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The two Suna guards perched in front of the gates of Suna knew that whenever Temari Su Baku returned, she was all business and usually immensely tired and tense from her long travels from Suna to Konoha.

Well, imagine their surprise when they heard her laughter echo in the air before a blur stopped in front of them and a huge cloud of sand covered their stone-like faces.

Naruto planted Temari on her feet and brushed the sand out of her hair.

"And you said that I couldn't make it through the desert in Sage mode in five minutes! You should have known better than to bet against the great Uzumaki Naruto. Now, what do I get for winning?" Said Naruto confidently, eyes reverting back to his natural blue ones.

"I can think of a few…rewards for you," Said Temari suggestively as she put her arms around his torso and leaned into him.

"I think a big plate of food would do me well," Said Naruto densely, ignoring Temari's obvious innuendo.

Temari and the guards inwardly shook their head. Naruto sometimes just never changed.

"I agree with that statement Naruto-san. Food will be on me for bringing my sister back safe," Said a voice. All three people that had previously pegged Naruto as dense instantly realized why he said what he said.

'He's a genius,' Thought the same three.

"Gaara! Good to see that your hair is still red," Said Naruto, Temari now out of his arms and next to him, though her shoulder remained touching his.

"It is equally as nice to see you here in person instead of the shadow clones that used to replace you whenever you visited," Said Gaara with a straight face.

Naruto chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head now.

"Well there is no need for that now, I am here in living color. So what's up, how's the village been," Said Naruto, grabbing Temari's hand as he walked further into the village with Gaara, not noticing the brief eye contact between sibling and the noticeable smirk on Gaara's face and the red cheeks on Temari.

( Hours Later- Su Baku residence)

"Are you sure Gaara? I kind of have another place to go to after this. I can always come visit another day," Said Naruto, as he was being dragged into the home of the Su Bakuby Gaara.

Well more like his sand was doing the pushing but you get the point.

"Two things. One, you must stay tonight, eat and rest. Because two, Tsunade sent a letter with a change in mission location. You are no longer headed to Snow Country, but to Earth Country," Said Gaara calmly.

Naruto stared at Gaara for a good five seconds before shrugging his shoulders and plopping down on the couch.

"Now where is the mask faced freaky bandit in pajama gear?" Asked Naruto with a smile on his face.

"I'M WITH YOUR GIRL!" Yelled an irate Kankuro in reply.

"I THOUGHT THEY HAD INCEST LAWS IN SUNA?" Yelled Naruto back. Looking at Gaara, Naruto began counting down.

"Five, four, three, two and…"

A huge caterpillar made of wood came crashing out of the ground, it's mouth opening and senbon being sent at Naruto, who back flipped over the couch and rushed to his left, senbon littering the wall, Naruto jumped in the air and Kawarimi with a stone, grabbed the snake by it's mouth and channeled a Rasengan, sawdust began flying in the air in the background as Gaara looked away and stared at the concerned servants.

"It's a normal occurrence. Everything will be back in order soon enough, this will get docked from Kankuro's pay as usual, please proceed with cooking dinner. Thank you," Gaara said calmly. The servants nodded resolutely and continued their duties.

Suddenly sand arose from the ground and halted Naruto and Kankuro's movement.

"That is enough." Gaara said, leaving no room for argument.

Naruto smiled and put the caterpillar down, Kankuro emerging from the back.

"You are very lucky brat. I was about to send those senbon right back at you," Said Kankuro confidently.

Naruto raised his eyebrow before looking at Kankuro's finger, which was connected to every single senbon he threw at Naruto, which was now in the air.

Saying nothing, Naruto simply turned around and summouned Shadow clones.

"We can always take this outside," He said seriously.

Kankuro looked at Gaara, who simply pointed at the back door.


The two calmly walked outside, senbon floating and caterpillar dragged by Naruto outside where after a few seconds, Sounds of scuffling and fighting began again.

Stretching a bit and popping the cork on his gourd, Gaara too went outside to join the festivities.

After all, if you cannot beat them.

Join them.

Naruto sat on the rail next to Gaara at the Kazekage tower overlooking the village.

"That was, absolutely delicious that dinner," Said Naruto.

"I am glad you enjoyed it. I am just happy that we cooked as much as we did. Maybe Jinchuuriki should only eat together once a year," Said Gaara jokingly.

Naruto nodded in agreement before getting serious.

"Can I be honest?" Asked Naruto.

Gaara nodded.

"Temari. She didn't request me to just escort her did she?" Naruto asked.

Gaara nodded.

"You are more perceptive than I thought," Said Gaara.

"So what was the real parameters of that mission?" Naruto asked again.

Gaara said nothing after a while. Crossing his arms over his chest Gaara closed his eyes.

"In all honesty, it was a very important piece to a plan that as Kage, I cannot relate to you at this time. Just know that you personally will be seeing Temari more often," Said Gaara.

Naruto nodded.

"I figured so. It seems things are moving a bit fast in this alliance business," Said Naruto in reply.

"So you know?" Asked Gaara, not really surprised.

"I do."

"Then you know the many hands that want you to ask for their marriage," Said Gaara.


"How will you function. In fact, how do you function?" Asked Gaara.

Naruto simply smiled.

"I don't. I just let it happen, knowing things will all work out for the better," Said Naruto.

Gaara nodded.

The two sat there in silence for a bit, watching the street life and the scenery and beauty of Suna.

"Two more questions," Naruto said suddenly.


"You heard the discussion between Temari and myself when we got here didn't you?"

Gaara nodded.


"How does that make you feel?" Asked Naruto.

"I wanted to brutally lop your head off, crush your arm, pop the other out and beat you with it, then kill you very slowly before spreading your ashes to the four corners of this world and hide the insides of your body but that would bring up too many issues and you did not reply to her very forward suggestion," Gaara said as if talking about the weather.

Naruto chuckled loudly.

"Man, I had the crush on your sister for the longest. If I wasn't focused on Sakura at the time, I think I would have replaced her with trying to take Temari out on a date or two. Just being truthful," Said Naruto honestly.

"How long have you been holding that in?" Asked Gaara, who turned around to stare at the person who had appeared two minutes ago, who heard everything.

"Right after the Chunin exams. When you're in the hospital, you get to thinking about alot. I thought one day: 'She's strong, beautiful and deadly. I am sure men bow at her feet in Suna everyday,' but you were still crazy back then so I doubt they would try that," Said Naruto jokingly.

"Well that is good to know. Now you can tell her everything to her face," Said Gaara seriously, looking at Temari standing there smiling.

Naruto looked and his eyes widened in shock at how she appeared and heard his omission, so in embarrassment he jumped head first off the roof.

Gaara simply began to walk inside the tower as his job here was done.

"He's all yours," He said as he kept his stride.

"Thanks," she said in reply.

Walking to the railing and looking down, she made eye contact with the Naruto standing on the side of the building, sticking with chakra, smacking a hand over his face repeatedly.

"Too loud, too loud too loud,"

"You know it's kind of cute that you waited for so long to say anything about it," Said Temari, breaking him from both his talking to himself and concentration, making him slip and fall. Only to float upwards as sand lifted him up from the building.

Inwardly thanking Gaara, Naruto landed back on the roof and grinned weakly at Temari.



Staring at one another, Naruto sighed.

"Well, the Demon is out of the seal, now you know," said Naruto as he averted making eye contact.

Temari nodded and grabbed his head to make his eyes look at hers.

"Well, if you weren't a brat and wore so much orange back then, I could have went for you too," said Temari truthfully.

"Really! I mean... really?" Said Naruto in shock then surprise.

"Of course. You saved my brother from the darkness that he was falling deeper in and you never gave up in any of your dreams and ambition. I respected that," Said Temari as she moved her hand and grabbed his collar while looking at his chest, red hue on her cheeks.

"Then you came back three years later, stronger and as dense as ever, but still a little perceptive. Me and Shikamaru were together for one year and nobody knew anything. But again, you saved my brother," She whispered as she got closer again and leaned on him.

"Then came the war. And again, you took everything head on and single handedly prevented hundreds of deaths and saving the nation," said Temari and tapped his forehead.

"That was when I realized that my silly little fascination was way more than that. It went from fascination, to idolization, to amazement to... well... maybe others would call it a heavy crush, but I prefer saying I am captivated by you," Said Temari.

Naruto looked at her deeply and could see no lie within her. Grabbing her hand, Naruto removed them from his body and turned back around to stare at the view and hold his hand up to point to everything behind him.

"Why me Temari? There is so many other men that are better than me in the nation. Stronger, handsome, smarter and… well…maybe not stronger… but the other two for sure," Said Naruto seriously.

Temari giggled and grabbed his hand.

"Silly Uzumaki. They don't have what I need. They have what I want. It's not hard to understand Naruto. You have this… thing about you that makes even the greatest enemy, instantly want to be your friend. You can tell and do things that nobody can, and you care. You're so caring. It's not something I understood at first, but now…"

Temari grabbed his other hand.

"Now I love you for it,"

Naruto's heart began feeling pretty heavy after that statement.


He mumbled. Temari nodded.

"Wow is right. So yes Naruto Uzumaki, I chose you to be my future, and I will choose you ninety –nine times out of a hundred," Said Temari seriously.

"Ninety-Nine?" Asked Naruto.

"Well, I did think Sasuke was cute before he went crazy," She said jokingly.

Naruto laughed and pulled her into her.

"I will make that ninety-nine a one hundred percent Naruto then," Said Naruto seriously.

Temari smirked.

"You better. Because after all of these years of me denying it Naruto, no other woman will deny me from having you Naruto," At this Temari strengthened her hold on Naruto's arms and brought him in a bit, eyes turning red and in the background the sky turned black and screams began emanating in the air as flames showed up behind Temari.

"No one," She said in a demonic tone.

Naruto nodded fast.

"Nobody Temari-Hime, I understand one hundred percent you are mines heart, soul and strength and body and did I mention heart," Said Naruto really fast.

Everything disappeared and Temari smiled.

"Good. I expect a really nice ring when all of this gets hashed out Naru-kun," Said Temari sweetly as she led him into the tower.

"Now let's go to bed,"

"But we're not married,"

"But we can surely practice,"

"You do mean just sleeping in the same bed right?"

Temari said nothing. Simply hummed in response.

Naruto began breaking in cold sweat.

'Women are scary'

(Earth Country – Three Days Later)

Naruto was, for lack of a better word, immensely tense as he walked through Earth Country and then in Iwa. Making eye contact with nobody, but wondering why all the looks he got were less of anger or rage, but more of sympathy and sadness.

"That's the chosen one?"


"I wish him luck,"

"It seems Namikaze Minato will be getting paid back, but not like this. I wouldn't wish his fate on anyone,"

"God speed Naruto,"

And more words like this led Naruto to the conclusion.

Iwa was crazy.

Finally reaching the tower, and making his way up to the Tsuchikage, getting a hug from the front desk secretary. Which confused him more as he approached the front door and opened it up to find three people there.

Onoki sat at his desk looking at Naruto with a small smirk on his face, his son Kitsuchi turned his neck from his seat to wave at Naruto, who waved right back.

Kurotsuchi however, glared at him the minute he entered the room to the minute he sat down, arms crossed and a huge scroll set by her feet, her face one of annoyance than anything else.

"What's up gramps?" Asked Naruto cooly, ignoring the glare from the kunoichi and keeping his presence.

Onoki shook his head.

"Brat," He replied before the two smirked at one another.

"So I have been brought here to believe I am bringing someone from Iwa to Konoha?" Asked Naruto.

Onoki nodded.

"That is correct. My granddaughter will be in Konoha for a month for an assignment concerning the alliance and as I heard you were already at Suna, I requested your help in this matter as you are the only one from Konoha I believe my daughter has already spoken to and met. Not to mention you ere already out of the village so it's more of killing two birds with one stone," said Onoki.

Naruto nodded his head.

"That is correct. When do we leave?" He asked.

Onoki smirked.

"Now," Said Onoki.

Immediately Kurotsuchi walked up to Naruto until they were literally nose to nose.

"Now listen and listen good Uzumaki. I have no ill-will towards you, I do not like this arrangement. I do not trust you. I do not like you. But I respect your skill and nothing more. So I expect nothing but the most civil and respectable trip back to Konoha ever. If not, I will not hesitate to burn your flesh until there is nothing that remains of you. Do NOT ogle me. Do NOT touch me. Do NOT…"

Naruto cut her off by being old Naruto that all women love to hate.

"Oh my goodness! Not another one of these ladies demanding things from me that I'm simply not going to remember! Why can't you just get your bags and let's go! Good grief lady, I don't even know you! I just got here! No disrespect, but shut up and let's go! Dattebayo you're giving me a headache," Naruto said pulling his hair and over dramatically making a scene.

Kurotsuchi growled.

"I am serious boy, I am not to be trifled with!"

"Boy? I am stronger than you, you're the one acting like a little spoiled brat!"

"TAKE THAT BACK!" Shrieked Kurotsuchi as she got in Naruto's face.

"NO YOU ROCK BANSHEE! UZUMAKI NARUTO BACKS DOWN FROM NOBODY!" Naruto yelled right back in her face.

Kitsuchi shook his head and smiled and Onoki simply chuckled.

"Haven't even left and you two are arguing like a married couple," He said simply.

Naruto's and Kurotsuchi's eyes both widened and they both jumped away pointed at one another.


They then looked at each other and pointed at each other, speaking in unison again.

"STOP SAYING WHAT I'M SAYING! CUT IT OUT! YOU BRAT! ARRGGGGH!" Naruto grabbed her scroll and stormed out while Kurotsuchi hugged her father in anger and stormed off.

"LATER GRAMPS," Naruto shouted angrily.

"ONLY I CAN CALL HIM THAT!" Kurotsuchi yelled, knot on her forehead as she followed him out the door.




The building shook again before more screaming occurred, their voice slowly fading out of hearing.

Onoki sweat dropped and looked at his son, who said absolutely nothing at all.

The two then broke into loud raucous laughter at the entire situation.

"I give it one night before they start to mesh," Onoki said.

"Yeah, she's finally being the child we know her to be; which works well with Naruto, as he's been a child forever," Said Kitsuchi.

"To be young," Onoki said to himself.

Sounds of the two continued in the background but the two family members could care less.

"Think they'll fight in or out the village?" Kitsuchi suddenly asked.

"Kurotsuchi has much more patience and loves Iwa too much to cause a scene, it's why they have gotten silent for a bit. But knowing Naruto he will make her lose her patience soon enough," Onoki said sagely.

"The anger of a woman will reign supreme. Naruto is just too stubborn to understand,"

And sure enough the yell echoed for all of Iwa to hear.


The rest was barely heard before the ground shook and more sounds began going on before it got silent again.

"And they are off," Said Onoki.

(Sometime later)

Naruto and Kurotsuchi jumped the trees in silent, a four day journey ahead of them. The two had finally stopped arguing and bickering but had refused to say anything more to one another. Both hoping the other would just go away.

Naruto sighed and flipped off the tree to land on the ground. Kurotsuchi following suit.

"Why did you stop moving Uzumaki?" Asked Kurotsuchi.

"Because we need to get this situation hashed out now, I refuse to go any further until we resolve this matter," Said Uzumaki.

Kurotsuchi gritted her teeth. Dropping her bag she began breathing hard and heavy.

"I feel. That this entire situation is unfair. I am hands down the greatest Kunoichi in all of Iwa at the moment and now I am going to be reduced to a mere trading piece for a Grand alliance? To be some miniscule housewife? Stuck doing dishes and merely cleaning, not being able to show the nation just what I can do and my abilities in the field! This is an OUTRAGE!" Yelled Kurotsuchi finally, blinking away the tears that gathered on her face.

Naruto said nothing, allowing her to get out all the rage she felt within her.

"For my entire life my plan was to be the best. To grow up and be the next Tsuchikage in the village. I was well on my way to attaining that goal and now… now I'm stuck to be someone's wife. To carry their seed and die, I don't want to…" Kurotsuchi's sob story was cut off as Naruto grabbed her by her flak jacket and shook her.

"Stop it. You are not thinking with your head, you are just putting the worst thoughts in your head and it is not healthy for you. First off, You can still be Kage. This should not stop you. You can always go back to your village. Secondly, Have you ever thought that it is an honor to be the one thing that signified the alliance. Without you, your village would not be able to fully fulfill the treaty. And more importantly, who in their right mind would limit you to a mere housewife? You can fly and blow up things. I'd have you in the front line of everything with the strength you have. So can you just cheer up and look at the positive side of things?" Asked Naruto.

"Like what," Whispered Kurotsuchi hoarsely, throat hurting and composure now slowly piecing together.

"Well for one, you are traveling with the most awesomess ninja in the entire nation, Uzumaki Naruto!" Said Naruto joyfully smiling and his teeth glinting in the air.

Kurotsuchi looked at him with a straight face before giggling.

Naruto smiled.

"See, now that's more like it. You will enjoy Konoha. Don't worry. You'll fit right in. You can go shopping and go training and do all the other girly things you ladies do when you feel like it, you already know the ladies in Konoha anyway. It won't be as bad as you think. If it helps, I'll be with you every step of the way. As long as you don't turn into that bratty little chick from back in the office. Geez that was annoying," Said Naruto as he began walking away, grabbing her bag as he walked.

Kurotsuchi growled at him and ran after him.

"I'll show you bratty! Get over here!"

Naruto turned around and dashed off once the irate Iwa Kunoichi began giving him chase.

"I am not getting my skin burned by the likes of you!" He screamed as he ran faster once he seen her catching up.

Kurotsuchi also gave chase. But this time she had a smile on while doing it.

"Maybe this won't be as bad as I think,"


Tsunade was just finishing her paperwork, sipping a nice cup of sake out of her coffee mug that said 'World's greatest grandma' a gift Naruto got for her from the Land of Iron. It was made of a very stong metal that Tsunade actually could not break if she wanted to.

But she didn't it was a nice mug.

Picking up one more paper. Tsunade began to read before she spat her sake out onto the floor. Something she never did.

Reading the paper one more time, Tsunade took her coffee mug and threw it out the window, knowing it will be back soon enough. Grabbing the entire jug of Sake, she began throwing it back and drinking all of the contents as fast as possible as she read the letter she had received.

"This…. *hic*… is getting more crazier than I thought…" Mumbled Tsunade as she pulled another jug out and looked at the Kiri letter.

And the Suna letter. And the Iwa Letter, not to mention the Kumo letters. All saying one name.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Said a voice that halted said person.

Naruto and Kurotsuchi were already in Konoha after Naruto decided to forego the scenic route and head back to Konoha. Opening his front door, Naruto was halted by his name occurring behind him. In his front yard. Which made him wonder how attentive he was to not notice the person appear.

Turning around, Naruto raised an eyebrow and jumped back before pointing at the person in shock.

"What are you doing back from your mission so soon? You had to go to Snow Country. You left two days after me!" Said Naruto.

The person in question shook her head and stood in front of him.

"You didn't think you were the only one that could travel fast did you?" Said Kakashi, as he read his book calmly, turning a page and giggling.

"Well… why are you in my front lawn then?" Naruto asked.

"That reason would be me," Said a ladies voice. Naruto arched his neck over Kakashi to lay his eyes on Koyuki Kazahana.

"Good to see you after all these years Naruto-kun, you have surely grown up since the last time we have seen each other," Said Koyuki calmly.

Naruto said nothing.

But his thought was rather simple.


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