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Death Is The Only Cure

"We found him like this, Hokage. What do we do?" The Anbu asked with a limp body hung over his shoulder. The fifth Hokage's widened with fear. This was more serious than she had thought it would be. Her hands clenched together hard that the nails cut into her skin and blood poured through her fingers. A sweat drop slid down her pale face. Her eyes got dark. There will be revenge. But first the patient's needs comes.

"Put him onto the examination table! Hurry, we do not have much time!" She ordered. Bodies ran left and right, so not to angry Tsunade. She was well known for her anger tempers.

The unconscious body was put gently down onto the table. Tsunade got to work quickly. She started with an examination of the body, physically. The patient had dirt, sweat, and visible bruises. There were no cuts made; however, there appeared to be physical markings of needles that had been injected. Not good. The injections had happened all over the body. What could it have been? She needed to know right now.

"Scalpel!" Tsunade yelled. A nurse quickly handed the objected into the hokage's hand. Tsunade made a small cut in the middle of the left hand and grabbed a tissue to wipe some blood. She quickly turned over to another table to examine the blood taken out, but she first ordered the helpers," Quickly clean him up! I do not want to see any dirt on him when I turn around again!" So the workers rushed to finish the new assigned task.

Tsunade quickly drew out a circle with many symbols in around it. She performed a medical jutsu to figure out what had been injected into the patient. This would have been easier if she could have used a needle to take out blood, but that was too risky. The patient's blood vessels would be worn out and should not be touched with anything for awhile. So the method the hokage chose would be the next easiest, even if very few people could perform it.

She waited for the results to appear. The trick was to wait, and the fifth was not in the mood to wait, so began to pace. What appeared to be hours was about two minutes when the color of the blood on the tissue changed. Tsunade gasped when she saw what color. She had hoped it would be any color than the when she saw. It had turned pure black.

There was no known cure. The only cure could be death.

Tsunade looked at Naruto with tears in her eyes.