesses, a truckload of suspects, and, well, way too much evidence. In fact, the whole thing had taken them a couple of days. So everybody was glad that it was over.

"Uhh…earth to Ryan. Hello, anybody in there?"

"Ohh…sorry, I was just thinking about the case."

Natalia frowned slightly. "Who would have honestly thought that it was Murrey Ross? He is such a sweetie, but all the evidence turns toward him."

"Well…" Ryan started," Exactly, too sweet. He's dangerous stalker Natalia, and he got what he deserved."

"I know, I know, it's just that…" Natalia signed and shut her locker door. "Never mind, it sounds ridiculous."

"No, no, tell me. Please?" Ryan pleaded. He really wanted to hear what she thought. He liked her. A lot.

"Ok. Well, I think that Ross didn't do it. I don't think that he could have killed that girl." Then she looked up and smiled. "There it is, out for the world to hear. So, do I sound crazy?"

"Not as crazy as you look" Ryan joked. Natalia playfully punched him in the arm, but Ryan felt goosebumps rising where she had touched him, and felt a blush coming. Thankfully, she didn't notice.

"I don't know, maybe it's just a gut feeling huh?" Natalia asked, looking at Ryan, but searching for an answer on his face.

"Well, I always say to trust your gut, because it's usually pretty right." Ryan answered, hoping to bring some ease to his friends' worries. He never liked Tali' to be in any kind of pain, and anxiety was the kind that could eat you up.

"Yeah, and look where that has got you." Natalia said, and Ryan laughed. Natalia smiled at herself. She loved to see him laugh, because he never faked it. If it was funny, then he actually laughed his laugh. As weird as this sounded, Natalia thought it made perfect sense.

"Well, my gut is telling me that we should both go home and get some rest." Ryan told her, picking up his bags.

"You're the boss Wolfe" Natalia smiled, "See ya later, kay?"

"Okay" And Ryan left the building, waving to her as she got in her car. He wished he had invited her over for a movie, or something. He just wanted to keep spending time with her. All the time. He loved everything about her; her beautiful brown skin, her long, wild brown hair, and her warm brown eyes just seemed to melt him from the inside out. She had the funniest sense of humor, and was, probably, the nicest and sweetest person he knew. And, after all this, he still couldn't muster up the courage to ask her out on a date. What if she didn't have the same feelings for him as he had for her? And, despite this, he knew that he was in love, deeply in love.


'Home sweet home' Natalia Boa Vista thought, as she pulled her car into the parking below her apartment building. She had not spent most of the car ride thinking about where she was going (it was amazing she had made it home at all), but she was thinking about something. Or rather someone.

Ryan Wolfe.

She had to admit, ever since he had come back, he was all she could think about. How his dark brown hair grew back so fast after he cut, his perfectly tanned skin, his pretty hazel eyes. She wished she could glaze into them, but that might not fare well. As Natalia dug in her bag for her keys, she wondered whether this was love.

As she pondered, she didn't hear someone coming up the stairs behind her, and she surely didn't hear the footstep following behind her.

But then again, no one heard the thump of the baseball bat that hit her over her head. And no one heard her being dumped into the truck of a car that drove into the darkness, a CSI inside.

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