Title: Two White Knights
Author: Whisper2AScream
Disclaimer: Sam, Al, and company aren't mine; they belong to Donald P. Bellisario, Bellisarius Productions, Universal Television, etc. Buffy, Xander, and company, again, aren't mine, they belong to the evil one known as Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Twentieth Century Fox, etc. Not making one ####### red cent out of this, just for own amusement to combine universes together.
Rating: PG (eh? Content about same level with the shows.)
Spoilers: Post - 4th season Buffy, No real spoilers for Quantum Leap
Summary: Xander's not the only White Knight out there. What happens when he and another switch places?

Sam gave a small tired smile. It had been a hard Leap. But now that mother and daughter had made amends, after years of bitterness, things would look up. Wrong righted, and Sam could begin feeling the familiar spectral energy arcing around him, signifying the next Leap. Where would it be? Back in the turbulent sixties like he was now, or further onward. Perhaps even... home? At last? Then the surrounding energy came to a crescendo, blazing around Sam, and he was pulled away, sent tumbling through a temporal stream. Bright blue-white light all around. However, this time a disharmonic vibration reverberated throughout the temporal field, and the blue-white light took murky red-black tones for a second before subsiding back as normal. Then the light was all around Sam and within himself, and it exploded. Crashing into...
Then there was darkness. Sam looked around. No, there was light, but the dim light of streetlights, suggesting that it was currently nighttime. He quickly took in his surroundings. Location: Outside. Time: Nighttime, probably about 10pm. Date: Well, that was the question wasn't it? Could be anytime between 1953, Sam's birth year, to whatever the year is now at Project Quantum Leap. Though, Sam's swiss-cheesed memory dimly recalled a few dissertations from that, where he had leaped much earlier than he was supposed to be able to. Well, no matter, streetlamps were a promising sign, definitely well into the 20th Century.
"Xander! Look out!" Sam heard a female voice cry out a split second before he was grabbed from behind. Sam's martial arts-trained instincts kicked in, and his foot snaked out to catch his assailant's ankle. He jerked, and sent his attacker tumbling to the ground. He spun around on the ball of his foot, to see who it was. It was male, that much he could tell, but there was something odd with its face. It looked disfigured, like perhaps a birth defect. Odd that the person hadn't gotten plastic surgery to repair it in all these years. With a growl emerging low in the throat, the thing got up and tried to come after him again. Sam ducked low, and lashed out with his right foot, kicking into the man's stomach. It barely fazed him, but before he could attack again, a blond girl streaked in front of the two men, and with one swift move, drove a wooden stake into the strange-looking attacker's chest. Sam could only stare in amazement as his assailant then abruptly disappeared into a pile of ashes. The girl, or young woman, considering she looked to be almost twenty, sighed exasperatedly as she caught his surprised look.
"Xander, why are you just standing there? Not like you haven't seen vampires before." She shook her head in amazement. Then, as though sensing something off, she looked at him again. Sam's eyes widened in shock. It was if she was looking through him, seeing past his host's aura, to himself. She slammed him into the ground, and held a stake to his chest in what seemed to be mere seconds.
"Hi, I'm Buffy Summers, the Slayer, and I'd like to know where my friend is now." she asked with false cheerfulness, her eyes hard and icy with anger.
Sam gulped, "Oh boy."