Right, firstly I want to say thank you to all you wonderful people who are reading and reviewing my story, your comments really motivated me to try and keep going with this story. Unfortunately, as some of you may know from my profile, my fiancé recently left me for another, younger, woman, so my mind isn't truly in my writing right now, or at least, the writing I am doing is mostly either angry or heartbreaking. So, while this isn't goodbye, this story is going to be idle for a while, until I get back on my feet again. But, because I want to make you people happy, I will give you a sneak preview into the future via my magical crystal ball…

"Excuse me," said Harry politely, attracting the attention of the man behind the counter. To be quite frank though, 'man' wasn't that much of an accurate description, as the gangly youth didn't seem to be that much older than Harry himself. 18 or 19 perhaps. In all honesty, he reminded Harry a lot of Stan Shunpike, the conductor of the magical and maniacal Knight Bus. They had the same thin, pimply faces and floppy light brown hair.

As he started to speak, Harry had to suppress a grin, despite the fact that his face was completely obscured by the magic of the cloak.

"Hello, and welcome to Travelers Den Magical Trunk Shop, here to supply all of your traveling needs. My name is Stuart Shunpike, and I am the assistant manager of this establishment. How may I be of service?"