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"Hi"-Normal speaking

'Voices in my head'-Normal thinking

'Demon'-Voice of Destiny/Heartless/Greater Being speaking

'Mind Demon'-Greater Being/Heartless thinking




"RIKU!!" Sora yelled to his friend as the darkness swallowed him.

The new Keyblade warrior ran towards the mass of Darkness, hoping to follow his friend. Before he reached it however, the Darkness swirled and exploded outward, shooting upward as it reformed. Sora's eyes widened as the familiar figure emerged.

"You…" he said as the giant Heartless that had haunted his dreams stood before him.

The giant demonic Heartless raised a giant fist and brought down on the boy. Sora's combat instincts kicked in and he dodged to the left.

'Right…I beat this thing before, and I can do it again!' he thought with conviction as he jumped onto a tree and leapt at the Heartless.

Darkside tried to swat him away, but Sora angled his flight and planted his feet on the massive fist as it tried to hit him. Running along its length, he jumped at the thing's head, Keyblade drawn back.

The beast hollowed in pain as the key-like sword slashed across its face, making a long gash under its eyes.

'Insolent whelp!'

As Sora landed, he was almost knocked down as a giant explosion rocked the island. He looked to the southern beach to see a massive fireball form a large crater on the beach.

'What the heck?!' he thought, however, before he could see what else was (or wasn't) on the beach, he felt rushing wind coming towards him. His body moved on its own and he jumped up in the air as Darkside's fist slammed into the ground where he just was. Twisting in the air, he let go of the Keyblade, grabbing the short chain on it. Twirling it in one hand, he felt power gathering in it. The Keyblade began to glow as it spun, anticipating the blood of the great Heartless. Sora smirked, still upside down as he threw the great weapon right into Darkside's face.

The beast howled in pain again as it gripped its face, trying in vain to remove the still-glowing weapon. As Sora fell towards the struggling demon, he reached out his hand, calling for the weapon. It answered. In a flash of light, the Keyblade was back in his hand, its blade still gleaming in a silver light.

Uttering a battlecry, Sora shot down towards the reeling heartless…and planted the Keyblade into its chest. The beast's mouth opened in silent scream as its body froze…and then evaporated.

Sora leapt away as the creatures body dissolved into darkness, revealing a glowing heart like all the smaller ones he'd slain. This one, understandably considering the size of the heartless, was massive. It floated upwards, and disappeared.

Sora turned to go check out where that explosion had been when something happened.

Sora heard a strange 'whosing' sound and turned towards it…and gasped. Right in front of the cliff where Riku had disappeared, was a massive swirling black vortex. What was worse, was that he was being sucked towards it.

Sora spun around, grabbing a tree. It soon snapped. Trying something different, he dug the Keyblade into the ground. It was soon ripped out.

"AHHHHHH!!" Sora screamed as he was sucked into the vortex. As he fell through the darkness, he thought he saw a strange bird in the sky, but it soon vanished. As he slipped into unconsciousness, a single thought entered his head.



"Uh…What time is it?" Sora yawned as he opened his eyes.

As previous events resurfaced in his memory, he jumped up, glancing around to see where he was.

He was standing in an alleyway in some kind of town or city. As he walked out into the street, he looked around. It definitely a city of some kind, but he had never seen it before. The buildings looked normal enough, and there were some people walking in the streets, but there was something…off. It was obviously nighttime. The street lights where on, illuminating the streets in a sickly orange glow. Looking up, Sora frowned. The sky was dark and cloudy, like a thunderstorm was right above them. But it wasn't raining. The clouds also seemed…off. He remembered it from somewhere, but he just couldn't place it. Then he remembered. He quickly looked around, looking for where those creatures were. The same clouds had gathered over Destiny Islands before they had come there.

"Don't worry. It's always like that" a voice from behind him said.

Sora spun around to see who had said that. A man who looked about in his early twenties stood in front of him. He had dark-brown hair that fell around his head in spikes. He looked at Sora through dark eyes. He was wearing a white tank-top over an unzipped black jacket with short sleeve shirt and a pair of black cargo pants and boots. Around his neck was a pendent that looked like a lion's head above a cross. The same emblem was embroidered on his left sleeve in red. And hanging behind his waist was a sword that looked like it had a gun for a hilt.

"Huh?" Sora said as he lowered the Keyblade. He hadn't even known he'd summoned it.

"I'm sorry. But I'll have to ask you to come with me"

"What…why-?" Sora tried to say before a sharp strike to the back knocked him unconscious again.


Sora's vision swam as he tried to open his eyes. He saw someone leaning over him.

"Kairi…?" he asked as he saw the girl. As his vision cleared however, he saw that this wasn't the girl he knew. While her hair was cut in a similar fashion to Kairi's, it was indigo instead of red and slightly longer. She was also wearing a baggy jacket and a pair of combat pants. Also…Kairi's eyes were purple. This girl had eyes as pale as snow.

"Um…" the girl spoke in a soft voice, "My names not Kairi. It's Hinata"


AN: Hahaha. Bet you didn't see that coming, huh? Hinata's (and others') presence in Kingdom Hearts will be explained next chapter. And yes, Naruto is there too since this is going to be NaruHina. See if you can guess who else is there. I'll give you a hint, two of them are one of my favorite Naruto pairings (see my profile), and it is a pairing that has very few inspired fics (on anyway). And I'm also including a few Final Fantasy characters that weren't in the original KH. See if you can guess who.