14. Brock's back.

Unbeknownst to the four new friends, Brock was nearby. In fact he was approaching Pallett, having had the same idea as everyone else. He arrived at Ash's house and Mrs Ketchum went through the story again as briefly as possible to save explanations later, then sent him off in the direction of the rest of his friends. He practically ran down the road.

Several minutes later he ran into them, or at least, two of them. Ash and Misty saw him coming and ran to meet him, and they all paused briefly. Then Misty grinned and gave Brock a hug (Ash couldn't help noticing that she seemed to hug Brock longer than she'd hugged him earlier), and then Brock slapped Ash on the back heartily.

"Hey, guys. Your mom told me everything, Ash. Where's Jessie and Meowth?" he said. Misty indicated the direction they'd gone.

"Talking." Brock didn't need to ask what they were talking about, and this time, by reading the expression on his face, neither did Ash.

Meowth and Jessie had so far said absolutely nothing. Finally, the cat broke the awkward silence. "So why did dat twoip send da two of us out here?"

"She's not a twerp, she's trying to help."

"What happened to you in dat store?" he asked. Jessie dropped her head.

"I just got a little upset, that's all."

"About James?"

"She's also right - you do know me well." There was another silence.

"He's gonna find yous, ya know. He's gonna get yous."

"Who? James or Giovanni?" she said, attempting to inject some humour. Meowth reprimanded her for it with a prod of his claw.

"You know he'd never leave ya."

"Yes, but…" There was a pause. "What about his parents? They'll make him… he'll end up with her!" The disdain in her voice was more than evident, and she made no attempt to hide it.

"I tink he's got some kinda plan he didn't want to tell us."


"I don't know. Somethin' big and secret. A surprise, maybe. But there's no point in askin' me, I know as much as you do, probably less."

"I hope you're right."

"Meowth's always right!" he said proudly. "Shall we go back?"

"Sure." It was half-hearted. They turned around and began to walk back to where Ash and Misty were waiting for them. After another awkward silence, Jessie began again, one tear rolling down her cheek. "I just miss him so much, Meowth. What if he decides to stay up at that big mansion? I might never see him again… he'll never know…" she didn't finish her thought, but shook her head and trailed off.

"Never know what?"


"Well whatever it is, you'd better tell him when you see him."

With those words of wisdom, the conversation ended and the two ex-members of Team Rocket walked back to their new friends.

"I think I see them!" said Misty, pointing in the direction of the silhouetted forms of Jessie and Meowth. In a matter of seconds they were back, and Jessie looked much better.

"Hi." said Brock sheepishly. "I've been told what's going on."

"Hi." replied Jessie.

"Sorry about dat stomach ting from before." said Meowth, and held out a paw to shake, which Brock took.

"No problem." he said. Misty turned her attention to Jessie, concerned.

"Feeling any better?"

"A little. Talking it out helped. Thanks for the advice." replied Jessie, smiling meekly. Noticing Brock and Meowth's pact, she added: "I think those two have the right idea. If we're all going to be friends from now on we'd better at least form some kind of truce."

"Agreed." Misty shook her hand, then Meowth's and when the whole group had finished they decided on a direction to go.

The four humans and their pokémon walked into the distant setting sun to begin a new future. None of them knew what lay in store for them on the road ahead or in the years to come, but they were sure it would be the adventure of a lifetime.


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