Glass Darkly Broken

Rating: Equivalent to an R eventually.

Pairing: Spock/McCoy

Synopsis: A story set in the Mirror Universe. It will deal with the meeting and subsequent relationship between Spock and McCoy there.

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own the rights to Star Trek and its characters! Don't be silly! That's Gene Roddenberry! Also I took the name Jocelyn for McCoy's ex wife from Vonda N. McIntyre's book "Enterprise".

Chapter One: Meeting
The first time they met neither men knew how much their individual lives would be changed by the other, but, if one had any suspicion, it would have been the half Vulcan Spock. He was ruled by logic and the knowledge that the course of a life could only be altered by the introduction of something new and previously unknown. Even with this reasoning, Spock would not have guessed how much his life would be affected by the integration of Dr. Leonard McCoy into it.

It was at the banquet being held for the Enterprise's new voyage under the captaincy of James T. Kirk.

The Doctor had known Kirk for several years. He'd treated the man once or twice for some previously unknown virus. McCoy knew that the man did not only desire to conquer planets but anything female as well. He had boldly gone where few humans had dared to go before and he hadn't left those encounters without a few unexpected results, precautions or not.

Kirk had come to him, McCoy knew, for his ultimate discretion in those areas. In truth, it aided him. The Doctor was able to first hand study such diseases, garner fame and find cures and vaccines. In doing so he was able to help any ailing society. He could not avoid the fact that lives would be lost and discarded as the Empire exercised its new power and control over the planet and its inhabitants. McCoy cared little for the violence but he had come to terms with it. In his youth he had had some remorse, and semblance of hope, that he could be of help and soften the Empire's cruel ways. Back then the behavior of the system for which he worked had almost destroyed him. In time, he decided that his morality could be sacrificed for the greater good. The new worlds needed him to be a part of the Terran Empire once peace was obtained. Then he could spare them from pain and disease. The Doctor could not allow himself to not be there.

Experimentation had taken time to get use to too. Now often his offices and labs were covered in them. Creatures in pain so that higher life forms would not suffer. In the beginning the sight of them, and the sound of their cries, had nearly broken him. He had not been able to drown out the sound of it. It still disturbed him but drugs offered a good sleep and enough will power to help him keep on his course in the name of being a good Doctor.

That night, Leonard McCoy sat to Kirk's left. The Captain was delivering a long-winded speech that succeeded in making the men in power proud that they had made such a wise choice and the women swoon, praying for one night in the company of such a man.

Leonard refrained from shaking his head. Jocelyn, his ex wife, had been one of those women in the past. She had been so happy over the fact she had barely apologized or kept the story safely from reaching her husband's ears.

Studying the people sitting on the right side of James, McCoy saw a few faces he recognized and a few he didn't.

The most striking of the later was a man with sleek black hair and beard. His eyes were dark and his eyebrows cruel. Obviously he was Vulcan. For one moment the impassive face turned and McCoy met the man's gaze. There was no visible hint on how the Vulcan read the man who was looking at him. Quickly he broke the stare, looking as stony, cold and distant as before.

There was a pause in Kirk's speech and the Doctor looked up at the new Captain for the unexpected silence had won his attention. "And the Empire has made a grand choice in choosing General Sarek's respected son as my First Officer. We all are aware of the Vulcan dedication to logic and reason. There is no room for emotion when there are worlds to obtain and control!"

Kirk extended an arm towards the bearded man who calmly stood. "Officer Spock."

The Vulcan was a statue. The praise and applause bounced off of him as earlier the Doctor's stare had done.

The first place McCoy went after the formalities had been discarded was the refreshment table. Kirk was there and the Doctor paused before fixing himself a new drink.

"Good speech," the Doctor said.

"Only good?" the other man said. "I thought it was perfect."

"Seems like you don't need the praise anyway," McCoy replied a tad bitterly.

He spotted the new First Officer across the room talking with an Admiral Carcuck.

"He's Sarek's son then?"

The Captain looked up, slightly confused, until Leonard motioned his glance in the direction of the bearded man.

"Yes," Kirk nodded. "His mother was a human. Very beautiful from the photographs I've seen."

"I'd heard he was a hybrid," McCoy said and Kirk caught the note of interest in the Doctor's voice.

"Yes that would intrigue you wouldn't it?" Kirk smiled. "Jocelyn did say you were focused on your work and you always got excited over new things to discover."

The mention of his former wife hurt McCoy more than he had expected. He tried to cover but knew he failed.

"Maybe Mr. Spock will give you a sample," the Captain smiled. "You can work on it all night. If you want me to order it I will. I, on the other hand, have other work to attend to," the younger man smiled and started to walk towards a pretty blond in a very short and clinging dress.

The Doctor watched him, a look of pain still not completely hidden in his eyes. He looked at the Vulcan, who was as alone as he was now. The Doctor polished off the rest of his drink and walked towards the alien.

Spock raised his head watching the human as he approached.

"Hello," Dr. McCoy greeted. His breath, he realized, gave away the fact that he had just had a very strong drink.

The Vulcan nodded curtly giving no indication that he noticed anything at all.

"I'm Doctor Leonard McCoy," the man said. "But you can call me…"

"I know who you are, Doctor," The Vulcan stated. "Some of your medical discoveries have been well documented. Undoubtedly you know who I am also. Unless you were too intoxicated to."

The two men regarded one another silently.

"Vulcan, huh?" the Doctor resumed the conversation.

"Yes. My better half."

McCoy nodded. "Yes… James was telling me you're half human too."

"We each have our faults to over come," Spock raised an eyebrow. "I am not proud of it."

"From what I've heard, Vulcan's aren't suppose to be proud of anything," McCoy grumbled. "You almost sound racist."

"It is only a fact," Spock replied.

"I guess you would mind if I asked to have a sample of your blood or tissue in order to study it?" the Doctor inquired. "You're a man of science yourself. I am quite… I mean I have the highest interest in the possibilities and readings of a Vulcan and Human hybrid."

The silence was awkward and McCoy knew immediately that he had said the absolutely worst thing that he could have.

"I would mind very much," Spock replied. "I do not think we have the time for such a study. Besides I have little doubt that such a suggestion is made out of a selfish interest for more acclaim."

"You're on my ship aren't you?" McCoy bristled but tried to keep his voice low. "Everyone on the ship is under my care. If something happens to you, and I don't know what to do, who do you think will get blamed?"

"If you are concerned with blame, Doctor," Spock responded. "I take full responsibility for my own health and welfare. I'd rather die than be studied and turned into an article for you to become famous."

The Vulcan turned to leave but turned around once before his complete departure and smoothly addressed the Doctor. "You will find that I don't wound easily and that I can heal myself."

McCoy watched the Vulcan leave the party.

It was not the best of encounters.