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They shouldn't be here.

All of them. They don't really care. All they know is that he is dead.

Do they even know who he is?

Do they even care?

All they knew was a name. A name that was either slandered by the media or embraced by the public. But, they don't know him.

They didn't know his fears. Didn't know his doubts. Didn't know anything about him.

He watched as they paraded up to the podium. Watched them say things about him. Act like they knew him. But, they didn't.

Only he knew.

Only he knew that his biggest fear was being alone. That his doubts consisted of doubting others. Only he knew the real him.

His eyes flittered toward her. The one who thought knew him. The one who had shared his but, never his heart.

She got up to speak next.

"Ratchet was a great person. No one knew him as well as I did." Liar, he thought. "Except one person." Here, she smiled slightly and laughed bitterly. "The one person who could possibly be hurting more than I am . . . more than any of us." She rubbed her eyes. "Clank, you should be up here right now, not me. Only you truly knew him."

He was taken aback. He had expected her to go into a whole speech about him. About something she knew nothing about.

He tried to think of something to say. He tried to gather his thoughts together as he walked the short distance to the podium. It seemed like forever.

He took a deep breath.

"I loved him." he started. "And only I did. Only I truly knew him. No one else. You should all be ashamed, pretending that you knew him. Knew anything about him. But, you do not." He looked up toward the stars, asking any entities out there to give him strength.

"You do not." he repeated.

He got off of the podium to shocked faces, and the one proud smile from her.

He wanted to cry.

He hated being a robot.

But, at the same time, he took it as a blessing.

He didn't want to fall apart.

But, at the same time, he knew he already had.


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