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It's been several years since the end of Roland Cox. For a while, the Paladin disappeared and things were back to normal for Davy Rice and Griffin--they went their separate ways, keeping in touch whenever they needed to.

They've been tracking Jumpers for the past few years, just keeping an eye on them and making sure they don't get into trouble, trying to keep them safe from the clutches of rogue Paladin (paladin that don't really have any specific affiliation). Right now, however, there's only one jumper to track. Jeremy Matthews is the seventeen-year-old Jumper, running away from the Paladin for most of his life without really knowing who they were or what they had the potential to do. It's been a hell of running, hiding, and escaping for him, all on instinct, but he's the first in a new breed of Jumpers.

Lucky for him, whenever there's a new breed of Jumpers, a new breed of Paladin spring up, too.

Funny how those things work out, huh?

Davy and Griffin want him on their side, to help them bring down this new empire of Paladin that has been growing.

But before any of that happens, a rescue has to take place.

It's really hard to think straight when you have ten thousand volts of electricity coursing through your veins.

Just thought you might want to know that.

Several minutes ago, I had jolted awake, realizing that I was in danger, but not really knowing how or what had happened to put me in such danger.

Several minutes ago, I had tried to get the hell out of wherever I was.

Several minutes ago, I had gotten shocked back into reality, and my mind was all over the place.

Usually my first instinct is to jump away from danger, but I came to an awful realization while laying there in the bed:

When I made an attempt to jump, ten thousand volts of electricity found its way through my veins.

It had taken me several minutes to calm down and gather my surroundings. I was laying down in a really dark room…it felt hospital-esque. I was propped up a little bit, making breathing a little easier, but for the most part, I couldn't move. Both of my wrists were secured down, and moving my head just made it hurt.

I could hear a monitor beeping softly in the background, telling me all about my pulse and blood pressure.

A door on the far side of the room opened, light spilling into the dark room, creating light puddles on the floor. A man entered, looked at me, then shut the door behind him, apparently pleased that I was awake.

"Hello there, Jeremy."

He advanced on the foot of the bed, walking into my view so I could get a good look at him. The man was young—I could tell he had a lot of potential and ideas behind his blue eyes. Maybe even a little bit of malice there, too. He was tall, taller than I am standing up. Fair blonde hair, unlike my brown locks. Pale skin, like he hadn't been outside in a really long time.

And his voice made me sick to my stomach.

He fiddled with a folder that he held in his hands, watching me, unnerving me.

"How are you feeling?" he said at length, opening the folder that had my name, MATTHEWS, JEREMY, clearly marked on it. I didn't answer the question that was posed.

He closed the folder.

"You…are a difficult kid to catch, my friend."

A dry laugh escaped him. "I mean, really. You leave no jump scar. You're quick. And, what, you've only been doing this for…" he flipped the folder open with a flick of his thumb, looking for the answer to his question, which I already knew was twelve years.

"Twelve years. Since you were five. So, you can imagine that I was rather pleased to find you sleeping, unsuspecting, one night. I would have thought you would have been more careful."

A look passed over his face. Something like…greed. Whatever it was, it made my stomach churn more than it already was. He moved to the side of the bed and started working on the bands on my wrists.

"My name is Owen Holfeld. You and I will be getting to know each other very well over the next few days…or rather; I'll be getting to know you."

When both my wrists were freed, I sat up and stared at him carefully. Teleportation would do me no good right now; however, mind-reading would be an ability that I would gladly accept at this point in time. Owen pointed to my wrist.

"That bracelet is specially modulated for you. When you try to jump, it will shock you back into reality with ten thousand volts of pure electric shock."

He headed back towards the door. When he had his hand on the handle, he turned to me with a feral grin.

"So, I wouldn't try jumping anywhere, anytime soon. I will see you later, my friend."

Owen left. I stared after him.

The bracelet on my wrist looked like any other hospital bracelet—my name and age, and my blood type. It also had Owen's name on it. There was a little transmitter on the part where it clipped to itself. The actual part with the print on it was made with dura-plastic, making it impossible to rip with my teeth or even a knife.

I didn't know who these people were, but I knew what they wanted.

They wanted to rip me apart and figure me out. Figure out how I could teleport.

And when they were done with that…I was dead.

I had to get out of here.

Hundreds of thousands of miles away, David Rice stood in an alleyway between two apartment buildings. He was in New York once again, anxiously awaiting word. This had been the agreed meeting place, hadn't it? Where was he?

Seconds after this thought had crossed his mind, Griffin was in front of him, sand falling off of his shoulders.

"The Paladin have him," he said breathlessly, running a hand through his hair and sending sand flying once again. David groaned.

"So they're back for sure...?"

"Yeah. But they actually took him away this time. They didn't just do the noble thing and kill him right there and then. I was following him around Tokyo, and he waltzed into an alleyway for some reason, and that's when they just jumped him. He never even had a chance."

David shook his head. "We have to go get him...we can't just stand around and track him anymore. He's wandered into dangerous territory."

"I agree. But he's in the middle of nowhere in a secret facility. I can't get a look inside to see him. Windows are all blacked out."

"We'll jump there tomorrow…see if we can get him. If we can, we'll jump him back to your apartment, get him on our side, and see what we can do."

Griffin grinned. "And so the war begins again. Took me fuckin' forever to find him. The kid doesn't leave a jump scar at all."

Three years ago, they had reunited under the idea that they would work together to bring down the Paladin, which was a success…for a while. Now they were dealing with a whole new breed of Paladin, a whole new breed of Jumper (only one of which they actually knew existed), and, knowing that they couldn't take out this new breed of Paladin all by themselves, had dedicated the first part of their mission to finding other jumpers. There were two problems with this, though. One, despite the fact that the majority of the Paladin were gone at that time, the remaining few had picked off the remaining jumpers that were Davy and Griffin's age. Now there were only three that they knew of, including themselves. And the third was a seventeen-year-old boy that didn't even know they existed.

"We should have shown ourselves to him long before this happened," Griffin said, watching Davy closely. David shook his head.

"We would have scared the shit out of him. It was best to just leave him be."

"Oh, yeah, leave him be without parents, siblings, family. Money, even. The kid is too noble—he won't jump into a bank to get money or anything. And now he could die because we were too scared to scare the shit out of him. You know what those Paladin are capable of, David."

David watched Griffin carefully in return. "Why are you so bent on saving him?"

Griffin scoffed. "Well, for the first thing, he's a human being. We should save him from the awful death that we BOTH know he's going to get if he stays with the Paladin. He would be such help to us, Davy. He doesn't leave a jump scar. These are new Paladin...nothing like Roland. They will pick him apart and try to figure out how he does it. He won't survive two days in that facility. You saw what happened to Skeez."

Skeez had been a jumper that they had been tracking for a while before he mysteriously disappeared. His body was discovered by Davy, discarded in the ocean, waiting to be devoured by sharks that roamed the waters.

Davy nodded, giving Griff a wary eye. "That can't be all…"

Griffin just gave Davy a rather obnoxious scowl. "He's just like me when I was younger. I know that if the Paladin had caught me and planned things to do to me, I'd want to be rescued."

"I'm not saying we're not going to rescue him…"

"Good. Because I have plans for this kid. We let him die, that's two deaths we have over our heads."

They agreed on a time and a place to meet so Griffin could jump them to the facility where their mystery jumper was being held. The meeting had gone forth as planned, and a rescue was in order.

But the adventure was just beginning.
And so was the New War.

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