Walking down the slightly crowded streets of Santana Row, Alice was bouncing with excitement

Walking down the slightly crowded streets of Santana Row, Alice was bouncing with excitement. They had all of the major designers there such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and BCBG Max Azria. Of course, Alice and Rosalie dragged me into the nearest store.

I was happy that it was just Anthropologie, since they carry some of the clothes I could wear. It wasn't as tight and short as the latest styles, with huge flower print all over it. Alice tried fitting me into that last month, not the best thing that looked good. Edward seemed happy with it though, either that or his pants suddenly got tighter.

Either way, once I snapped out of my trance of thinking how much fun we had after the tight pants came off, Alice already had a pile of clothes for me to try on.

Alice and Rosalie rushed me over to the changing room, since apparently they wanted me to try on some special dress. Once I locked myself in there from my crazy sister-in-laws, I looked at this dress they kept on talking about. Normally I would just wear jeans and a shirt, but taking a second look I actually liked it.

It had a sweetheart bodice with intricate stitching, with the skirt portion having intricate drapery that flared out enough to show off my curves. It was navy blue with white stitching, though at the bottom there was a band of silver.

I delayed a little bit, wondering what this was going to be for. Suddenly, Alice was yelling through the door, "if you think that just standing there forever will eventually bore us, it won't. We have the rest of eternity!"

Once we finished shopping at Anthropologie we had about a total of 8 bags between the 3 of us. We headed into other stores, accumulating more bags along the way. As we headed out to the parking garage Alice stopped us.

"Hang on. Hang on. Hang on! We have one more store. But first, let's put all of these bags in the trunk," she said.

"Alice, we've been shopping for hours on end. Can we please just-"

"Nope. I've seen it and we need to get this. It's going to be a present from you to Edward."

I sighed, "I already have enough lingerie, Alice. You think you could figure that out from the perverted visions you've seen."

Rosalie piped in, "How can that be possible? I thought Edward has already torn about half of that closet." Yeah, another thing: my present from Rose was an entire closet of lingerie and … toys. Actually, it was everyone's in the house. Which was sort of weird because I would figure out that if the guys were let in there that they would never leave. Trust me, walking in on Carlisle and Esme … um … "getting it on" is not pretty. It now causes a blush whenever I'm in the same room as those two.

Back to the present. "Okay," I said, "one more store and then we're going home. Besides, I think the mall is closing."

"Just one more stop, that's it! Canadian Geese, how many times do I have to repeat myself?" (A/N: I don't really know how to say the political correct version of "Jesus!")

"You only told us it once out loud. I don't know how many times in your head though," Rosalie said.

Rose then popped open the trunk and stuffed all of our bags inside it. Afterwards, Alice grabbed both our wrists and started heading towards the mall again. At least she knows I want to get this over with and not be looking at random things in the store while she's forgotten what we're getting.

After walking at a human pace for about three minutes Alice turned us to the left. Right when we entered the store I looked up at the sign. I guess Alice wanted to get something useless and electronic since Sharper Image was the store to get it at.

Alice, heading right to one of the store clerks, asked, "Excuse me, do you know where the heating blankets are?" though before the clerk had the time to answer my sister turned to the right. Wait. Heating Blankets?! What am I supposed to do with that? Oh well, I expect Alice to explain.

Alice got the priciest one in the right size for our bed, and walked over to the cash register. Both Rose and I were trying to figure out what Edward and me were supposed to do with this thing. After paying, Alice handed me the bag and just smirked, probably at my face that was now contorted in thought.

On the ride home we listened to the latest Panic at the Disco CD. Well, we did listen but I also complained about how much I liked the exclamation point they used to have in their name.

When we got home, we took all of our bags, including the one from Sharper Image, and entered the house. Everyone was in the living room waiting for us except for one person. Edward. I guess he was still in our room researching what to happen. Even though I already had a pretty good guess, I asked my family, "Hey, where's Edward?"

Emmett answered, "He's in your room right now, but I don't know what he's doing."

I tried to get an idea of what was going on in the other room by listening closely, but all I could hear was the faint playing of music. I went down the hallway and turned into our room, wondering what he was doing in there.

As I opened the door, I noticed Edward was listening to his iPod, so he wasn't able to hear me entering. I carefully put all of my bags down in our walk-in closet and tip toed over to the desk.

I bent down to his level and encircled him in my arms with my head resting on his left shoulder. I pulled his ear bud out, quietly whispering in his ear, "I have a present for you."

Immediately he turned his swivel chair around, with enough force to break it off his hinges. The look on his face was priceless as he probably thought that he was going to get some at that moment and I had on a new outfit from the infamous closet. Unfortunately for him, he realized I was wearing the same clothing as when I had left.

"So what's this gift you're talking about?" he asked, trying to figure out the present. I swear, I wear only a ribbon once on Christmas and all of a sudden the word "present" makes him horny.

"It's right behind me," I said, trying to deceive him with a coy smile. He stood up from his chair, which miraculously wasn't broken, and walked over to me.

"By the way," he said, "I really can't think of any good place to go to college other than Washington and Alaska State. You probably don't want to go there, though, because someone may recognize us or something."

I immediately turned around to face him, forgetting about the heating blanket. "Edward," I said sternly, "Hopefully you're lying to me because there are many places that don't have sun all of the time besides Forks and Denali. Now tell me what you've found. Truthfully."

He backed away a little bit from where he was standing in front of me. He knew to never make me mad since all hell could break lose. Hell hath no fury like a female vampire scorned. "O-ok, I found a couple in Europe, but I don't want you going that far away! I at least want to get there within a day and only three time zones!"

"Gee, Edward, so you finally found something," I said sarcastically.

"Um, yeah," he said, running his hand through his hair, "I'm thinking Cambridge. London's very much like Forks most of the time and maybe you could get a cute British accent while you're there." His face broke out in a crooked grin at that moment, obviously he was trying to lighten my mood.

"Fine," I sighed, "you win. This time."

He then walked over to me, giving me a hug. After a few moments he pulled back slightly, with a curious look on his face. "So, what exactly is this present that you were talking about? Alice is still blocking her visions and you have given me no clues about what it is."

"I forgot about that! Hold on one second." He let me go as I walked away towards the door where all of my bags were placed. Finding the Sharper Image bag, and placed it on the bed.

"It was mainly Alice's idea," I said, "but it's kind of clever. We all know you'll miss my warmth once I leave so I got you this!"

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