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A/N: This (Keith Mars) is my spin on a situation that happened in Home And Away episode 4580. Leah's line was so powerful I just had to use it in a fiction. Check it out on YouTube if you can, it's really good.

A/N: This chapter and the next one are just a "venture" into Veronica's head if the two most important men in her life were to leave. The two chapters aren't related.

Keith Mars

"Hello?" Veronica greeted as she flipped open her cell phone.

"What do you want Lamb?" She asked, slightly agitated.

She, Wallace and Mac were about to leave her apartment so they could visit Logan in hospital. He had hit his head while surfing and had a mild concussion. The doctors had kept him overnight for observation.

Mac and Wallace turned around when they heard the phone drop. They saw Veronica slumped on the floor, the phone next to her. Wallace and Mac rushed over. Mac picked up the phone and started demanding what was wrong to the person on the other end of the line.

Wallace knelt down next to Veronica.

"What's wrong, V?" He asked gently.

"He's dead." She mumbled numbly. Wallace blanched.

"Who's dead?" He asked. His voice cracked and wobbled. If Logan was dead he didn't know how Veronica would cope.

"Dad." She mumbled after a minute. "Dad's dead." She said softly. Wallace heard Mac yelling at someone on the other side of the line, tears falling down her own face and felt all the air leave his lungs.

He looked helplessly at Veronica. He was expecting a reaction, anything. This passive Veronica was unexpected and not something he was used to.

Mac got off the phone.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered as she knelt down next to Veronica. Veronica merely continued to stare in front of her, silent.

"She's in shock." Wallace said as Mac grew more worried. They helped her stand up and placed her on her bed. She curled up in a ball, like a zombie, not saying a word the entire time.

Half an hour later, and after calling their parents, Mac and Wallace were standing in front of her door.

"What should we do?" Mac asked. The more minutes passed that Veronica said nothing, the more worried she grew.

"Maybe we should take her to the hospital." Wallace suggested. "They might give her something to cope with the shock."

"Speaking of hospital, have you called Logan yet?"

Veronica moved her head ever so slightly at the mention of Logan's name.

"Yeah, I called him. He wanted to leave but the nurses wouldn't let him. I promised to keep him updated. I know it's pissing him off, not being able to physically be here for Veronica."

"Logan." Veronica said softly. "I should go." She said, a bit louder. She got up from the bed and started heading towards the door. Wallace and Mac spun around.

"Logan. I need to check on Logan." She said more forcefully.

"No, sweetie, you need to-" Mac tried to stop her.

"I need to go. I have to go. He needs me." She said as Wallace too tried to keep Veronica from leaving.

"V, come on, what you need-"

"He needs me. I have to go. He's all I got left." Her voice got louder.

Mac now had her arms around Veronica.

"And he's my boyfriend, and he's all I got left!" Veronica screamed as she broke down in Mac's arms.

Wallace couldn't keep the tears at bay as he saw Veronica breaking apart in Mac's arms. The latter who also had tears in her eyes. If he hadn't believed it at first, it was the sight of Veronica sobbing, broken, that truly cemented his belief. Keith Mars was indeed dead.